Demorat’s potty mouth gets her banned from speaking at party fundraiser

Heather Ryan sounds like such a lovely womyn. She even likes to use her child to attack opponents! From Wikipeida:

“Heather Ann Ryan is the failed Democratic nominee for U.S. Representative from Kentucky’s 1st congressional district in 2008, unsuccessfully running against Republican incumbent Ed Whitfield

She is a United States Navy veteran, enlisting towards the end of Operation Desert Storm and holding the rank of Petty Officer Third Class. She later finished her B.A. at Drake University, majoring in political science. She and her husband, currently a law student, have two children and live in Des Moines, Iowa.

Ryan launched into the news in January 2008. On January 15, she protested a visit by Mitch McConnell to the non-profit theater where she was working. The theater was raising funds for an expansion and some would potentially come from McConnell. Three days later, the theater’s board of directors told her to stay quiet about politics while running the theater. After baiting her child to verbally assault McConnell when he visited the theatre, she was fired as Executive Director.”

From Fox News: An Iowa Democratic congressional candidate’s foul mouth reportedly has gotten her barred from speaking at a local fundraiser next month.

The Des Moines Register reports that a Polk County Democratic Party committee voted not to offer a speaking invitation to Heather Ryan for their upcoming steak fry, where several members of Congress and other candidates from across the state will speak.

Committee co-chairs Kimberley Boggus and Lindsay Paulson reportedly wrote in a letter to party members that the event will include children and should be “family-friendly.”

“The committee wants to make sure all people feel comfortable attending, including parents with young children,” they wrote.

The candidate fired back on Facebook, saying in a video that she’s being censored.

“The party that tells women to sit down and shut up is not supposed to be the Democratic Party,” she said. “… I may not be refined, but I’m real. The polished turds that they continue to shove down our throats as politicians are still turds.”

In the video, she said the reason for the local party’s decision was that she called Republican Rep. David Young – the candidate she wants to challenge – an “asshole” at a recent party event.

In a campaign announcement video, the Navy veteran and businesswoman defended her penchant for profanity. She described her views as “slightly left of Jesus” and said she wants sensible gun reform and universal health care.

The party chairman told The Des Moines Register that the candidate could still attend the steak fry – and could speak at other events.


13 responses to “Demorat’s potty mouth gets her banned from speaking at party fundraiser

  1. Yep, she needs gun reform: she just shot herself in the foot! What’s her idea of gun reform? That Idiots like her should not be allowed to handle firearms at all? Libturd.

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    • Iowa is huge on hunting and the shooting sports in general but doesn’t allow machine guns in private hands. They do, oddly enough, allow DD licenses, meaning Destructive Devices. While you can’t have an mp5 or belt fed gun you can have a real M203 40mm grenade launcher under your semi auto AR. Or a non demilled cannon or a tank. There is huge resistance to victim disarmament legislation in Iowa and I am proud to have testified before a state legislature committee on it. I told them if you disarm law abiding citizens you’re aiding and abetting armed criminals who will victimise those newly disarmed citizens. The crowd inside the stadium, were the event was held, went wild and the politicians trembled. Literally.
      Conversely across the border in Nebraska you can have full autos (as long as they’re not in Douglas County) but not DD weapons.

      I don’t expect antigun poly ticks to make much headway in Iowa.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Great!….Passionate about two major issues no politicians have any knowledge about, or no business in. Now hair care, that is about as serious an issue as any are qualified for.

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  3. That hairdo looks like a rooster comb.

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  4. I grew up in Ded Moines and in my opine in a lot of ways it’s like a mini San Fran or LA complete with leftist rag dm register “newspaper”. That being said, no place in Iowa comes as close to the marxist ideal as Fairfield, where old hippies go to die and likely the first US city to come under UN governance. You’d be forgiven for not noticing the reds amongst the cornfields, but there they are, pretending they’re in the majority and with a corner on the market of righteousness.

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  5. I’m no friend of Ryan—or any other Democrat—but, let’s face it: This is a tempest in a teapot. Yes, she can be banned for her vulgarity, but let’s face it: Many of us have called our provocateurs this appellation, either under our breaths or to their faces.
    I mean, it’s not like we’ve ever had one of these so-named miscreants in the White House or Congress or somewhere….

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  6. That scum bag’s toilet is in her mouth, barf back at U.

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  7. “she wants sensible gun reform”
    Just like most of the Leftists,she “overlooks” the fact that the Second Amendment was SPECIFICALLY worded to make sure the Government couldn’t tamper with it. As is typical of the Left,they “reinterpreted” the wording to mean that the Government had “executive oversight”. (How did they get THAT from “…shall not be infringed”?) The fact that the Democrats don’t understand the concept of “sensible” OR “reform” makes her,and the rest of her ilk unsuitable for public office of ANY kind.

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  8. How many real people would want to have her serving them in Washington, DC? She acts like she is one brick short of a load.

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  9. My dear departed dad taught me years ago that when a person “did not have a leg to stand on” in principal and in deed and reason…..they would resort to profanity and violence to force their issues into the public arena. THANKS DAD for warning me about the Democratic party of the 2000’s.

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    • CalGirl ,. . . . . Sometimes Dad’s give the very best advice, and sometimes it takes us maturing a little until we see just how smart our Father’s really are/were.

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