California Catholic school removed statue of Jesus & Mary so as not to alienate students

Founded in 1850, San Domenico Catholic School in San Anselmo in the San Francisco Bay Area serves 671 students grades K-12, and is California’s oldest independent school and first Catholic school. The school is not an archdiocesan school, but an independent school sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael.

In an effort to make the Catholic school more “inclusive” and less “alienating” to prospective students, the school recently removed 162 Catholic statues and icons, including a statue of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. The statues were stored in the school’s basement or donated to “appreciative recipients”.

Chair of San Domenico School’s board of trustees Amy Skewes-Cox justified the relocation and removal of some of the school’s 180 religious icons as “completely in compliance” with San Domenico’s new strategic plan:

“If you walk on the campus and the first thing you confront is three or four statues of St. Dominic or St. Francis, it could be alienating for that other religion, and we didn’t want to further that feeling.”

Nor is the Catholic school offering Catechism classes. Head of School Cecily Stock said the year before last the school began offering catechism after school and then last year phased it out entirely because:

“We had very few families interested. I think last year it was fewer than five. It just made sense to have the students prepare for communion with their local parishes where they would be with a larger group of students. Over the last few years we’ve had fewer Catholic students as part of the community and a larger number of students of various faith traditions. Right now about 80 percent of our families do not identify as Catholic.”

Instead of teaching students about Catholic theology and doctrines, San Domenico provides students with instruction in world religions and philosophy because truth is relative and subjective:

  • School principal Stocks says: “It’s really about empowering each student and giving them the information so they can discover their own purpose, their own truth”.
  • Mirza Khan, the school’s director of philosophy, ethics and world religions, says: “The Dominican teaching philosophy is not to teach there is only one truth.”

Outraged parent Shannon Fitzpatrick, who has an 8-year-old son enrolled at the school, sees the removal of the statues as a steady erosion of the San Domenico’s Catholic image. In a letter to school officials, Fitzpatrick wrote:

“Articulating an inclusive foundation appears to mean letting go of San Domenico’s 167-year tradition as a Dominican Catholic school and being both afraid and ashamed to celebrate one’s heritage and beliefs. In our time here, the word ‘Catholic’ has been removed from the mission statement, sacraments were removed from the curriculum, the lower school curriculum was changed to world religions, the logo and colors were changed to be ‘less Catholic,’ and the uniform was changed to be less Catholic.”

So what would be the point for Catholic parents to send their kids to San Domenico?

Source: California Catholic Daily; FoxNews

H/t Barbara R. and rr.



26 responses to “California Catholic school removed statue of Jesus & Mary so as not to alienate students

  1. Here’s an idea that would save these people from being Hypocrites-Just publicly declare their community to be a Godless society where God is no longer relevant and close up shop completely. That’s exactly what they’re saying by caving to the Lunatic Fringe.

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  3. Because it is an independent school from the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael should WALK OUT in protest!

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  4. “So what would be the point for Catholic parents to send their kids to San Domenico?” None. Might as well send them to public indoctrination facilities.

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  5. That’s very sad. Over the last few decades there has been a decline in vocations as well as Catholic education. There are also fewer “religious” in orders that specialize in education.

    It is more and more common for Catholic schools to hire lay teachers under the direction of other laymen. Comparatively speaking, they don’t pay much.

    Many clergy and religious are highly educated and talented. Having dedicated their lives to God they are not concerned with money. They survive on a small stipend. That is not the case with the lay teachers.

    Your question is a good one. Indeed, why bother? While it is expensive, at least one could rest assured that religion was a part of your kid’s education. Now it appears that isn’t necessarily the case. Anyone wishing to be “offended” by religious statuary should be free to do so. I couldn’t care less.

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    • “Anyone wishing to be “offended” by religious statuary should be free to do so. I couldn’t care less.” Ditto that.
      It was on EWTN Thursday or Friday that the school removed 80% of its statues. How ridiculous. I’d have the school closed and burned down, were I the Catholic Church and had authority over it. But I’m not, and they don’t.

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  6. Liberals at least and probably lesbians. First bad sign – hyphenated last name. It’s not always bad but it makes me wonder. Why? What t(pardon the language) the HELL are the Catholics that OWN this school thinking by throwing God out of a Catholic school?

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  7. since they are more concerned with being PC, they should just drop “Catholic”, remove any remaining crosses, and call their school a private school; this way, the rest of their liberal, atheist, non-Christian buddies can drop off their kids without “fear” of their children learning something biblical….so sad. Or, they can get right with God, have faith, stand their ground against PC bullies, and stop sacrificing the opportunity to teach children about Christ.
    Personally, I’d take my kid out of that school and call them “hypocrites”. What Christian parent would want to pay a “Christian” school to use ‘of this world’ teachings to its students?
    A liberal Christian is an oxymoron.

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  8. I think this is a horrible travesty. This is certainly an instance of “being ashamed of Christ” and if I remember correctly “He will be ashamed of these before the Father.” There really is no point in having a Catholic school if they have ushered Christ out the door.

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  9. I wonder if the children are allowed to wear crosses or have their rosary beads??
    I hope all the Catholic parents remove their children from that school, when they lose the tuition money, see how faithful they’ll be to their beliefs then, what a bunch of modern day Judas!!

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  10. This is totally wrong. They are just giving into the PC crowd.

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    • I think they are part of the PC crowd…
      “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15

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  11. This is similar to when Patty Ireland left NOW and took over the YWCA. She interviewed by Bill O’Reilly and was asked about the C part to which with a straight face she stated nothing would change. Sure enough, about 6 months later there was a press release stating a “shift in focus” in the organization’s emphasis on Christianity.

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  12. So what did Pope Francis say about this…oh wait, he’s too busy letting the Bishops close and consolidate more Catholic churches.


  13. I shed a few tears while reading this article. Many Americans are finding themselves grieving the loss of all things familiar and comforting. Statues, holidays, flags, memorials (along with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I might add) are being dumped on the ash heap of history in pursuit of a utopian fantasy. There are heroes to be found in this struggle against the very foundation of our Nation, but I do personally believe we are past the tipping point. A new day is upon us, and I don’t think it’s a warm, sunny day.

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  14. “Deny me before men, and I will deny you before my Father.” Jesus told his followers to go OUT and preach the Gospel, and we have here eighty percent of the student body unbelievers coming TO the school and being denied inspirational signs of Christianity. If any of the students appreciate the teaching provided at a Christian school, God should be recognized as its cause and given the glory.

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  15. “It’s really about empowering each student and giving them the information so they can discover their own purpose, their own truth”. Because, after all, WHAT IS TRUTH?

    Unfortunately, there is nothing new here. Entire churches, built by the blood, sweat, & tears of Catholics over the centuries, were confiscated during the Re-formation in England, and since Vatican II, around the world, altar relics, altar rails, chalices, ciborium, patens, statuary, baptismal fonts, stained glass windows, and vestments were removed and discarded at an astounding rate to make way for the highly touted “aggiornamento”, which has been most decidedly less than a rousing success.

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  16. That this should be occurring in a Northern California Catholic school surprises me not in the least. Northern California is probably the most despicable area on the American map. It certainly takes a back seat to no other location, including Washington D.C. (And I speak as a native Californian — SOUTHERN Californian. It’s Libtarded there, too, but not nearly as bad as the North and every city and town in the vicinity of the “Gay Bay”.)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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