Guess who is to blame: Nobel Prize winners predict the end of the world


Any wonder why we believe that liberalism is a mental disorder?

From NY Post: A group of 50 Nobel Prize winners has spoken out to reveal the 10 greatest threats to mankind. In a survey, the brainiacs revealed fears that nuclear war, environmental disaster and even Facebook pose a risk to the future of our species.

Times Higher Education asked the eggheads about the “biggest threat to mankind.”

The experts who responded are known as laureates and represent one-quarter of the living Nobel Prize winners in chemistry, physics, physiology, medicine and economics — making them arguably some of the smartest people in the world.

Just over a third (34 percent) said population rise or environmental degradation represented the gravest apocalyptic risk. In second place was nuclear war, followed by infectious disease and drug-resistant bugs.

Artificial intelligence was also highlighted as a risk, as well as selfishness, inequality, terrorism and even Donald Trump.

Facebook and drugs were also named as threats, coming in at joint 10th place after both being identified by one respondent.

“Humans are very busy with the greatest climate change experiment since the ice ages,” John Mather, a senior scientist in cosmology at NASA, told Times Higher Education, which carried out the survey.

Another responder who was not named said there were “several low probability but quite existential threats to humanity, including pandemics, nuclear war, and artificial intelligence.”

With tensions between nuclear-armed North Korea and the United States reaching a boiling point, it’s little wonder that 23 percent said nuclear war could bring about doomsday.

One Israeli laureate was particularly concerned about “warmonger dictators,” while a German participant was nervous about “populist regimes in possession of nuclear weapons.”

Two people specifically mentioned Trump as a threat to humanity. “I don’t think science can do much about him,” one said.

However, some of the scientists feel we could survive and even thrive after the apocalypse. One of the laureates said: “The human species is so successful in making the world a better place.”

Even if we do destroy the world or cause a mass extinction that makes it uninhabitable, humans could survive by jetting off into space.

“The ultimate insurance policy is to make humanity a multiplanet species,” one laureate said. “And science obviously has a big role to play in that.”

Elon Musk is one of many people who are already thinking about this idea. Musk has previously claimed Mars is “a fixer-upper of a planet” and even suggested dropping nuclear bombs on its surface to heat up the atmosphere and make it suitable for human colonization.


19 responses to “Guess who is to blame: Nobel Prize winners predict the end of the world

  1. “dropping nuclear bombs on its surface to heat up the atmosphere and make it suitable for human colonization”

    Mathesar’s response from the movie, “Galaxy Quest”: “Ah, ah aaa, aaa…”

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  2. Neither God or His Son, Jesus Christ, ever won a Nobel prize, yet They gave us their version of how the world will end. Guess whose scenario I’m putting MY money on!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  3. “……….making them arguably some of the smartest people in the world.”
    I’d say very arguably.

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  4. personally,I think it’s satan who is destroying the world. But then again, I just sell tomatoes.

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  5. JCscuba, thanks for the video, very good, but there’s not going to be anything left regardless of money, power, resources, it will be total annihilation, a dead planet. As it is now there are too many people, water is being depleted, and the planet needs CLEANSING. Will there be one MN an one woman to procreate, doubtfull. btw, Very interesting video.

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  6. Yes, let’s drop nuclear bombs on Mars. What a great idea. Someone should have thought of that sooner.

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  7. No modern conspiracy (and that includes the “green” conspiracy with its “climate change” offspring) can withstand even the tiniest bit of historical scrutiny. One of the most significant cases of “environmental degradation” ever exhibited on the North American continent was actually brought about by the CONSERVATIONIST arm of the U.S. government acting in conspiracy with the commercial Menhaden fishing industry. This conspiracy–the roots of which go back to the mid-1800s–has resulted in a massive drop in populations of the coastal marine species, Menhaden along both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Ecologically speaking, Menhaden is a CRITICAL link near the base of the coastal marine ecosystem and therefore, various other coastal marine species subsist on its populations.

    Obviously, if populations of Menhaden are greatly decreased, then it stands to reason that its dependent species must decrease in number as well. And this is exactly what has happened (as is expertly detailed in H. Bruce Franklin’s book, “The Most Important Fish in the Sea”). Despite that history proves beyond all doubt that such a conspiracy has in fact transpired, guess who’s to blame for its resulting environmental destruction? For an introduction to this conspiracy, see my paper, “Two Coastal Marine Disasters and the Fingerprint of Malthus (

    So, how can “environmental degradation” represent “the gravest apocalyptic risk” when we actually know the main cause of it here in the U.S. and that cause is specific parts of the federal government conspiring with industry? Yes, it is definitely arguable that these laureates could be “some of the smartest people in the world,” IMO. Apparently they’re as “smart” as the average greenie leftist who can’t even manage to read what is probably THE most important book ever published on “environmental degradation” concerning North America!!!

    Somehow, we’ve got to distract the Left and stop them from trying to solve problems because they haven’t a clue what the solution to ANY problem is, and in the end, they’re going to get us all killed while in the process of trying to solve them. 😉

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  8. They are unworthy of attention. First, they must be humble. They are anything but. In order to even identify a “problem” one must understand its nature. We don’t. Claiming to offer “solutions” for speculative “problems” is laughable.

    As usual, this is the product of one being one’s own “god”. They think science, and their egos will enable them to rule the Universe.

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  9. Two people specifically mentioned Trump as a threat to humanity.

    Will these super-smart Nobel-prize winners tell us exactly HOW President Trump is “a threat to humanity”? Did he drop a nuclear bomb? Has he provoked World War 3? Did he unleash a deadly virus? Has he, like Hitler/Stalin/Mao, killed millions of people?

    On the contrary, after just 8 months in office, President Trump has defunded international Planned Parenthood and supports the House’s efforts to defund PP in the United States — and in so doing, is saving countless innocent human lives. After just 8 months of the Trump presidency, America’s GDP has increased more than 3%, with job growth in the critical manufacturing sector — which Obama in 8 years never achieved.

    But we are told Trump is a threat to humanity.

    These Nobel-prize winning scientists are in violation of one of the fundamental tenets of the philosophy of science — not to contaminate one’s empirical assessment of the world with one’s prejudices and biases.

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  11. Trump and his supporters have clearly stepped on the right toes.

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  12. Mosquitoes have killed more people than any other single thing. Be worried about that.

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  13. The more these ‘eggheads’ talk, the dumber they sound. They’re just spouting what their ‘boss’ satan has told them to say. They are worldly wise and should be prayed for, not to.
    I’m surprised they didn’t blame the very warm climate during the dinosaur period on farting dinosaurs! Just think…Barney caused ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ back then!! Oh perish the thought! Ha ha!

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