Europe commits suicide with ‘in situ’ political-asylum agreement with Africa

It is not enough that the European Union (EU) opens its doors to “refugees” and “migrants” from Muslim and African countries. Now, an insane agreement made between four EU countries (France, Germany, Italy and Spain) and the African countries of Chad and Niger will ensure that Europe will be flooded with even more by making it easier for Africans to attain political asylum in Europe.

Muslims comprise 54% of Chad‘s population and 80% of Niger‘s population.

What this means is that no longer would Africans have to actually leave Africa and make the journey to Europe to apply for political asylum. Under the new agreement, “particularly vulnerable migrants” (whatever that means) can apply for and be granted political asylum in situ — that is, while they are still in Africa before they are “migrants”!

And to top it off, the objective of the agreement ostensibly is to help Chad and Niger with border control to stem migration to Europe.

Henry Samuel reports for The Telegraph that on August 28, 2017:

France, Germany, Italy and Spain . . . at a summit in Paris . . . agreed on a new policy to grant asylum to vulnerable migrants who apply for protection while in Africa instead of their destination countries.

President Emmanuel Macron of France, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany met with Italian and Spanish leaders as well as those of Chad, Niger and Libya – all three of them transit countries for migrants. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini also attended . . . .

The process would allow migrants to immigrant legally to Europe if they are on an eligibility list provided by the UN refugee agency and registered with authorities in Niger and Chad . . . .

Nearly 120,000 migrants, including refugees, have entered Europe by sea so far this year, according to the International Organization for Migration.

In addition, the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, said that in the long-term, the EU should invest €50-60 billion in Africa in order to develop economies so that people are less likely to want to reach Europe.

Speisa of InfoWars observes:

This means a flood of asylum seekers like the world has never seen before, as the signal effect has probably reached the entire African continent already. It is the end of Europe as we know it.

The agenda and the objective for the insane mass migration inflicted upon us by traitors: Culture clashes -> wars -> depopulation -> ending the wars -> introducing the UN’s NWO.

You better start to believe it, cause it’s clearly coming.”

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40 responses to “Europe commits suicide with ‘in situ’ political-asylum agreement with Africa

  1. The more the better! Hope the Europeans can absorb the culture and in turn the Europeans will lose their identity. The winners and the losers.

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  2. Europe is dying, it’s in its death throws now, and their leaders are fools or purposeful destroyers. How very sad. America is probably next if the communists in our govt. have their way

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  3. This will happen in the U.S. if we elect democRATS.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.

    Merkel is continuing to smother her people with outsiders. Will they vote her back in to continue her march to communism instead of freedom for her people?


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    • The voters appear to be backing her (from late July): “With a comfortable lead in opinion polls, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has left the stage for a quiet three-week summer holiday shrouded in secrecy – even though just two months remain before the election.

      “They like her attitude that she ‘is too busy running the government to go out and campaign’. Most Germans are on holiday themselves right now and the last thing they want to hear about is the election and issues,” he said.”

      Germans are blind.

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      • It’s impossible to know anymore. I lived in Germany for two years. They were VERY aware politically. They even kept up with mayoral races in the U.S.. With the totally controlled “media” we have, and the whole globalist agenda, we can’t get an accurate feel for the temper there.

        I could never understand the support for the EU in the first place. I don’t think it was there, nor is it currently. Just like here, they do what they’re gonna do. Merkel shouldn’t be safe on the street. But there she is. They must feel pretty cocky that they’ve got everything handled.

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  5. Soon, the major cities in Europe will have the same problems as chitcago, detoilet, dc, multiple murders every day. They complain about the 2nd amendment and US police shootings, now they’ll experience in their own neighborhoods the reason for them. I expect it to be far worse for them than it will ever get in the US.

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  6. it’s amazing that the europeans aren’t screaming out loud that middle eastern countries can take their own refugees, as well as african countries…they too, can take their own refugees….
    should europeans leave their own land when it becomes africa number 2 or islamized, maybe head to africa, oh wait….
    whites in south africa are terrorized, raped, and murdered…
    where’s the outpouring of international love for them?
    borders, language, culture…and race…there’s nothing wrong with being proud to be european, just as africans are proud to be african and asians are proud to be asian…
    europeans gave up their solidarity when they gave up their right to have Christ over them, their right to bear arms, and relied on their govt to take care of them…in essence, they became lazy and complacent…and loaded with self-hatred and guilt.
    Their leaders are paid shills who are destroying Europe from within and out.
    I can only pray for europe. It is very sad and america is in the shadows of europe….what happens “across the lake” usually happens here…at the same directive of the globalist bankers who think they own everything including the politicians and legislators who run the govt.
    europe is going down and america will follow.

