Liberal Insanity: SPLC hate-group urges activists to take down 3 Army bases with Confederate names

Pete Hasson reports for The Daily Caller, Aug. 31, 2017, that the left-wing hate-group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is calling on “activists” to “take down” three of America’s largest Army bases because they are named after Confederate generals and therefore have “the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed” like what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia last month. The three bases are:

  • Fort Hood in Texas, named after Confederate General John Bell Hood.
  • Fort Bragg in North Carolina, named after Confederate General Braxon Bragg.
  • Fort Benning in Georgia, named after Confederate States Army Brigadier General Henry L. Benning.

The SPLC has the three Army bases — as well as elementary and middle schools, local streets and even entire towns — on its list of 1,500 “Confederate monuments” and recommends their removal as the only option. The SPLC website states:

“More than 1,500 Confederate monuments stand in communities like Charlottesville with the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed. It’s time to take them down.”

The SPLC is urging leftists around the country to flood their local newspapers with letters to the editor urging the removal of the monuments.

Given the willingness of the Left to destroy so-called Confederate and other national monuments, the SPLC’s campaign against the army bases could serve as a dogwhistle for militants to resort to extreme measures against those bases.

The SPLC’s map of “Confederate monuments” resembles the group’s “hate map” that identifies conservative and Christian organizations as “hate groups” and which inspired domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II to shoot up the Family Research Center in 2012.

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37 responses to “Liberal Insanity: SPLC hate-group urges activists to take down 3 Army bases with Confederate names

  1. Hopefully, the Military & its “Commander in Chief” (POTUS) will IGNORE this latest “cry” from the SPLC. Next to Soros, the SPLC is the most bottom-feeder group of scums to ever exist & they actually need to be outlawed themselves. I’m glad they (& GuideStar & Amazon) are finally being sued by D. James Kennedy’s ministry in S. FLA — & by Liberty Counsel who filed a prior lawsuit in late June this year.

    There’s an article dated yesterday morning re the SPLC which is chock full of juicy monetary details for years 2014-2015:

    8/31/17: “Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities — Left-wing nonprofit pays lucrative six-figure salaries to top management”:

    Experts opinions’ in the article say it is highly unusual & suspicious for a supposed non-profit to be transferring money to off-shore entities.

    The article also hints that the SPLC is nothing but a fraud fund-raising entity in order to enrich itself (reminds me of all the “fundraisers” after false flag events!). “It’s like a perpetual motion machine for fundraisers.”

    SPLC is not “breaking its bank” in order to help the poor, the disadvantaged, & the “discriminated against”:

    “The SPLC, which claims to boast a staff of 75 lawyers who practice in the area of children’s rights, economic justice, immigrant justice, LGBT rights, and criminal justice reform, reported spending only $61,000 on legal services in 2015.”

    I guess 2015 was a light year for people in need of SPLC’s “services”!

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  2. The SPLC should be prosecuted under the RICO Statutes, and President Trump really should identify them as a terrorist organization. I’m not going to hold my breath, however.
    The SPLC has agreed to help Google and You Tube to identify “hate groups,” and for this effort to censor people’s free speech rights, they should be prosecuted for racketeering. This organization is lower than the ACLU—and that’s saying a lot.

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  3. “…recommends their removal as the only option” As usual with libtards, it’s their way or nothing.

    I don’t believe the Feds will cave to this hate group.

