Why no one trusts the media: They are now laser-focused on how Trump eats his steak

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

From Popsugar: It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s diet is not exactly nutritionist recommended, but the president’s steak-eating habits in particular have people talking more and more lately. Trump prefers to order his steak well done, and at a dinner at the BLT Steakhouse, the restaurant inside the Trump Hotel in Washington DC, he reportedly dipped it in ketchup, too.

“The president ordered a well-done steak. An aged New York strip. He ate it with ketchup as he always does,” a waiter at the restaurant said, according to the Independent Journal Review’s report of Trump’s dinner at his steakhouse.

And now Anthony Bourdain isn’t the only one judging Trump for his steak preferences. Not only are people calling Trump out on Twitter, but some people are also pointing out that Trump’s habits might speak to a larger mentality.

Eater has analyzed Trump’s steak habits even further in an op-ed about why the way Donald Trump eats his steak matters, saying, “A person who won’t eat his steak any doneness but well is a person who won’t entertain the notion that there could be a better way. A person who refuses to try something better is a person who will never make things good.” The opinion piece points out that this eating habit might imply a fear of risk-taking and adaptability.

What do you think about the whole conversation: are people taking it too far, or does the fact that Trump orders his steak well done (with ketchup) bother you?

Here’s my answer: Keep up this insane baloney and you’re going to have another four years of a Trump presidency to whine about!


26 responses to “Why no one trusts the media: They are now laser-focused on how Trump eats his steak

  1. But not a word about how America’s GDP has increased 3+% after just 7 months of Trump as President, more than Obama’s entire 8 years.

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  2. Bc he orders his steak well done, that means he refuses to try anything better?? Who determines the best way to eat a steak??? The insanity behind the left knows no limits.

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  3. More inanity. I say mostly what everyone hates about Trump (those who do) is the fact that he is a business man, successful, and a billionaire: envy is the name of the game. And of course, he called the system out, takes no BS from the commie, socialist libturds who want America on her knees, said he wanted to drain the swamp, etc. Yep, I reckon envy is the name of the game. Of course, the way Trump eats, and the fact he eats steak, is also a threat to the world, because cow and bull farts (and shite) are a problem, and Trump is not a vegan! Bad POTUS, won’t sit and won’t stay! I say screw them all and let them drool and turn green with envy all they want.

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    • Ha, ha! Tofu and Thistlewort, Ummmmmm! Can you believe they actually PAY people to do this? “I heard it from an anonymous source that Trump farts in the bathtub and pops the bubbles with his teeth! Really!”


  4. I like mine medium rare and sometimes put catsup on it. As if it were anybody’s damn business. And, yeah, I like double scoops of Rocky Road ice cream on a sugar cone! Let’s start a civil war over that! Strange no one commented politically on Obama being a smoker and drinking cheap beer.

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  5. Again, here we have the leftist lamestream media GRASPING AT STRAWS to make their narrative work when it has no merits of its own! 25 years ago, there was a self-help book by some jerk titled, “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” Well here we have apparatchiks of the rat’s nest on the sinking ship called mainstream news, and they are behaving like little kindergartners after they’ve all eaten a bowl of sugar!
    We saw the same thing in Florida when the Bush the Younger Election was contested. I believe the state’s Attorney General, one Mrs. Harris (if I recall her name correctly) did her job as prescribed. So what did the lamestream media kooks do? They complained about her dress! They reported she had her hair done! And so it goes.

    I hate stupid people. And I also hate desperate people. This ranting and raving on the part of the media is a LAME attempt to distract and deceive, while they practice some other magic when you’re not looking. It doesn’t work with me.

    As I write this on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, I am keeping the latest news on North Korea uppermost in my mind. Regardless of how President Trump eats his steak (I prefer mine blue rare), keep your eye on the Drudge Report and elsewhere on the internet. God Forbid, but in the next 10 to 20 days, the entire history of the human race may change—FOR THE WORSE. God Forbid. And Let Us Pray like we’ve never prayed before!

