Girl power! Two female tech entrepreneurs invent a fake male co-founder to “get around sexism”


Witchsy owners: Inspiring young girls with their creativity..

They persisted! How empowering…

From Daily Mail: Two female tech entrepreneurs created a fake male co-founder in an effort to get around the condescension and sexism within the industry. 

Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer struggled with creating Witchsy, their own online marketplace for artists in the beginning.  The pair, who are located in Los Angeles, used their own money, had minimal tech skills and faced doubt from outsiders in regards to launching their business.

‘When we were getting started, we were immediately faced with ‘Are you sure? Does this sound like a good idea?’,’ Dwyer told Fast Company‘I think because we’re young women, a lot of people looked at what we were doing like, ‘What a cute hobby!’ or ‘That’s a cute idea.”

As they were trying to build their business, which is a curated online marketplace for dark-humored art, they faced several obstacles. First, a web developer they hired to build their site tried to delete everything after Gazin declined to go on a date with him.

After a while, they noticed a pattern of receiving condescending toned emails from outside developers and graphic designers that they enlisted to help them.  The duo claimed that often times those individuals were male and were slow to respond, were short in responses and somewhat disrespectful in their email exchanges. 

For instance, a developer began an email with the words ‘Okay girls…’ in response to one of their requests.

The ill-mannered treatment they received from outsiders actually gave them the idea to create and introduce the third fictional co-founder, Keith Mann.

‘It was like night and day,’ Dwyer told Fast Company. ‘It would take me days to get a response, but Keith could not only get a response and a status update, but also be asked if he wanted anything else or if there was anything else that Keith needed help with.’

The pair continued to use Keith to interact with outsiders after finding out how using a male’s name changed the tone of conversations. 

Gazin noted how one developer in particular showed more ‘deference’ to Keith than he did to her or Dwyer.  ‘Whenever he spoke to Keith, he always addressed Keith by name,’ Gazin explained to Fast Company. ‘Whenever he spoke to us, he never used our names.’

Gazine and Dwyer continued to push on with their dreams for their company instead of being deterred. They even had fun. ‘I think we could have gotten pretty bent out of shape about that,’ Dwyer told Fast Company.

‘Wow, are people really going to talk to this imaginary man with more respect than us? But we were like, you know what, this is clearly just part of this world that we’re in right now. We want this and want to make this happen.’

The use of a male fake third co-founder has paid off for Gazin and Dwyer.  Witchsy sold about $200,000 worth of art in its first year and paid its creator 80 per cent of each transaction.  Dwyer said they have managed to turn it into a small profit.

Plus, earlier this year they received an investment from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. They are working with him now to create exclusive products for Witchsy.

Gazin and Dwyer aren’t seeking to get rich off their site.  The duo just want to offer a platform for artists to be able to sell their work without censorship.

In the last year, Silicon Valley has had high-profile cases of sexual harassment in the tech world.

Take a look at some of the items for sale on their web page. Looks like overpriced crap to me.


24 responses to “Girl power! Two female tech entrepreneurs invent a fake male co-founder to “get around sexism”

  1. Their website stinks…big time! 😎. I can’t even tell what their junk is. Their inspiration appears to be perpetual victim-hood. Their business won’t make much and won’t last very long.

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  2. Boy overpriced crap is right…
    On the male thing… Sadly these ladies experiences are not uncommon.
    They have done studies that show Male doctors spend more time with their male patients, and take their complaints more seriously. I have even dragged my husband with me sometimes to doctors because know I will get better treatment. That being said, I don’t think the antics of third wave feminazis are helping women, or their causes. If anything they are increasing any existing antagonism that some men have for women.

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    • Lana . . . that is certainly true about male doctors. I had two experiences with male doctors, which were such a turnoff that for years now, I only see female MD’s. Although I do have an upcoming appointment with a pain specialist who is male, and I’m driving 65 miles up the Columbia George to Hood River to see him–he is really great.


      • Yes Auntie, sad but true, I love men and I hate all the male bashing going on now, but the doctor thing is true. I have gotten so I almost would rather die than go to the doctor I have had so many bad experiences.