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  5. It seems to me that a little Jujutsu ( is in order. If I was asked to identify the epicenter of racism in the U.S. from the standpoint of origin and rightful blame, Confederate monuments dispersed around the country would be the LAST targets of my concern. The leftists need to be reminded (over and over again) that the real seat of racism in the U.S. (as far as origin goes) likely centers on those organizations that once worked to bring about the U.S. Civil War itself. Three in particular were secret societies: Skull & Bones, Freemasonry and the Knights of the Golden Circle (of which only the first two still exist). BTW, the KKK was likely the product of a secret society… Anyway, the ultimate act of racism is murder and no organization is more guilty of murdering blacks in large numbers than Skull & Bones–especially given its relationship to the CIA. Indeed, the CIA–with its long history of committing human atrocities around the globe–preferentially hires from the ranks of Skull & Bones. Here at home, in the midst of the American eugenics movement (which spanned almost three decades beginning about 1900), it was Skull & Bones that was responsible for the continued deaths of thousands upon thousands of poor black (and white) Americans from the disease, pellagra. In 1914, Dr. Goldberger of the U.S. Public Health Service announced his discovery that pellagra was a disease of malnutrition and he showed that it could be treated simply by introducing meat and dairy products into the diets of pellagra sufferers (whose diets otherwise consisted largely of corn). Despite this revolutionary announcement, just three years later the National Pellagra Commission, headed by eugenicist and Skull & Bones puppet, Charles B. Davenport–at the time the director of the Eugenics Record Office–authored the commission’s report on pellagra in which it was stated that pellagra was the result of inferior heredity. In other words, pellagra was blamed on the victim’s own genetics. Because of this and continued disinformation created by Davenport and his circle of Malthusians, poor rural Americans continued to die in large numbers from this dreaded disease for the next two decades at which time it was shown that the vitamin behind curing pellagra was nicotinic acid, otherwise known today as niacin. Some believe that as many as six million rural, poverty-stricken Americans died as a result of this one act of scientific fraud (and this doesn’t even take into account the millions that likely died during the reconstruction period). Unfortunately, this dark moment in American history has been forever committed to the memory hole and as a result, the zombie left is today able to misdirect its blame for racism onto all white Americans (not to mention large chunks of granite and marble)… So, the next time you encounter leftists bitching about racism, be sure to remind them how the racist, Malthusian Skull & Bones, which is today proudly head-quartered on Yale University’s campus, helped to bring about the widespread death of thousands of black Americans. — the postman (

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    • ” BTW, the KKK was likely the product of a secret society… ”
      The Democratic Party’s never been that much of a secret,though their Communist leanings haven’t always been as blatant as they are now.

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      • Your response made me do some research. I really didn’t know much about the exact origin of the KKK because I always felt that they were a low-level, relatively powerless organization and that they served as some other organization’s “military” arm and as it turns out, that’s the case. The Ku Klux Klan was the final re-masking that the Knights of the Golden Circle (which I mentioned in my prior post) actually underwent in order to avoid detection in the years following the Lincoln assassination. Two other names prior to this one were the “Order of the American Knights” and the “Sons of Liberty”. So, I was mistaken in the belief that the Knights of the Golden Circle had ceased to exist. They evolved into the KKK. A good article on the origin of the KKK can be found here: The question that still remains for me though, is who created the KGC? The answer will almost certainly be found in Anton Chaitkin’s book, “Treason in America”, but that’ll have to wait until later. I’m in dire need of caffeine. Incidentally, tomorrow is international bacon day (seriously). Everyone be sure to celebrate! 😉

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        • I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. The “Knights of the Golden Circle”, sprang from the inevitability of secession. The original plan was to make necessary alliances with Great Britain and others and expand Southward.

          It really wasn’t a “Civil War”. The South did not wish to run the country, just to be left alone and treated fairly. When that became impossible, they simply wanted to leave the Union. And, why not?

          The North was brutal. They got an extremely raw deal. After the war the carpetbaggers arrived. The KKK developed from the Knights to oust them from the South. It wasn’t enough that the South was ruthlessly sacked and its way of life largely destroyed, they tried to steal anything that wasn’t tied down.

          Just as today, propaganda is propaganda. We deal with it at this site every day. The “winner” writes the history. At one time there were close to a million Klansmen. It was very popular.

          I don’t defend the lynchings (obviously), but that was far from what they were about as a whole. They existed at a time where some were actively attempting to destroy them and they responded. The “Civil War” was nothing if not demoralizing. It wrecked the South and cheapened the North.