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  6. I always have my steak well done!! If you prefer yours any other way that is fine by me. Your ways are your ways and my ways are mine. Your opinions are yours and mine is mine. So……what’s the problem with the dem liberals? Oh….you can’t and won’t accept their ways.

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  7. LOL. Well, when the Left has to start focusing on irrelevant minutiae such as this, you know that THEY are just about DONE. In fact, just knowing that Trump likes his steak fully cooked with ketchup makes him all the more endearing to his base.

    I am much more concerned about the traitors that now make up Trump’s inner circle. From Mr 666-M0ss@d Zionist plant KUSHNER and the treacherous Ivanka, to McMaster the Disaster, Mattis and Tillerson, we are witnessing an effective ZIOCON coup.

    In fact, there are unsubstantiated rumors that Trump is now under virtual House Arrest. This would explain the radical shift in his policies regarding Afghanistan.

    I never understood the logic behind Trump’s choices of McMaster et al – all creatures of the Swamp – except to surmise that perhaps he wished to keep his enemies close.

    But is he so completely blinded by family loyalty that he cannot see the massive threat posed by the ‘Israel First’, Chabad-loving, Manhattan uber-liberal KUSHNER?!

    It’s suspected by many observers that Jared is also the source of the destructive leaks that have plagued this Administration.

    We must pray that God gives Trump the wisdom, courage, and outright cunning necessary to remove – or at least neutralize – these heinous influences or we’re all in trouble.

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    • Tom Jones, you are exactly correct about the Kushners. Shameful very little is known about Kushner. Trump moves according to His council. Did you notice the building’s address of his building? 666. He is a biggy behind the micro chip implants!!! There is much more behind him than meets the eye. Ivanka is also questionable.


      • I hate to be the “bad guy” but does anyone really believe that Trump just “arose” out of the ashes of America’s broken losers (I mean leaders)? A couple of minutes spent with any search engine can yield a host of snap shots of Trump cavorting with the infamous.

        I would like to be a “true believer” too, but I’m afraid it isn’t possible. I think that an honest assessment of where we are to date would bear that out.

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  8. I prefer mine medium-rare, with “Chicago/Montreal” steak seasoning, and/or, a Brazilian lime marinade. A ribeye, T-bone, or porterhouse usually works best for me – if the cut has marbled fat throughout, perfect. I’ll also use Tabasco’s Caribbean Style steak sauce for some extra kick

    I don’t have social media, so nobody’s beating down my door to criticize my tastes.

    I know well-done is supposed to be the “healthiest” way to eat steak since it’s cooked through, but it’s bone-dry.

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  9. I prefer mine medium….does that mean I’m middle of the road? 🙂

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  10. We don’t have “media”, we have propaganda. These are not “journalists”, they are copy readers. They are whores who are paid to read lies written for them by their bosses.

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  11. I would love to sit with the President and see him eat that well done New York steak. People are so jealous, envious of him, he is a big man and has to eat big, he needs the nourishment in order to govern a country where so many low life wish they could get his leftovers.

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  12. As if he’s the only one in America to put ketchup on a well done steak. i realize this doesn’t adhere to the elitists guidelines of how to cook or eat a good steak, but if that’s all you got, you’re looking pretty ridiculous.

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  13. Personally,I can’t resist Prime Rib,cooked medium well. And stories like THIS are why Trump proved his good character by completely bypassing the “News” Media and going directly to the People via Twitter. Though I don’t use Twitter,virtually everything the Twitter fans see comes out through other means,so it’s not like it stops his words from spreading. This man is BRILLIANT!

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  15. I don’t care if the steak was well done. What kind of shoes did he wear to dinner? (sarc) covfeve

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  16. Like the one Sean Hannity had the other day, with a hole, hahaha😂😂

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  17. I think they’re mad he eats steak like normal people whereas they like to partake in “spirit cooking” ceremonies.

    What if Trump were to instead have $65,000 in taxpayer dollars regularly fund private “hot dog” and “pizza” parties the way Obama did? I wonder how the false prophet news mafia would react to such a thing…

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