Hurricane Harvey: Black man armed with shotgun protects neighborhood from looters

Amidst the looting in Houston, perpetrated by blacks, one principled black man, who identifies himself as an “ex-SWAT deputy,” has taken it upon himself to protect his neighborhood with a shotgun.

He says:

“Our community, it’s a shame. We need more real men out here to stand and protect where you live.”

He sees looters (off camera) attempting to loot a store, and tells them he’s an ex-SWAT deputy and is not afraid to shoot and arrest them. The looters scurry off.

The man says:

“These guys are too lazy to get a damn job. The energy they use in a robbery they need to use to rescue people.”

He says he’s a former law enforcement officer, so he understands the laws protecting private property:

“If you’re looting, you’re stealing, and that’s a violation of Texas law and federal law at a time of a catastrophe. Do not enter people’s home. Protect yourself. Constitution says you got the right to bear arms.

The New York Post reports that in a press conference on Tuesday, August 29, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo had this message for looters:

“We will catch you — and make you pay. We’re going to urge juries and judges to give you the most, the toughest sentence that you can possibly get. We’re going to push hard so that you don’t see the sunlight anytime soon.”

H/t Gateway Pundit

See also “Houston looters shoot volunteer rescuers; target whites and Trump supporters”.


13 responses to “Hurricane Harvey: Black man armed with shotgun protects neighborhood from looters

  1. Shoot -questions……. will asked later!

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  2. Those fellows are the real men, taking care of the neighborhood, hurrah, hurrah, yeah!

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  3. Praise the Lord for this good man!

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  4. Good for him! Wish there were more out there that did stuff like this.

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  5. The key to the “race problem”is to stop talking about it. If we focused on the “we” in us, instead of the “them” in them, we’d all get along fine. It is so blatantly obvious that this is being used to divide and conquer.

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  6. Where are black leaders — or BLM — who should be denouncing such vulgar actions by looters? And why aren’t they lifting up such as this fellow who’s risking life & limb to DO THE RIGHT THING in protecting his neighborhood?

    My fear is that the worst elements are actually encouraging such taking… when, as those in the article note, they should instead be giving and helping.

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  7. Good luck to him…let’s hope some red neck cop won’t shoot him or arrest him cause he is black with a weapon


  8. I bet there are more like him only the media won’t show them because it doesn’t fit their ‘divide and conquer’ race narrative….God bless him and protect him and all Real Men who stand up for this country.

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  9. What a stellar gentleman! Good for him, but the voices of the women “narrating” the video were annoying. 😉

    Houston wants $$$ from the Clinton Foundation — wasn’t the Fed Govt. assistance enough?

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    • “22 hours ago”, POTUS is said to be giving $1 mil of his OWN money for hurricane assistance:

      The actual tweet gives time/date of: 12:40 PM – 31 Aug 2017.

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  10. What a real ‘Black Lives Matter’ person acts like.
    Hope he gets the public recognition he deserves.

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