The result of TDS: MTV Video Music Awards tank, viewership declines for fourth straight year

The MTV VMA show this past Sunday night was hosted by Hillary fan Katy Perry.  During her introduction to the show, Katy didn’t mention the tragedy that is striking Houston until 38 minutes into the show.

Instead, they whined about Trump. Mark Dice has a summary of how Katy Perry went full libtard and was STILL whining about Hillary losing the election (see above video).

Paris Jackson (daughter of the late Michael Jackson) whined as well. She went on about how “We must resist” and something about Nazis.

And some weird womyn whined about Colin Kaepernick. Good grief.

Your shtick is old Hollyweird. I can’t wait for the day when their Trump Derangement Syndrome finds them all in the looney bin.

From Yahoo:  Simulcast on Sunday across seven total channels — and opposite the mighty Game of Thrones season finale — the MTV Video Music Awards drew 5.4 million total viewers and a 2.6 demo rating, down 17 and 34 percent from last year, marking a fourth straight year of decline.

On MTV alone, the gala did 2.7 mil and a 1.4, TVByTheNumbers reports, down about 20 percent from the network’s performance a year ago.

The aforementioned Game of Thrones season ender amassed 12.1 million total viewers with its first 9/8c airing alone, marking a record audience for the sweeping HBO drama.

TVLine readers meanwhile gave Katy Perry an average grade of “D” as emcee for the VMAs.


8 responses to “The result of TDS: MTV Video Music Awards tank, viewership declines for fourth straight year

  1. The demographics for the viewership of the MTV Video Music Awards show mean that even America’s youth are sick of the Left. We can hope!

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    • I love this blog and enjoy the comments. I did not find it until “i woke”, but just wanted to say “thank you Dr. Eowyn”. If you like Mark Dice, (which I do very much) subscribe to Paul Joseph Watson channel. His latest video, put up today on you-tube, is an accurate depiction regarding the minds, or should I say, “lack of minds” of those far left of center!

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  2. For all those libtards still licking their wounds…..”The North Remembers”! And we’re sick of it, so get over it cause we are WAY over you.

    Obviously, I was one of the 12 mil watching GOT!

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  3. I don’t waste my precious sight on that type shows, better things to read at FOTMs posts.

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  4. Katy… odd name for a boy. (see: Johnny Cash – “A boy named Sue”)
    Hadn’t realized this pabulum was even on.
    Found a new site to keep an eye on: – I like him!
    Glad they put phone no. up during the show for mental health. It’s needed.

    Was YouTubing videos of music from the 60’s and noticed how far music had declined decade by decade since then. I do like Elvis, Frank, and others from the 50’s too, fear not. But I know nothing of today’s music. Pretty much stopped listening to new stuff after the 80’s, and didn’t even like that decade’s music much until the following decades’ music showed the 80’s to be at least palatable… decline of civilization much?
    It’s not like they weren’t using drugs back in the day, same as now… it’s got to be that today’s artists have lost their soul. They’ve strayed too far from God. Or maybe they’re just brain-dead? Watered-down education today apparently doesn’t provide what it takes to create really great music anymore, or to provide really insightful lyrics to accompany it… just my opinion.

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  5. Before even mentioning politics, the music industry itself deserves an “F-“. It’s all crap, it’s awful. I suspect reason is that it’s all programming too.

    There is a real controversy over whether these “stars” are mind-controlled or just greedy whores. It is a safe position to say that, if they don’t run around with their Monarch butterfly costumes, covering one eye, they won’t work any more then Kathy Griffin.

    There is a point at which we should consciously stop expecting to see our expectations met by a hostile ownership. If we don’t like what we’re seeing, first, turn it off. Second, cancel their broadcast licenses.

    There is a tug-of-war between them bullying us into submission and us whining about what they show. Unless we want to be powerless maybe its time to vote with the remote.

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  7. I was there the moment mtv came on the air, watching it at a friends house. I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen on tv and watched in through the 80s until it lost its soul and went political amoral. Such a shame for a child of the 80s like me. A shame a lot of the 80s stars I idolised are freaking nutjob marxists today. In my 80s music collection is the mtv Apollo moon landing theme, reminding me of the time mtv just played good music and their artists and dj’s were idolised by a generation.

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