Alex Jones & Larry Nichols on Hillary Clinton’s pact with the devil

Larry Nichols was a close associate of the Clintons from 1978-1988. In 2013, Nichols admitted he was also the Clintons’ hired assassin.

In an interview with InfoWars‘ Alex Jones conducted during last year’s presidential campaign, the video of which was uploaded by Nichols to YouTube on August 15, 2017, Nichols and Jones covered some familiar ground that’s known to regular readers of FOTM:

Nichols and Jones also divulged some new nuggets of information about Hillary Clinton which suggest she is demonically possessed:

(1) Indiscriminate sexual promiscuity

Citing a National Enquirer story, “Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & Women,” Jones said that Hillary has a promiscuous sexual appetite (like her husband, Bill): “In between events, she’ll go into, like, a powder room and have sex with a woman or a man. I mean it just shows an addiction she has to have everything.”

See also:

(2) “There’s nothing there”

Jones said he was told by Special Forces and Blackwater ops who did security detail for Hillary in Iraq and elsewhere that she “won’t talk to anybody unless she’s cussing at you, and then she’ll almost like a robot just switch off, like going into a trance . . . it’s like there’s nothing there.” Nichols confirmed this, saying that Hillary “would just wig out.”

See also “Hillary Clinton’s changing appearance: Special lighting and body double”.

It should be noted that the late Father Malachi Martin, in his book Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans, described the demon possessed as vacuums — “there’s nobody there”.

(3) Pact with the Devil

Nichols said that when Hillary’s visits to the witch’s church “got really bad,” he confronted her and advised her, since she supposedly is a Methodist, to “at least for public show, stand up and say you believe in God”.

Hillary turned and stepped away from Nichols, tilted her head back and said, “You know I can’t do that.”

What Hillary said has haunted Nichols all these years. He asks: “What did she mean ‘you know I can’t do that’? She made a deal with the devil? If there’s ever been a person who has made a deal with the devil, I cannot imagine that they would act any different than Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’s evil, she’s mean. Bill’s a goodtimer, he just wants the perks, buddy, that’s all he wants. Hillary is pure, deep evil, meaner than anything you’ve ever come in contact with.”

See also “Evidence that Hillary Clinton and her associates are satanists”.

(4) The Odor

At this point, Jones interrupted Nichols, calling Hillary “nauseating” and a “demon”.

Nichols responded, “Anybody that’s been around her” had smelled “the odor”.

Jones chimed in, saying that the Secret Service says she smelled like “rotting meat”; Bill Clinton’s longtime mistress Dolly Kyle said Hillary was filthy, dirty and smelly; and the Clintons’ chef also said Hillary “stinks really bad”. Jones said he’s been told that Obama also “smells like rotting meat” and that “the Bible says this is what demons smell like”.

Nichols said, “The first time I met her [Hillary], she was all dirty, filthy, dirty hair, wearing a mumu, flip flops, and she smelled horrible. Well, I thought it was because of her hygiene. Later, as she started getting cleaned up and dressed up, there is an odor around that woman that if you’re in the same room as her, if you have any kind of smell sense at all, you’re gonna smell her. And it’s hard to describe — rotting meat, you know, just a rotting smell.”

Jones said, “I know Secret Service people, I mean, look scared. They said, ‘Listen, she’s scary.’ I know they’re all making jokes about it, but everybody that works with her — it’s in Wikileaks — knows that this woman is like Linda Blair [the demon possessed girl in the movie The Exorcist].”

See also:


28 responses to “Alex Jones & Larry Nichols on Hillary Clinton’s pact with the devil

  1. And then there’s the brain damage on top of all that…

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  2. I have heard people, who claim to have been abducted by “aliens”, state that those entities smell like sulfur. According to L.A. Marzulli, that is one detail that pretty much all of the people he has spoken to on the subject all claim. I believe aliens are demonic beings, and Hillary, most likely, has one inside her. The same goes for Obama and others.

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    • That’s interesting. I hadn’t considered “aliens” as demonic. Who knows? I have some different ideas on that subject.

      Still, I’d say there’s more than one of them in there. She also drinks…..A LOT! I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that some of her “fainting spells” were just snot-slinging drunk episodes.

      Notice that no one’s talking about her illnesses since the selection? She was on death’s door and now……? I know that she has at least two “doubles”. Willy is starting to look like Keith Richards. He died and forgot to lie down.

      As interesting as these creatures are, I’m always more curious about those who surround them. How can a person have such total lack of self-esteem as to travel with the likes of……..THAT?

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  3. I don’t doubt any of it. But ask yourself, with all that against her, how does she end up where she is? Look at that entourage. They all smell her too.

    People are afraid of her, I thinks that’s real enough. Still, a Christian has nothing to fear. Wouldn’t it be fun to chase her around with some holy water? Same goes for Obongo.

