The Left’s Pronoun Tyranny: First-grader sent to principal’s office for ‘misgendering’ another student

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans’ right to free speech.

But the one-party State of California has gone whole hog in contravening that right.

Recently, California’s State Senate approved SB 219: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights, which will make it a crime for nursing homes to use the “wrong” gender pronoun. If the State Assembly approves the bill, it will be law.

Now, California state government’s madness has spread to Rocklin Academy, a charter school in Rocklin, Placer County in Northern California, where a first grader was terrorized when she was sent to the principal’s office after she accidentally “misgendered” a classmate.

Recently, Rocklin Academy was roiled by controversy after a kindergarten teacher led an in-class discussion on transgenderism that included a “gender reveal” for a 5-year-old boy who was “transitioning” to a little girl. (See DCG’s post “California kindergarten teacher leads ‘transgender’ discussion in class to introduce child ‘transitioning‘”.)

Parents were furious because they were not informed in advance and were not given the chance to opt their children from the classroom “transgender” propaganda. However, school leaders informed the parents they were not allowed to opt-out and that the state did not require the school to notify parents.

Todd Starnes reports for Fox News, Aug. 25, 2017, that the latest incident occurred during the first week of school when a first grader came across a classmate on the playground. She called the student by his given name, unaware that the boy now imagines himself to be a girl.

Karen England of California-based public policy group Capitol Resource Institute said:

“This innocent little first grader sees a classmate, calls him by the name she knew him last year and the boy reports it to a teacher. The little girl gets in trouble on the playground and then gets called out of class to the principal’s office.”

The first grader was investigated by the principal to determine whether or not she had bullied the transgender child by calling him by his original name. After about an hour it was determined the little girl had made an honest mistake and she was not punished or reprimanded.

But the girl is terribly traumatized by the incident. England said the girl “came home from school upset and crying – saying, ‘Mommy, I got in trouble at school today.’” The little girl’s mother, who asked not to be identified, immediately contacted the school to find out what had happened. She was told that whenever there is a pronoun mishap with this biological boy who now claims to be a girl — the school must investigate.

Capitol Resource Institute provided FoxNews with a letter the mother wrote, expressing her extreme concern over how the situation was handled:

“I stressed over and over with the principal that I am all for protecting the rights of [the transgender child], but my children have rights as well. It makes me sad that my daughter felt like she was punished for trying to be kind to the kid.”

Capitol Resource Institute specializes in strengthening families and is working with a number of parents at Rocklin Academy upset about the LGBT agenda being forced on their children.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a nationally-known conservative Christian law firm, is investigating the playground incident as well as the classroom lesson on gender identity. An ADF spokesman said:

“Our focus is on ensuring that every student’s privacy is protected and that parental rights, including the right to be notified that before children are exposed to gender identity teaching, are respected by the school officials.”

Rocklin Superintendent Robin Stout

Todd Starnes reached out to Rocklin Academy numerous times, but they did not return his phonecalls.

Starnes concludes:

“What’s happening at Rocklin Academy is an example of how schools have become indoctrination grounds for the LGBT agenda. And the only way to stop the indoctrination is for moms and dads to take a stand. It may be unpleasant and it may be uncomfortable, but we’ve got to stand up to these activist bullies.”

Here are the websites of Capitol Resource Institute and the Alliance Defending Freedom:

See also:


29 responses to “The Left’s Pronoun Tyranny: First-grader sent to principal’s office for ‘misgendering’ another student

  1. Stuff like this makes me so angry at all these phony, pathetic bible prophecy ‘experts’. They are all saying that the recent hurricane that affected Houston, Texas, along with the entire area was a warning from God. What did the people and the city of Houston do to deserve that disaster? If it was any warning from God, it would have been directed by God towards the Godless State of California. California is the Haven for the LBGTQ reprobates, produce pornography, legalize partial birth abortions,place the rights of the State over the rights of parents, produce movies that mock God, the Bible, Christianity, the family, etc.In closing, Houston, Texas is innocent whereas California, the Godless State it is, gets another free ride as usual.