        • I meant to add that it was an interesting article you attached. It has some obvious bias, but, what doesn’t? The article could be the source of a great discussion. While the historic events are accurate, their meaning may change, based on one’s perception of those events.


          • “It has some obvious bias, but, what doesn’t?” Exactly. Bias is everywhere. No source of information is ever 100% correct. The trick is learning how to “separate the wheat from the chaff.” Here, hopefully the “wheat” is the answer to the question, “is the KKK the product of a secret society?” That the answer is actual “wheat” and not “chaff” depends on a number of factors, one being whether or not it’s confirmed by other sources. For another, I attribute a high degree of confidence in sources that make claims that are backed by lots of persons and organization’s names, dates etc. A third factor, which may seem inappropriate at first, is whether or not a source of information “fits” into my current “world view”. This of course is a concept taken straight from science where a person’s “world view” is effectively equivalent to a scientist’s hypothesis in carrying out the scientific method (except, here I apply the method to inquire about and discover historical truth rather than scientific truth). I use other tricks as well but these are some of the major ones. Generally, if I can “lock down” an event (such as the founding of the KKK, for example) by use of the above and other techniques, (and assuming that it is relevant to my research in the first place) it’ll get added to my timeline which I use as the basis for further historical research… 😉

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            • You did a fine job. I was not complaining. While fun, it is hard to explain complex things in forums like these. There is no instant interaction and it is easy to misunderstand what one is trying to say because print has its limitations.

              Was it the product of a “secret society”. That’s almost a “chicken and egg” argument. I would agree that a secret society was “used” to bring it into being. After all, that is what secret societies really exist for.

              What I find interesting is the opportunism of the thing. It shows that opportunism is not something new. There were groups that were only too willing to use the problems of one for their benefit.

              Motives are important. There are certain assumptions contained in the article. They may be correct, although my suspicion is that the interpretation says more about the author’s bias than it does about the truth of the matter.

              The obligatory “Jesuit” reference always sets me off. I find it ridiculous. I will accept that certain people could be Jesuits, it doesn’t mean they do what they do because of it. That’s another subject big enough to warrant a separate discussion.

              Did the “Civil War” have the potential to benefit Britain? Sure! In fact, had they simple left the Union that would have happened sans war. The tariffs were the primary issue, not slavery. It is worth of note that Great Britain didn’t have any problems using the products of slavery.

              The KKK did indeed arise as noted, although you may assign a motive to it that I don’t. It really doesn’t matter (in my opinion). Lastly, it should be clear that the Knights of the Golden Circle did not come into being instantly upon a declaration of war. The article seems to imply something sinister in that. The South was not in a big hurry for war. They were also not stupid and could see where this appeared to be headed. Once that was virtually certain they would have been foolish indeed had they not prepared for it.


              • “Motives are important.”

                It’s nice to hear someone specifically mention that because the disguising of one’s motivation by employing a “pitfall” is apparently a common technique of deception used by the elite. In my “Two Coastal Marine Disasters…” article, I discuss two cases in which this technique was used to hide a fundamental historical truth–one involving the American eugenics movement and the other, the prohibition of cannabis/hemp.

                “The obligatory “Jesuit” reference always sets me off. I find it ridiculous. I will accept that certain people could be Jesuits, it doesn’t mean they do what they do because of it.”

                This is true no matter what organization one considers. I would contend that an organization as evil as Skull & Bones has the occasional member who either isn’t aware of the true purpose behind the organization or they became a member in pursuit of some other goal and thus they don’t necessarily support the overall goal of the organization.

                “Did the “Civil War” have the potential to benefit Britain? Sure! In fact, had they simple left the Union that would have happened sans war. The tariffs were the primary issue, not slavery. It is worth of note that Great Britain didn’t have any problems using the products of slavery.”

                I agree that slavery wasn’t the main issue but it’s my belief that the real root of the U.S. Civil War goes much deeper than the South having decided independently to leave the Union. Clearly, there were outside forces involved and much evidence indicates that, similar to what we see happening today with the radical left and Soros, the eventual war itself was formented by these outside forces. When allowed to speak freely, history says pretty loud and clear that the U.S. Civil War was a continuation of the Revolutionary War.

