Muslim clerics alarmed over ‘exponential’ increase of Christian converts in Iran

Something extraordinary and wondrous is happening in Iran.

It is the Light of Christ.

Mohabat News, the Iranian Christian News Agency, reports on August 11, 2017, that “Christianity has been growing at an exponential rate in the last couple of decades in Iran, causing the Islamic government a great deal of concern.”

Senior Islamic officials, such as Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, one of the most senior Islamic Shi’ite clerics, repeatedly have expressed their concern over the spread of Christianity especially among young Iranians, including the son of an Islamic cleric. Other officials are:

  • Ayatollah Alavi Boroujerdi, a “high profile Islamic seminary official,” recently bemoaned that “accurate reports indicate that the youth are becoming Christians in Qom and attending house churches”.
  • Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani said he had received reports about the exponential increase in popularity of Christianity amongst the youth in the Islamic city of Qom.
  • Another Ayatollah, based in Tabriz, said he had received reports that at one time, 600 residents of one of the cities in Khorasan province had converted to Christianity.

The “high rate” of conversion of Iranian youth to Christianity is in spite of the government’s two fold plan to stop the spread of Christianity:

(1) Propaganda and indoctrination:

The first front is the allocation of millions of dollars for Islamic propaganda across the country and to support Islamic organizations that promote Islam among the youth within and without Iran’s borders, especially in cities such as Mashhad and Qom. Last year, after Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi expressed his deepest concern over the popularity of Christianity in the suburbs of Mashhad, the city’s religious and political officials immediately sent a vast number of Islamic teachers and preachers to Mashhad’s suburbs to turn the youth away from Christianity.

(2) Suppression:

The second front is a crackdown campaign on newly converted Christians in order to plant fear in those who are interested in learning more about Christianity and possibly becoming Christians themselves. Young people who resist indoctrination and became Christian converts are arrested and harassed by the government’s law enforcement and intelligence ministry, and subjected to long term prison sentences and heavy bails for their temporary release. Churches, including house churches are disbanded. As examples, the government closed down the Central Assemblies of God (AOG) church and Janat Abad church in Tehran, and the AOG church in Ahwaz. Publication of anything related to Christianity or any material referring to Christianity is  restricted, and books about Christianity already in the market are confiscated.

But the government has failed on both fronts — a failure that is obvious as Iranian Islamic authorities continue to express their concern over the rapid growth of Christianity in the country.

Another indicator of the failure of the government’s anti-Christian campaign is the “significant” increase in the number of house churches in Mashbad. Mashbad is the Islamic capital of not just Iran, but the Shi’ite Muslim world. Other Iranian cities with “a record number” of house churches are Tehran and Karaj.

One of Tehran’s imams said in an interview, “today Christians present their gospel to our youth in the most appealing way. They gather in many neighbourhoods across the city, including Bani Hashem neighbourhood (in Tehran) where tens of homes have been turned into house churches which evangelize their neighbours”.

Pray for the Christian converts of Iran!


25 responses to “Muslim clerics alarmed over ‘exponential’ increase of Christian converts in Iran

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  2. Israel will consider this wonderful news (just as planned). They just keep fanning the flames.


  3. You know your god is fake when he hates all the same people you do…

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  4. Yes, we MUST pray for Iran and its people, both Christian and non-Christian. And we must seek like prospectors for good, reliable and in-depth news on Iran, on what’s been happening there, because the CIA and corporate news are working hard, burning the midnight oil, to see to it that we never get it.

    This article states the LIVING PROOF that Christianity, the more it is prosecuted, the more it grows. This is proof positive that something supernatural is afoot: For every time a merely natural phenomenon is persecuted, the more it dies. Christianity is the ONLY phenomenon in history that GROWS when persecuted. The mere raw numbers themselves may diminish—as initially, they always do—but the influence always remains, and carries over, into the next generation.

    Winston Churchill was one of the main actors who drew the boundaries of Iran and some of the other countries in the Middle East, and he was not acting on his own accord. These boundaries were drawn to deliberately make relations between the various tribes and groups of people there more difficult, and Churchill and the others knew that these problems would begin to manifest themselves long after they were dead.
    The United States, through the Central Intelligence Agency—which is a British intelligence agency—interfered in Iran’s internal affairs at key specific intervals, first with the disposal of Mossegadah in 1953, and then with the disposal of the Shah in 1979. And again, once George H.W. Bush came on the scene.
    Behind all the scheming and tactical steps taken was the paradigmal hatred for Christendom and Christianity and its peoples. The New World Order and the British shall have the recipe for disaster they have been salivating for ever since Albert Pike had his vision of Three World Wars. But Christianity shall, like the Real Phoenix of History that it is, shall rise from the ashes. This news is but a tidbit of the good news to come: God Almighty has Spoken: The Resurrection CANNOT be stopped.

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  5. Funny, they never question this guy’s statue:

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  6. Actually, of the Muslim countries, Iran has been rather benign toward Christians, much to the Jew’s dismay. They are rather nice to Jews as well. Destruction of Iran looms large in Israeli political thinking as they see it as pivotal in bringing the great clash between Islam and Christianity.

    They plan to sit back, lose a few head, and refocus on the herd when its all over.

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    • Sad but true. Lophat, as always your posts are on the money.

      What is also interesting about this story is that Persians were forcefully converted to Islam. Their native religion Zoroastrianism, more closely resembles the love and openness of Christianity. As one Iranian I heard say, ” Islam broke the greatness of the Persian people and sent them backward.

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      • And then there’s a perspective on Islam from Don Croft, who had a very active interest in Islamic history and culture since his teen years in the 1960s:

        “Israelis have sold their souls to Mossad since 1947, which is when the slaughter of Palestinians and the theft of their land began. Before that, Arabs and Jews in Palestine lived together in relative harmony for many centuries and the Jews bought Arab land instead of slaughtering the owners and their families under the banner of a new government in ’47.