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    • Why do you wish destruction on California? Some of FOTM’s most faithful readers/commenters live in California. Not everyone who want to, can leave. Then there are the innocent animals and wildlife….

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  2. I dont want to see the destruction of Cali either but I dont understand why those states don’t ‘get it good’ (minus lives spared)


  3. Whoops, I wrote that all screwey lol
    Hope you’re well, Dr. Eowyn 🙂

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  4. California used to be the best place in the world to live, I left in 1997 because I saw which way the State was going, straight to Hades/to the extreme left. Now, I can no longer tolerate visiting that State. Even if I’m offered a great paying job I will refuse. California is a cesspool, and it can no longer be saved, it is beyond redemption. The only thing that could save California is North Korea, with several well placed nukes. Let’s pray…

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  5. To borrow a shop-worn phrase from the left, “Keep your laws off my personal pronouns.”

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  6. Captain Obvious

    What’s in the water out there?

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    • This is in the water: Gays, lesbians, transgenders, leftists, libetals, Latrine Waters, Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, can’t think of any other misfits right now!!!!

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  7. The poor “transgender” child is who I feel most sorry for here. No five or six year-old can possibly know any such thing about themselves. This is child abuse of the worst order, akin to the level of abuse perpetrated on victims of child sex trafficking. If my child were reprimanded or interrogated for calling a boy by the boy’s own name, I would have my child out of that school in a hot second, and would be talking to the other parents about forming a new charter school, or a home-school co-op. The best way to vote against this kind of nonsense is with your feet.

    As to all the talk of judgement: America no longer exists; if it ever existed. The sins of this once great land have piled up to heaven. The thefts, lies, adulteries, and murders are obvious to anyone who simply opens their eyes and looks. Simply our horrifying policy of waging war on anyone we wish to dominate and steal resources from is enough to make most of the world hate us. But it clearly doesn’t stop there. And now we’ve done what even Sodom and Greece did not do: ritualized and solemnified sodomite ‘marriage’. All while the best of us have sat by and allowed it to happen, complacent in our prosperity and comfort.

    So it doesn’t matter which city judgement starts in, if judgement this be. They all deserve some of the blame for where we are, and what we have allowed to happen in our name. If a day comes soon that the cities of this country go up in flames, I will not be surprised, and none of you should be either. After all, this is a country that was offered Ron Paul three times, but preferred the likes of Obama, Captain McKooky, Mittens, Hillary, and Trump. Go figure.

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  8. I taught at an inner-city high school in Los Angeles for decades. The school’s demography was about 90% Hispanic and 10% black. Out of control bullying and harassment of students went on all day, every day. Blacks were called the N-word non-stop. I can assure you no pronoun rules are enforced at most inner-city schools.

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  9. Someone is sure on a mission at Rocklin to transform the children.

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    • If I had a kid in that school, I wouldn’t! Anyway, they need to camp down there and make their lives a living hell. Where’s the school board in all this? When my kids were in school in California I was at every meeting. It wasn’t ANYTHING like this.

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  10. Absolutely asinine insanity…

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  11. I sometimes imagine myself to be Captain Caveman, but that doesn’t make it so… But come on, a FIVE YEAR OLD BOY thinks he’s a girl now??? Wonder what the hell made him think that? Or should I say, WHO made him think that? Isn’t this the same grade school teaching “transgenderism”?

    RE: Captain Caveman, I remember waking up at 7 on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons… Now, all I see on Saturday mornings are endless shows on saving the planet’s animals with all our time, energy, and resources. Maybe inculcating today’s kids with such progressivism rather than letting them chill with good old-fashioned mindless cartoons is part of their problem?

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  12. The article raises the interesting question; “what about our rights?”. Only perverts and deviants are to have rights, apparently. If one buys, which I find quite specious, that there’s a sufficient number of people who are “other ordered” in the world and, therefore, deserve specialized treatment for their condition, why does it become an obligation on every one else’s part to become “true believers”?