    I have met a person similar to this. She had absolutely dead eyes. Looking into them was like staring into the abyss. I had occasion to have to talk to her about a wrong she had committed to someone. I was getting angry. Suddenly we “connected”, it was blazingly obvious that she knew full well what she had done, had no remorse, and no intention of doing anything about it. In a way it was “resolved”. She had told me she was evil and I’d have to get used to it, or not.

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  4. So I’m guessing she should be executed for treason.


  5. Thankfully, I’ve never been close enough to smell the Clinton or Obama odor. However, based on her illegal email server habits and bold faced lying in sworn testimony on Benghazi, it is clear the woman has not one shred of integrity. Her Oath of Office as Secretary of State meant nothing to her.

    Then, when I read about the suffering of Haitians, and the billions donated in aid that never materialized for those desperate people, it’s clear the woman is soulless and thoroughly nasty. An empty, evil shell, who is thoroughly disconnected from humanity.

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  6. Lets get real here people. Stop with the Satan and Devil idiocy. More than likely Hilarious Clinton has a brain tumor or some other physical ailment which causes her to appear to be a psychopath. Aliens don’t jump into a body and take over a person’s physicality. This is so Biblically stupid it is almost laughable.

    That woman has serious physical problems the least of which causes her to not care about her hygiene. She could also be suffering from the long term affect of gonorrhea or syphilis much like billionaire Howard Hughes.

    Both HIlarious and Bill appear to be suffering from something that is making them appear to be 10 years older than they are.


    • “Aliens don’t jump into a body and take over a person’s physicality. This is so Biblically stupid it is almost laughable.”

      Really? You must have missed the many Gospel accounts of Jesus casting out demons, as well as psychiatrists’ professional opinion that demonic possession is real.

      But then I expect nothing less from someone who calls himself Rumpelstiltskin, an imp or small demon. After all, the Devil would like nothing better than to have us believe that he doesn’t exist.
      St. Michael says Be Gone!

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  7. Saints and lamia

    For the previous comment about idiocy, that’s exactly how they get us. They want people to believe only explanations based on science are legitimate and anything based on the supernatural or religion is just foolish heresy and superstition. I used to follow that logic. But I have turned the corner on this. Brothers and sisters, if you don’t think there are satanic forces at work that many of the most powerful people on this planet are involved in, it’s time to wake up. Investigate. You may not ever find proof you can use in a court of law, but it’s all around us.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It is amazing how Hillary Clinton’s photos are photo-shopped from frame to frame. Sometimes she looks like a hag and then they clean her up to look respectable. When she appears on TV – she has to have a double because no one can change that much.

    They are talking about her ODOR problem now; but, someone like that – you can’t cover up with “FUFU.” Wonder when her handlers will use some “DRANO” to flush out her system or better still maybe her septic is plugged up and needs to have one of those trucks to come in and “over haul” the system by draining it out and installing a new system. But you need a permit from the EPA for a new septic.



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  9. This is one of the solid reasons for my support of Donald Trump. I don’t know Donald Trump (except that the more I know, the more I like him). But I can read Hillary like a book, and that book is very bad.

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    • Well said, right now about all Trump has going for him is he’s not killary. He’s going back on his promises made before the election, if he doesn’t get back to those promises he won’t be reelected. That being said, I have always expected him to come out eventually as a globalist – wich he has admitted being – and nwo supporter. I expect him to betray us but would like to be wrong.

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  10. I have written here on a number of occasions stating my observation and belief that Hillary Clinton is demonically possessed. The smell of rotting meat and/or sulfur that Alex Jones and Larry Nicols mentioned is but one of the clues. So, Yes, the Devil and his minions can make people smell. They can also make non-possessed people smell odors that are not physically there, also.
    What are some of the major warning signs of demonic possession? First and foremost, I would think, would be that clue that lays bare a supernatural intelligence: If someone can tell you something about yourself (or someone else) that they would have no natural way of knowing—and that information is true—that would indicate that a diabolical intelligence is or has been at work.
    Exorcists have also identified the ability to play musical instruments or speak languages one has never learned as being other tell-tale clues.

    But in Hillary Clinton, we see another clue that, although it may appear to be merely natural, may not be merely natural. And that ability is her ability to skate, to evade identification as a criminal, to escape arrest and judgment for her crimes, and to keep doing so for years on end without ever being stopped. On the one hand, there is the threatening Mrs. Clinton, who can make known her ability to have certain people disappear, permanently. This would indicate a natural ability. The problem is, there would be a natural end to this. But why hasn’t anyone had to guts to pursue her regardless of the cost? Here the supernatural may play a role.
    Alex Jones has had pro-life people on his show who have testified that abortion is the Satanists’ sacrifice, and they make of it a mockery of the transubstantiation that true Catholics believe in. His guests have declared that Satanists have performed their rituals in the abortion clinic on a regular basis. This, I believe, could very well be the Source of Hillary’s never-ending ability to escape capture: Each ritual provides the demonic “grace” or power or “narcissistic supply” spoken of by Sam Vanknin to enable Hillary to keep evading capture. If such is the case, then we would have clear evidence that not only is Mrs. Clinton possessed, but that she keeps returning to some ritual to remain possessed.
    This remains purely circumstantial but seems plausible, given Bill Clinton’s already documented belief in and practice of voodoo. Thus, we would have possession in which the Devil keeps asking for the permission of his host to remain possessed, which he or she continues to give. Sort of like a Satanic vitamin.

