Hollyweird hypocrite: Julianne Moore’s latest film is full of gun violence

Shocker, right. Guess the pay was good for the hypocrite.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a Hollyweird movie that is due out on September 22. About the movie, from IMDb:

“When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, the Kingsman’s journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US. These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy.”

The movie stars Julianne Moore who is a rabid anti-Second Amendment elite. She participated in the “Demand a plan to end gun violence” video that bodyguard-protected celebrities created in December 2012.

As Dr. Eowyn reported in January 2015, Moore is a gun-control pro-abortion atheist. From Dr. Eowyn’s post:

“…she (Moore) doesn’t want for strong opinions and has drawn angry responses to her tweets in favor of Planned Parenthood and gun control. “I get more reactions on Twitter about gun safety than anything else,” she says. “I don’t understand how we’re threatening the Second Amendment because we’re talking about gun safety rules. That, to me, is really shocking.”

…Turbulence is not unknown to her; she acknowledges that a peripatetic childhood left its share of instability, and she returns over and over to the theme of impermanence. She says she doesn’t believe in God and has a strong sense that meaning is imposed on a chaotic world.

In October 2015, Moore joined forces with Everytown for Gun Safety to launch the Everytown Creative Council in support of preventing gun violence. From my blog post:

“Moore hopes that with the help of the council, she can help create awareness for change. A note on the website reads, “We believe the creative community has an opportunity to use our communications skills and the power of culture to galvanize many more Americans in the gun violence prevention movement.”

Moore also noted in a press release that the council is not meant to fight against the 2nd Amendment.  “We do not believe that the 2nd Amendment and gun safety are mutually exclusive ideas, and as a creative community, we will do everything we can to support the safety of our fellow Americans, and galvanize more to join us in this movement.”

Guess “gun violence” is acceptable when performing your “cultural craft” and making the big bucks.


13 responses to “Hollyweird hypocrite: Julianne Moore’s latest film is full of gun violence

  1. Maybe in her twisted brain, she thinks that by shooting people that it’ll make guns look ‘bad’? “They will be known by their fruits”. I can’t believe people even waste their time going to movies anymore, almost all of them are just plain junk.

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  2. I read that Hollyweird movie viewership is down, like in way down, like in down so far that someone actually took notice. I guess there are more and more of us boycotting the blood, guts and gore that is called Hollyweird — oops I mean Hollywood.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    I just don’t know, but this really looks like its gotta be a really corny parody of some other corny world domination pursuing villain movie I never watched.

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  4. Stay away from this movie!

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service, which I made the mistake of renting from Netflix. The movie ended with a disgusting touting of anal sex.

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  5. Since she supports “a woman’s right to choose” to kill her unborn child to protect her own body (or whatever reason), she should be asked if she supports “a woman’s right to choose” to carry the means necessary to protect her own body against the robber, the rapist or the murderer–wherever she goes.

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  6. “safety”…there’s that liberal catchphrase where govt comes in as “daddy” (it’s not “big brother”, it’s “who’s your daddy?”…..since so many people today grow up without fathers) and protects everyone from themselves or the next created “bogeyman” by erasing our rights, liberties, and history.
    moore is a mouthpiece for satan…just like the rest of hollyweird, media, and most politicians.
    I made the mistake of watching ‘kingsman’ a few years ago when it came out in theaters and the violence and bloodshed (especially in the church scene) was numbing and the ending was propaganda for sodomy.
    so, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…
    I will never give them a dime of my money.
    violence, bloodshed, blasphemy, ridicule of faith in Christ, sodomy….it’s not “entertainment”, it’s continued propaganda against our Lord.

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  7. Julianne embodies the deluded, selectively ethical conduct of Hollywood.
    Another actor willing to supplant her “principles” for a payday.

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  9. She knows what she’s doing and she’s a real snake. Notice it wasn’t gun control. It was gun SAFETY. Doing what they do so well. Change the meaning of the words until they mean what they want them to mean.
    You can’t fix these folks. When they don’t get their way they don’t learn anything from it. They just change the words around again, maybe thinking they just haven’t presented their ideas in such a way as to make them palatable. Or make you believe them.

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    • Notice she also knows nothing about handling a fake firearm. Looks like she’s got an interwoven grip. For a movie and using a fake gun, you’d not need to grip in such that way. Girl, puleeze…

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      • Remember the reporter hoax in Virginia. I know, there’s been so many its hard to keep up. That was the phony gun that didn’t eject spent cartridges or kick?

        It says a lot about someone when they can suspend their own “reality” to make the impossible “work”.

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