                “The KKK did indeed arise as noted, although you may assign a motive to it that I don’t. It really doesn’t matter (in my opinion).”

                Nor does it currently matter much to me either. From the standpoint of my overall hypothesis, the KKK still seems like too small a player in the big picture to gain my attention (although I will no doubt eventually record what I’ve learned about them, given any interesting connections that arise–for example, Pike was a high-ranking Freemason which is surely significant).

                “Lastly, it should be clear that the Knights of the Golden Circle did not come into being instantly upon a declaration of war. The article seems to imply something sinister in that. The South was not in a big hurry for war. They were also not stupid and could see where this appeared to be headed. Once that was virtually certain they would have been foolish indeed had they not prepared for it.”

                As per my earlier point, I think “sinister” might be an understatement. As noted in an earlier comment I posted on another article here on FOTM, it was found that, near the end of the Civil War, European armies had amassed along our Northern and Southern borders in preparation to support the South’s secession (and the only thing that stopped this intervention from taking place were the two Russian fleets that arrived in defense of the Union). Then, after the war, and notably after Lincoln’s assassination, we find that Jefferson Davis (who also went by the alias, “John Patterson” BTW) wasn’t hanging at the end of a rope. Though I’ve read the so-called justifications for this pardoning of Confederates, I have to call BS–I ain’t buying it for one second. For one thing, you’re probably aware that all of Davis’ cabinet members were members of the KGC. What you may not realize is that all but two members of Lincoln’s cabinet were also KGC. Of course, Lincoln was one of the two individuals who were not KGC members. Also, when Davis was captured at the conclusion of the war, who was he found with but two members of Skull & Bones! Understand that Skull & Bones has been proven to be a death cult, for all intents and purposes (see my prior-mentioned article). It’s their ultimate mission to help bring about a huge reduction in the world’s populations (and more evidence of this fact is emerging all the time). Finally, how interesting it is that one of the co-founders of Skull & Bones–William H. Russell, was a close friend of John Brown and that he was even a named trustee on Brown’s will. How interesting too that Russell is considered one of the founders of the Republican party which nominated and subsequently got Lincoln elected. I could go on… There’s a good reason why Skull & Bones members just happened to be the founders of the American Historical Association (AHA) in 1884. What better way to re-write history than on-the-fly by operating the gate itself through which all history is vetted?

                I appreciate the open dialog and look forward to the same in the future. BTW, I like all of your reply posts too but for whatever reason, I can’t use the “like” functionality on this web site. 😦

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                • Again, I wouldn’t argue with any of that. I don’t deny that conspiracies were afoot and that everyone’s motives were not pure, I think I am just pointing out that there are always opportunists and manipulators moving the pieces, like the famous “chessboard”.

                  My remark on Jesuits is merely my belief that they do not have some infernal goal as an organization. Many DO believe that they do. I’m not one of them.

                  Russia was very much aligned with the Union. “Honest Abe” appealed to them for help paying for the war. Great Britain saw more interest in trying to defeat the Union and acquire cheap cotton and tobacco.

                  I didn’t know that “ALL” of Lincolns cabinet were infiltrated. I knew about some. I usually talk about Lincoln as an extreme example of what “historians” can do with reality. He was EXTREMELY unpopular. He’s like Ronnie Ray-Gun. Today he’s a saint.


                • Amen Mr Postman. I relocated to Charleston SC in 2000 to create aerospace jobs. Thousands of locals now man those posts. Since then, I have spent most of my life defending myself from the local secret society freemason/shriner mafia. This organized crime ring is well rooted here, and well above the law, as my former deputy, and his sheriff dept complicit brass have proven, while bragging same as I worked on commercial aircraft landing gear under their death threats. 2 homes shotgun blasted up/saturated with urine (by cubscouts in training/unmarked SUVs), rewired to burn down, security systems disabled, caught on video and IGNORED FROM 2012-2017 by their complicit FOP/AFM/SHRINER org crime facebook buddies.