        • I wouldn’t argue with that. We all have traits that irritate each other. Women too can be very irritating to men at times. For what its worth, I try to be aware of that in my actions.

          I knew a girl once who owned a stereo shop. She said that when she bleached her hair blond men would talk real slow to her and ask to speak to her husband. When she dyed it red they stopped.


  3. Big time lesbos! I can imagine what they are selling -pretty soon they’ll claim bankrupt! Be what you want to be but, DON’T ADVERTISE IT!


    • Alma .. . You called that correctly . . . did you see that in the picture above, the chick on the left is “resting her right hand in the crotch of the other chick. That was such a turnoff that even if they had something which was worth buying, I would pass it up. That is ridiculous to portray yourself in public in such a manner.

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      • Auntie Lulu, all that comes from a not very good background, maybe they are incorrigibles and were kicked from home or brought that way who knows, not nice to say but white trash!

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  4. You called it DCG. Not is it only overpriced crap, the featured artists probably couldn’t sell the garbage anywhere else. With a name like Witchsy, you know the clientele they are appealing to.

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    • Laura . . . I am surprised that anyone would spend their hard earned money on such a collection of ugly doodads as shown on the website. I’m sure that these two great a great laugh, since they are charging am 80 percent commission.

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  6. Worse, they aren’t even inventive… it was the premise of a TV show.

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  7. Well, all these chicks’ sexual preferences, or not, aside….I learned nearly a half century ago about how it all “came down” in the real world when it came to giving preference, accolades, a ‘leg up” and so on….according to gender. In my senior year in high school I was in an advanced composition class. Because my best friend and I had the same first name in this class, I adopted a shortened version of our names to differentiate between us. It just so happened that my shortened “nick name” version of my given name could be construed as a MALE name. Since we were in the advanced class, a ‘blind ” reader from the district office read and graded all our compositions. I got straight A’s all the time from this reader. Then, almost 3/4 way through the year, my picture was in the paper for some other thing, with my name….and the classroom teacher took me aside and told me that the reader had been surprised that I was NOT A MALE. After that…..I got all B-grades….


    • Was he “gay”? I had one who worked for me many years ago that hated women. That isn’t always the case, obviously. Personally, I can’t imagine what would provoke a man to treat a woman differently in such a situation.


      • No, lo, the “blind” district office reader of my advanced Comp. class was a WOMAN. To me, positive “proof” that institutionalized gender preferences is a learned, socially responsive regard….unfortuantely….maybe even ESPECIALLY in the academic world.


        • Hard to argue with that. It’s just out of my frame of reference. I don’t think about “gender” when reviewing something. People are such a confused, hodgepodge of conflicted neuroses. Most of the time its just annoying. When they have “authority” it’s ugly.

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  8. This is pretty funny. Instead of countering their perceived discrimination they participated in it to further their desire for profit.

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  9. Same idea as the old TV show, “Remington Steele.”

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  10. Are we sure this isn’t another psy-op intended to agitate the pagan (withsy is hardly a subtle name, and given the prevalence of lesbianism within that, well anyone care to take a guess on if they’re lesbians?) after all if they’re willing to outright lie about having a male co-founder, how do we know anythign they say is legitimate and truthful? Also “censorship” on “art” is not a problem, the problem is Lack of censorship on “art” these days, that’s why things like “deviantart” (now owned by a tel aviv based corporation) are effectively functional porn sites that just happen to have “art” on them as an aside, and hey whats worse is 10-12 year old kids or possibly younger routinely lie to make accounts there and subsequently get exposed to the contents unfit for viewing by anyone. At this point I prettymuch expect the site is meant as a youth corruption vector… I doubt this “witchsy” thing is any different, and is probably going to siphon off the funds it acquires to unethical uses, or perhaps laundered to give funding to some more pagan & feminist-oriented hate or riot groups? I would guess that the “business” is not intended to be a lasting business at all, and is instead intended for agitprop and corruption, everything else I would suspect is merely window-dressing.

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