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  7. Why can’t Africa get its own act together & improve itself? Is it not one of the oldest inhabited continents on the planet?

    Why do the EU countries need to dish out $50-60 billion to “make it happen”?

    Thinking out loud to answer my first question:
    –Heathen religions/beliefs hold back populations/continents from advancing spiritually, mentally, socially, financially.
    –Diamond & Mineral thieves (banksters) rob such continents of their natural wealth so they stay in poverty.
    –Wars between different tribes/peoples inhabiting the same continent.

    Those are my best guesses. But if the EU does give Africa $50-60 billion, without God, will it do any good?


    On the homefront, POTUS sticks it to a pro-immigrant howler (reporter) – Hahaha! Let ‘er have it, Trump:

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    • Check out this demonic look on Merkel’s face; a tweet from a few days ago that gave me the willies…

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    • oh my! it’s not too often we get to see how they are on the inside reflected on the outside..she truly looks demonic

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    • Why? It’s Africa. Will the money help? No. The Europeans colonized Africa for many years. They built up institutions and businesses, educated the natives. They trained Africans to run the businesses. After they left, the whole thing collapsed.

      Now, you can blame “The West” for this, I don’t. South Africa complained about “White Supremacist” rule. They ultimately got black rule and now the place is a sewer and what whites remain live in fear.

      So, given this reality, what sort of idiot would invite them into their civilized country? It certainly isn’t someone who desires success.

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  8. In the picture of “Immigrants” shown above, I looked carefully, but cannot see even ONE woman. What happens when a large group of men enter into a community that has different customs, ideals, etc. . . . . You can just bet your bottom dollar that just as Sweden has the highest per capital occurrence of rape. these huge influxes of non-European men will take out their frustrations on the female populations. This should never have been allowed to get so far out of hand.

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  9. Got to love Hungary! They have a huge sense of humor. Check out how they have “rebelled” against the EU:

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  10. I wonder if THIS had anything to do with the new stance taken by France-Germany-Italy-Spain as outlined in your post? Were those countries’ leaders now worried they would not get enough foreigners to pollute their native populations as the “Browning-of-The-World” Plan calls for?

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    • We should try to be careful about how we word things. They don’t “decide” anything. They are TOLD by their bosses what they will do. We make this situation worse by pretending that we have democracy. We do not.

      If we had democracy it would be clearly visible by the huge increase in rope consumption. If something isn’t done we will enter a new dark age. Ultimately, whatever will happen, will. The only question is, do you want to be a spectator and watch your enslavement unfold, unopposed?

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  11. This is just heartbreaking and sickening. It will soon be like South Africa, with Whites a minority where if you complain that you don’t like the Black culture of loud, primitive, and barbaric ways you will be deemed a racist and be fined.

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  12. That’s ok, inundate Europe but don’t come here, you hear.

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  13. The response to this has got to be more creative than “left” vs “right”. With a few notable exceptions, there’s no difference. They all work for someone and it isn’t us.

    We are watching this like the spectators we are and acting as if we don’t know the cause. We do. It’s all in the script and, unless we put the brakes on, it will happen.

    People like Merkel are only the most obvious. It doesn’t matter how much opposition she gets as long as her agenda continues. They are banking on the fact that they can get all of this into place before anyone can stop them.

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  14. If she can get the Africans and the Syrians to fight each other,maybe she can wipe BOTH tribes out at once….

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    • That’s a tough call. There are only so many TV’s and so much whiskey to steal. With all the Arabs pooping in the alleys there’s no where left to shoot dice. They’ll just have to build more basketball courts and try to put them to work pressure washing the sidewalks.