    If someone started sending Little Johnny to school in dresses and calling him “Sally” I would think a call to the CPS was in order. Why would this be cause for a “celebration” or a “special event”?

    Well, we know the answer. It is an agenda. These creatures don’t care about other’s beliefs or feelings. They will bully their agenda into being unless they are forcibly stopped.

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    • Where is it said the end of the world will come when right is wrong, and wrong is right?

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      • Yeah, maybe I should have said “there is no deviancy or perversion”. That seems to be the message. All our social norms “are belong to them”.

        So we can have “Loser World”, or “Deviant World”, whatever you like, just as long as it isn’t normative Western Culture.

        Now a lesser person might ask themselves, “just WHO would find this attractive?”. Just who benefits from the destruction of Western Culture?

        It’s pretty obvious right on the surface that the practitioners of this garbage couldn’t run their own lives, yet alone a culture. This is going to look a lot like “Mad Max”. There will be hostile tribes of mindless idiots being directed hither and yon.

        Lately I think that whole “Zombie Apocalypse” meme was an inside joke.

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  13. Well golly, it’s a GOOD THING these ‘schools’ are concentrating on having the kids learn the RIGHT THINGS, isn’t it? Instead of them actually learning useful things like cursive writing, the alphabet, adding and subtracting, they’re learning they’ll get ‘in trouble’ for calling a boy a boy.
    I’d also like to know why a boy thinks he’s a ‘girl’. What is wrong with his parents…are they mind controlled? What boy thinks he’s a girl, anyway??
    I would suspect abuse in this case. There is something seriously wrong here. I pray more people start home schooling their kids before the Indoctrination is complete and they are taught the ‘world view’ of the NWO.
    God help those kids!

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  14. Now what is the real lesson here, at least for the little girl who was sent to the Principal’s office . . . . . . Do not interact with this toxic child in the future, unless you have to. If you don’t talk to someone, then there is little chance that you may slip up and call them by the name they were born with. Obviously, the transgender child is no doubt getting his/her kicks out of reporting infractions to the teacher.

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    • That’s a good question Alma. Just think, “gender” (what we ARE), was one of the certainties of life. Now they’ve cast doubt on it. Everything is “relative”. There are no absolutes.

      This is definitely not accidental.

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  16. Realize too, Rocklin is just east of Sacramento and in Placer County and considered a Red County, they usually vote more conservative than Sacramento to Bay Area votes. Placer did not vote entirely for Obama in other words, it was more evenly split. It is the last place to expect this kind of thing to happen. It would have been more likely in Sacramento to Bay Area which has a 99% voting record for all liberal all the time. That means this sexualization of children abuse is climbing out of the Bay Area, spread all through Sacramento and now working its way eastward, to infect NV, CO and then the rest of the US next. Beware the direction of travel.

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    • One of my daughters lives near there and I grew up largely in Sacramento. I wouldn’t expect that either, although even there, it is more leftist than where I live now.

      The article highlighted a “superintendent”. That implies that it is a “district” policy. I think its safe to say that the schools generally are “left” of their respective populations.

      I know that the last couple of generations are a lot less likely to demand appropriate behavior from “their” government. They don’t really teach that relationship any longer.

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  17. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:


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  18. it’s not about protecting children anymore, it’s about how the perverted/deviant/demonic adults “fee-ee-eel”…
    that boy is no more a girl than michelle obama is a woman…some sick pervert is feeding this child lies and empowering his malleable mind by giving an attention-starved kid tons of attention….so, now he feels “special” and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were his “mother” behind all of this…munchausen by proxy seems to ring a bell.
    Next thing you know, his mother will hold a press conference saying her “daughter” wants sex reassignment surgery so “she” can be a “real girl”…in reality it’s just sterilization surgery for confused people with body dysmorphic disorder or attention seekers with very low self-esteem.

    And the little girl (and all children really) who was terrorized by her own school administration should be taken out of that school posthaste…public schools are indoctrination centers…breeding future antifa terrorists.

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  20. Is “Go Fark Yourself” gender insensitive!? Well .. it applies here!


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