    It has been remarked many times that Hillary Clinton is (or was) a Methodist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mrs. Clinton’s father, Hugh Rodam, was Jewish. This is not to castigate Jews, but to identify Mrs. Clinton for the Marrano or Crypto-Jew that she is. The hidden link can be found in the Zohar, a medieval book of Jewish witchcraft, in which the authors state their willingness to placate the Devil so as to avoid his wrath and abuse.
    I bring this up as a matter to be investigated for this reason. When I taught high school over 20 years ago, there were at least two Jewish women teachers in my department who freely admitted they were into clairvoyance and witchcraft. (Their number in education is, frankly, “Legion.”) And we have to admit to something else, historically true: Karl Marx and his early followers were Satanists, also. The witchcraft and Satanism practiced by communists (Jewish or Gentile) has yet to be adequately investigated. So on the one hand, we have the case of some possessed individual; Yet on the other, we have an entire metaphysic, an entire cosmology, dedicated to the paranormal, to justify one’s pursuit of power, prestige and comfort. We can complain about Aleister Crowley all we want—and be right about that—yet we have to go to the historically established source of this witchcraft, namely, the Talmud, the Cabbala, and the Zohar. This is not bigotry or hatred; It is historical fact, so cleverly masked that many Jews (and Gentiles) live their lives without ever becoming aware of it.

    I have met a number of people in my life who aroused my suspicions of some sort of diabolical activity. I have also observed them in public life. I believe the Rockefeller Family, for the most part, the Presidents Bush and Barack Obama are but a few on the political side. And in all seriousness, I have my suspicions about Lady Gaga, Madonna and, Yes, Rosie O’Donnell, as well as Rihanna and Beyonce, to name just a few.

    I have found FOTM, Dr. Henry Makow and Catholic author E. Michael Jones to be invaluable sources of well-researched information on this very real and very disturbing topic. And my interest has been piqued by my own experiences—none of which I asked for—which prove to me that we are not alone in this game.

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    • Steven, you are right and you said it very well. The Bible makes it perfectly clear that the spirit world is every bit as real as the physical world. I believe their is a veil that separates us, and prevents us from seeing the spiritual dimension. Those who practice witchcraft, sorcery, Satanism, or whatever people want to call it (the source is the same for all of it), are communicating with evil spirits who then possess them.

      I have heard from people who once were very much a part of the demonic world, that the real power they desire requires blood rituals. Abortion certainly meets that demand, and that is probably one of the main reasons this country has seen an explosion of occultic activity in just the last few decades. I am convinced that is how people like Hillary and many others like her are never held accountable for their deeds and they always manage to stay in control.

      I also believe that the veil that separates us is thinning, and the spirit world is spilling over into the physical. As we quickly approach the Biblical end times, that veil will no longer exist, and the physical world will be inundated with demonic entities that can manifest in physical form. The Holy Spirit that lives in every believer is the restraining force, but when He is taken out of the way, Satan and his minions will manifest in this dimension. That’s how I believe.

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      • Well said, Mary. That is an excellent description. It is also true that we “put on the armor of The Lord”. With the Holy Spirit we have nothing to fear. That is not due to “us”.

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    • That’s a very good synopsis. As a practical matter I would add that it doesn’t hurt when you belong to the cabal that controls it all. Think of the group in “Rosemary’s Baby”. That’s why she is never brought to account.

      I too have met people who “dabble” in the occult. I knew two girls in high school who literally made chills run up my back. They communicated with each other telepathically and could read every word of you internal dialog.

      I had this proved to me by one of the girls, Sarah, and she would tell me word for word what I was thinking. She was a stunningly beautiful Jewess and I made it a point never to talk to her again.

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    • Check out an old wnd article about clinton voodoo ceremony in haiti presided over by astride to benefit clinton… Very vile..

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    • Henry Makow is also a great one to follow.


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    • I rather think that if one believes that all there is is here and now, and one isn’t particularly successful at gathering wealth, it is fairly easy for them to check out. After all, they only worry about themselves and they don’t believe that they have souls.


  12. Quote: she’ll almost like a robot just switch off, like going into a trance . . . it’s like there’s nothing there.
    From Brice Taylor’s book, she mentions a lot of mind control that goes on with satanic rituals. According to her, she said Al Gore is most likely mind controlled (surprise!). Bill Clinton may be as well, not sure if Hilllary is or just possessed or both?
    People may not believe in the Bible, but I sure do. And, this is just yet another proof of it. Then you look into the supposed cover up in the Smithsonian of ‘giant’ skeletons that they refuse to display, the only reason if this is true may be because it shows that the Old Testament was correct when it says that giants were on the earth in those days.


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