        The only people who wear green turbans are male lineal descendants of Muhammad, honored only by Shiite Muslims. Before very recently, one didn’t find Shiite Muslims outside of Iran and far Eastern Iraq, which is where many Shiite holy places are. Most of the rest of the world’s Muslims are Sunni, who scorn the importance of Muhammad’s lineage. The Turkish empire was Sunni and the Sultan of Turkey was the top religious authority. Previous Turkish sultans killed the first twelve lineal descendants of Muhammad, who are called ‘Imams’ by Shiites.

        Really, if one could magically cause Muslims to understand that their clergy have been the source of Islam’s decline in recent centuries, as well as all of the incited mob violence against ‘infidels’ that has characterized some of its history, it would be a giant step toward world peace. Muhammad honored Jews and Christians and commanded His followers not to ever forcibly convert anyone, which is more than can be said about Christian clergy and their leg-breakers.

        Undermining and exposing murderous Mossad is an equally big step and that’s what we’re going to focus on during our chats for awhile. Mossad isn’t a stand-alone entity, of course; it relies completely on the sleepiness of American PJ folks, which includes the irrational support of most fundamentalist Christians, the ultimate fruit of schizophrenic culture and history. I call them ‘born again chumps.’

        Sunni and Shiite Muslims have been at peace in Iraq for a thousand years. They worked out their differences when Europe was still in the dark age, in fact. Any terrorism in the Mid-East is ultimately London-derived through their stooges, Mossad and the new Iranian clergy.

        Most Muslims in the world are as repulsed by fanatics as you and I are, but they also still tend to take the What To Think Network’s bait, too, just like Westerners do.”

        In the name of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance


        • There’s certainly truth in that. One of the reasons I’m Catholic is my belief in the importance of orthodoxy and having a “tie-breaker” for religious disputes to ensure cohesion.

          Islam lacks this. It is one of the reasons that it has fragmented so severely. Again, to me it is both a simple and a complex problem. I do not take the position that “all religions are equal” so I don’t have to be an apologist for Islam. I’m not an apologist for Judaism either.

          I can recognize their “procedural” problems. I would agree that things were “better” before the creation of Zionism and the concerted effort to use Islam just like the concerted effort to divide Christianity and pit it against itself. It is a completely predictable phenomenon.

          Christianity has suffered great harm and many do not even realize that. A small dedicated group, can do much harm over time. This is especially true when the goal is not to unite, but to divide. They are very much like the guy who enters a bar, hides behind the counter and hurls ashtrays at people until he gets a fight started. Than he picks the pockets of those who are left unconscious.


        • Uh, I’m not sure where you read the thing about Mohammad not forcing people to convert to islam? Mohammad was a warlord. You may want to read something about that on They say that most non-muslims do not understand the Koran and all the other junk because its not ‘in order’. If you read “Islam 101” it’ll start to make more sense.
          I used to think that islam wasn’t a ‘bad’ religion. But that was before I knew anything about it.

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          • I was simply quoting a man who you could ask for any clarification, hence the URL.

            In the meantime, if I were to meet any “non-Muslims” and they want to read the Qur’an online, I would recommend Masjid Tucson (they say the Qur’an isn’t a “Muslim book”) and perhaps especially the Qur’an Inspector, which showcases more than just an English translation done by a man (or Submitter, which is what Muslim literally means) named Rashad Khalifa. There one could see, that two false verses-as they are called-are absent from the ninth sura for a variety of reasons outlined in the footnotes.


            In the name of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance


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  8. Amen!
    I believe, in their hearts, they know islam is satanic. When they learn about Christ, they “know” they have found the Lord.
    “They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right.” Romans 2:15

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  9. Makes me so happy to read this article. There are many muslims who are relatively good to their more extreme counterparts because they feel afraid to practice all of the quran’s teachings, and I always wished for those to start converting because there is nothing good in the islamic religion for their eternal fate. Even those more extreme muslims start to harass and murder those who are not as “devout” as them. Keep waking up brothers and sisters, we are praying and waiting for you to join us!

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  11. I remember hearing from a missionary some years back that the “man/woman on the street” in Tehran is very friendly in attitude toward Americans, and that, against the law, everyone had antennas on their buildings and were tuning in Christian broadcasts.

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    • That is great to hear, traildustfotm. I have heard over the years that Muslims dream dreams about Jesus, and when they wake up they seek to know more. Praise God for leading them into His family!


    • I hope that’s true. I pray there is a mass awakening all over the world for Christ!


    • What I have had related to me by people I know that have spent considerable time in Muslim countries, is that much is for “show”. I have seen pictures taken of get togethers where the Muslims are seated around tables, smiling, and their alcoholic drinks are on the floor (hopefully out of camera range).

      As to actual religious conversion, I don’t know much about that. I suspect it is easier in places like Iran than in others. My comments are best understood to mean that, because there is no real, formal arbiter of orthodoxy, various groups are easily controlled by the most virulent.

      Most, I believe, would rather have a “secular” government than to have a “religious” one with a cleric at the head. There is a sort of “official” Islam and an “understood” one that is less strident.


  12. The Iranians are Persians, traditionally a sophisticated, friendly people. Now that the light of Christ (logos) is shining through, the western Soros banksters and neo-cons will attempt to demonize them even more. It’s the old spiritual battle, and spirit, as Malachi Martin once said, is the basis of reality.

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    • Those neocons hate them because of their oil and currency, also. Many nations are dumping the petrodollar now, which is why all-of-a-sudden the U.S. is wanting to invade Venezuela, of all places!


  13. Aw, boo hoo.


  14. Can’t stop GOD

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