  15. Better there than here……………

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  17. The destruction of Europe & the genocide of the White race, world wide, is virtually assured,..unless,.. the White Race, at last, wakes up to the fact that it is the Jews, with their control of the media, which has inflicted this, suicidal, sickness of the soul onto the White race, as per there, age old, Jewish plan for world domination.
    [ Christian Zionist (above) take note; You cannot be both a Christian & a Zionist at the same time, as the terms are an oxymoron, & mutually, exclusive..

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  18. This sounds like the Africans are being made “honorary Europeans”, only with real, tangible benefits should they decide they need them.

    I think the Germans not only are very aware of what’s going on, and don’t like it one bit – but their “free speech” laws banning badmouthing of Islam & the rapefugees punishable by imprisonment, and the government confiscation of their homes to house same rapefugees has got to be driving them nuts.

    TPTB learned a valuable (to them) lesson with Brexit & Trump’s election. – rig the voting machines/polls so that it appears no outsider has a legitimate chance to win an election. I dunno if one or more of these countries use paper ballots only to prevent voter fraud. But I believe that Geert Wilders & Marine Le Pen both did much better than the results show, maybe even have won, but since we don’t count the votes, we’ll never know.

    Flooding the countries with rapefugees will only further ensure that nationalists don’t stand a chance in the future.


    • It’s pretty ironic. First the Jews get Palestine from the English who didn’t own it. Now they are forcing them to lose Europe by forced invasion. “No, those aren’t young angry black men. Those are “Syrian refugees”, women and children, straight from ‘the war'”.

      Who ya’ gonna believe, them or your lyin’ eyes?


  19. And, at the bottom of this, organised conspiracy, to destroy western civilization & genocide the white race,we find lurking, the eternal Jew,.


  20. What I can’t figure out is….why my friends (white, black and brown) are SOOOOO defensive about “globalization”….insisting that it is a GREAT thing and you are racist if you are against protecting your borders against unlimited migration……….(mainly from Mexico, South America, the Middle East, ,portions of Asia……) BUT, they are ready to tear down the statue of Christopher Columbus….practically the ONLY recognized symbol of WHITE globalization in our country. So, let me get this straight……it’s just fine & wonderful that human civilization started in Black Africa…and migrated out of it to Asia, Asia Minor, the lower Middle East, maybe even Australia and the islands….and EVEN turned north into Europe. They WERE the ancestors of the Nordic regions, ultimately……((tho’ some mutations that allowed life in the cold regions —including that ALL blue-eyed persons alive today descend from ONE Nordic woman who had a spontaneous genetic mutation out of this genotypic group). All this is fine and revered within social science and genetic sciences, and polictical sciences/human geography today…..BUT, when the resultant cycle CONTINUES….with the mutated “Whites” moving on…to essentially “complete” that cycle…’s an abhorrant, freaking, global crime, and you better tear down the statue of the guy who risked his life in 1492 to prove a geographic/scientific fact of “roundness” and “continual connectedness” about our world, as well as to discover new lands/new knowledge about our world, and to UNKNOWINGLY be a catalyst that would eventually bring the FIRST “GLOBALIZATION” From Africa to full circle.

    ADDITIONALLY….I GET IT that he brought diseases that wiped out native populations( but, DAH…why do you THINK that even today, we go to central CHINA to find out what antibodies we have to culture every year for the “next’ FLU IMMUNIZATION? NOTHING ever “started” in Europe, and STILL doesn’t even today) & Black African Slavery to the Caribbean, which eventually made its way to what became our American shores…..(and then, these native populations gave us tobacco..which has killed MILLIONS, and continues TODAY to kill millions….maybe Billions since then….and also syphillis….there TRULY was an “exchange route” from those days….and NO ONE, either side, “got off” scott free in responsibility for today’s woes). You want and love “globalization?” Then, you’d better gird your loins for the that finger of blame to be pointed right back at you.


  21. Next France, Germany, Italy and Spain will be doping ‘xenophobic’ citizens with Oxytocin to cure nationalism [making native citizens more accepting and generous towards migrants]…

    Hormones used to cure fear of migrants?

    Related articles/links –

    Chemical-dosing experiment to force friendship toward migrants: not science fiction

    Oxytocin and social norms reduce xenophobia

    Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection.

    Study: Doping Western Cultures With Oxytocin Will Cure Hatred Of Refugees


    • drug them into compliance…pretty sad…it’s done in the usa with lithium, fluoride, and other chemicals in the water, food, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc.


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