Visual evidence of Muslims’ filthy toilet habits: woman defecates in airport

WARNING: Don’t read this post while eating.

It was last November that I first found out about Muslims’ disgusting and utterly unsanitary toilet habits when I saw an account of a Muslim man who, after pooping in an alley, washed his anus with his hand at a water fountain in Rome, Italy. (See my post, “Muslim washes his anus at public drinking fountain in Italy”)

Then I discovered that some Muslim restaurant employees also “clean” their anus with their hand instead of with toilet paper, after which they contaminate the food and drinks that they serve to the public, which I chronicled in two subsequent posts:

Then I discovered that Muslims’ toilet habits also include a perverse refusal to defecate in toilets. (See “Muslims in Scotland university defecate in showers instead of toilets”)

For the skeptics, below is visual evidence in two YouTube videos.

The first is a video taken in an unnamed airport, showing a Muslim woman dressed in a black robe and headscarf, defecating while standing up against a wall. She must not wear any under panty.

Here are screenshots from the video proving that the woman pooped, then nonchalantly walked away, leaving her turd behind.

The first screenshot was taken at the 0:06 mark, showing the woman walking toward the wall. You can see that there’s no poop on the floor.

The next screenshot, at the 0:12 mark, shows the woman standing against the wall. She would stand there for about 25 seconds.

The third screenshot, at the 0:36 mark, shows the woman walking away, leaving a piece of turd on the ground.

The next video was taken inside a commercial airline, showing garbage littering the cabin aisle and the unbelievably filthy condition of the restrooms. The video’s YouTube page says it was a flight in Saudi Arabia.

The screenshot below shows a piece of turd on the toilet seat.

This screenshot from the 0:28 mark shows that the passengers were Muslims:

Our pet dogs and cats are better toilet-trained than these Muslims.

Just remember that Starbucks has pledged and is in the process of hiring 10,000 Muslim “refugees”!

H/t GiGi

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28 responses to “Visual evidence of Muslims’ filthy toilet habits: woman defecates in airport

  1. Disgusting degenerates! They don’t deserve to live in civilized societies. Can you imagine the smell on planes full of muslims with dirty behinds? Everything they touch is contaminated with feces and fecal bacteria.

    How do we protect ourselves, especially when travelling, from being the recipient of fecal bacteria and other nasties when we don’t know who is preparing food in restaurants?

    Isn’t it ironic…… muslims torture and kill dogs and cats saying they are unclean when we have scientific evidence they are more sanitary than these cretins.

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  2. Soap and being considerate are “haram”…

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  3. Wow!

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  4. I find it hard to believe that these people are invincibly ignorant. They may not know about germs and the science of hygiene—that’s not what I’m talking about. These people must know they are expressing their contempt for the rest of the world—after all, they don’t eat their own filth (as far as I know). And I will not allow the stories or the stats that they are inbred to be used as some excuse (I’ve seen mentally retarded people who conducted themselves with more self-control).
    The West is committing suicide in allowing these degenerates to come in and stay here. Who is to say to what length they will go—will they defecate in our water supplies? These beasts have got to go—back to where they came from.

    They are causing more damage than Abbie Hoffman ever dreamed of. Somewhere Abbie Hoffman is smiling…

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  5. Thanks for the laugh! This reminded me of the old Cheech and Chong skit about the two dogs, Ralph and Herbie (in particular, the part starting at 2:38): FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING!

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  6. Not only muslims, pigs, wife beaters and murderers, they are sooooo backwards they have nasty feet.

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  7. I started reading this while munching on a handful of honey roasted peanuts. Big mistake. Most 3 year olds have a better concept of potty training than these slobs. It could be a stretch but all this filth could be a symptom of something demonic. I remember reading that those who are demonically possessed and oppressed exhibit shocking, unnatural behavior which often includes wallowing in filth.

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    • Sorry, Rocky!

      After reading your comment, I updated this post with “WARNING: Don’t read this post while eating”.

      Your point about demonic possession is most persuasive.

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    • You know, that slipped my mind, something of the demonic. But I agree: Not all Muslims are possessed, obviously, but I would imagine that the Devil is obsessed with filth; It stands to reason.
      Not all Muslims are the same: Years ago, I would go to a deli run by Muslims. Tony and Ibrahim kept a very neat store and gave customers’ dogs treats. They even had an occasional beer. There are some good Muslims, but the entire culture as a whole is decadent and incompatible with the West.
      The vast majority of them have to go.

      As long as I’m here, what ever happened to that Somali cop in Minnesota who shot and killed that Australian lady?


  8. we need to take these so-called “legislators” who are welcoming the savages into our country and ship them off to the middle east with the savages….

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  9. What is it with mooooooooooooooooslim’s fascination with sh*t?


  10. If you behave this way, why are you so surprised when civilized people want to have nothing to do with you.

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  11. EWW…my cat has better hygiene than these degenerates…good thing I had my lunch after reading these filthy news…wow

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  12. Merry Christmas you filthy animals

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  13. They won’t use it. And I sure don’t intend to scoop up their feces.

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  14. There IS no toilet paper in saudi ladies rooms! [There are no paper towels, either.] Seriously. I wrote this when we lived there: If you search the blog, you’ll see pictures of the ladies rooms at the malls. Some with toilets, others with just holes in the floor. [I wrote one entry about going into the men’s room – quite by accident – since I couldn’t tell the “signs” apart, at McDonald’s on the causeway between Bahrain and saudi. The men were ALL absolutely apoplectic and flipping out over it!! Somewhere there’s another post from when I slipped in baby puke at IKEA and had to go in the men’s room for paper towels to clean myself up.] Oh the joys of living in a muslime county! You have no idea how good it felt to finally be home in the U.S.A.!!!

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  15. This is NOT exclusive to Musli cultures. Just attend any 10 “open house model ” homes for sale in CA and in probably HALF (without active water/sewer hook-ups b/c, DAH, they are MODELS ONLY—and POST—“DO NOT USE THIS BATHROOM, IT IS NOT FUNCTIONAL”) you will find a big turd in the toilet and a warning”closed” sign on the room……I don’t ever GO to any open house showings anymore…..

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  16. Why not just use the actual bathroom? Why go through all these strange machinations?
    I am genuinely confused.

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