                  While I deplore the terrorism initiated by the SPLC against Christians, I would support their position if they turned their sights to the still living and still swindling progeny of treasonous condemned confederate generals (ie Albert Pike, father of the scottish rite), as opposed to the concrete monuments and patriotic / defenses carelessly named after same swindling confederates.

                  Pursuing 18USC1961 and 18USC1951 to protect we, the NON MASON People!


                  • I surely wouldn’t put anything past Freemasonry at this point. Especially since Freemasonry had combined with the Illuminati in 1872 as a result of the Wilhelmsbad Congress and given that the two organizations then later spun-off the Malthusian death cult, Skull & Bones in 1832 — just six years following the very event that led to the anti-Masonic movement here in America — the murder of one William Morgan. See my recent article, “The Masonati Origin of Skull and Bones” ( Fake historians as well as fake journalists like to stress that the creation of Skull & Bones had everything to do with stripping Phi Beta Kappa of its tradition of secrecy but they fail to mention that at the same time, Freemasonry was threatened with non-existence here in the U.S. It was this “perfect storm” of events that actually led to the establishment of Skull & Bones but historians and journalists like to hide the connections to Freemasonry… Gee, I wonder why! Incidentally, just like what was brought to light by the William Morgan incident, the events that you mention also illustrate just how infiltrated local government has become by such secret societies as the Order of Freemasons. If we don’t expose them for what they are, such organizations are going to end up killing all of us.


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  7. Y’know,it’d be a relatively minor expense to set up video surveillance on “at risk” monuments,with the goal of catching the low life gutter runners that are doing this stuff,and there’s already laws on the books to arrest,convict and get restitution for damages,though,with a signature,Trump could beef ’em up a bit in light of the message these chit-heads are sending patriotic Americans,and I’d suggest some way of stopping the “re-naming” of Monuments without putting it on the ballot for 2 consecutive Elections….Once a few of ’em are caught in the act,prosecuted,spend some time behind bars and lose a big chip of their income,maybe they’ll change their ways. I’m SOOOO sick of this BS!!!!!

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    • truck . . . Amen to that. This destroying or removing monuments that came from our history sickens me to my very core. I can hardly believe that this is actually going on!

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  8. Stinking, Putrid, Lying Communists (SPLC). Jew inspired and supported bunch of Maoists. They do things like this and get away with it routinely.

    We are clearly in the final phases of a coup. These whiny little Communists are going to attempt insurrection. Their bosses in Congress will allow it. Someone will declare martial law and they will “officially” install their leftist ruling class.

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  9. There’s at least ONE sane politician out there…

    8/31/17: “Missouri state lawmaker [Warren Love] under fire after saying Confederate statue vandals should be ‘hung from a tall tree'”:
    –He is under the usual pressure to resign & condemnation-tweets by various do-gooders.
    –From article: “Love told the Springfield News-Leader he apologized for the post and it was not meant to be taken literally. He added he had no plans to resign over political ‘cowboyism,’ according to the newspaper. ‘Basically, if I’d had said it in a politically correct way, I would have stated, you know, for that type of an infraction or desecration, I would like to see them prosecuted to the full extent of the law,’ Love said. ‘That’s what I should have said. But due to my stupid comment, I didn’t.'”

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  10. I walked down Monument Ave. in Richmond for a 10K. There were probably 30 or 40 thousand folks there. Among the dozen or so statues along this most beautiful street, not one of them attacked anybody. Not one of them verbally assaulted anyone. As a matter of fact few people even paid any attention to them, much less bowed to them. There were some people on the grass around some of the monuments, eating, playing and enjoying the day. Removing them will please no one. The people that think they should stay won’t be happy if they are removed. And the people that want to be taken down will NEVER be happy no matter what. The majority want the monuments to stay and once again leadership is caving to this radical minority when they should be telling them to sit down and shut up. Not everything that happens or or has happened is intended to make everyone happy. I say instead of removing the monuments we should remove the leadership.


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