Best Pink Panther Scene Ever

We’ve been a bit dark lately. This one is just for laughs.

13 responses to “Best Pink Panther Scene Ever

  1. Needed laugh enjoyed.

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  2. I burst out laughing uncontrollably at the 3:17 mark.

    Oh, how I miss Peter Sellers and his very silly Inspector Clouseau. That was when Hollywood still made movies worth watching, instead of today’s CGI-bloated, re-re-remakes, “diversity” (read: females, blacks, LGBTs) Marxist propaganda crap.

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  3. I’ve been consistently DVRing old movies mostly from TCM over recent years to distract from the mind numbing corruption and evilness we face each day. I predominately watch black and whites from the 30’s to more recent fare through the 80″s. There are very few movies from the 90’s on that are favorites. When extreme violence, over the top special effects and graphic sex became more important than the plots, I pretty much quit watching. Give me “The Quiet Man” any day over the new stuff.

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  4. Haha- the parallel bars bit was the real deal!!

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  5. The good ol’ days when Hollywood was funny!

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  6. Lol. Thanks for the humor vacation from reality. Peter Sellers was great. My favorite movie of his was “Being There”. Absolute genius. My favorite Pink Panther scene is the seeing-eye “minkey” scene:

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  7. 10 stars all the way! Peter Sellers was the real deal. Will never grow old!

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  8. I see we have a Peter Sellers Fan Club here. That HAS to be “good medicine”….

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  9. On occasion, we actually use lines from this, and other Pink Panther movies within our family. Great stuff.

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