Summer box office suffers historic decline in U.S.

hollywood complains about trump

Imagine my distress…

From Hollywood Reporter: By the time Labor Day weekend wraps, summer box office revenue in North America will end up being down nearly 16 percent over last year, the steepest decline in modern times and eclipsing the 14.6 percent dip in 2014. It will also be the first time since 2006 that summer didn’t clear $4 billion.

That’s according to comScore, which is predicting that revenue will end up at roughly $3.78 billion (a 15.7 percent decline). Attendance also plummeted, and is almost assured of hitting a 25-year low in terms of the number of tickets sold, according to Box Office Mojo.

The sequelitis virus that first invaded Hollywood last year only grew worse this summer. A number of franchise installments underperformed domestically, including Transformers: The Last Knight ($132 million), The Mummy ($80.1 million) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ($172 million). While Pirates 5 certainly fared the best, it paled in comparison to the previous films.

The good news for a worried Hollywood? The international box office — which is up more than 3 percent year-to-date — helped save a number of summer event films that underperformed in the U.S. Pirates has grossed $618 million overseas for a global total of $790 million, while Transformers 5 stands at $604 million globally after earning $474 million offshore. And The Mummy scared up $328 million internationally for a worldwide cume of $407.8 million.

Summer titles that all-out bombed domestically include King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and The Dark Tower, which kicked off an especially brutal August.

Another sore point was R-rated comedies. Baywatch, The House and Rough Night all bombed despite impressive star wattage. The only film to break the R-rated curse was Malcolm D. Lee’s Girls Trip, from Universal and producer Will Packer. Girls Trip has earned $108.1 million to date.

“The lesson for Hollywood this summer is that every movie counts when it comes to box office and there are no ‘throwaway’ titles. At least three tentpoles missed the mark in North America as well as a handful of R-rated comedies that left audiences frowning, and the missing revenue from those failures could arguably have left a $500 million-plus void in the marketplace — enough to turn a potentially strong $4 billion-plus summer season heavyweight into a 98-pound weakling,” says Paul Dergarabedian of comScore.

The tentpole winners of summer were Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which earned $389.4 million domestically and $862.8 million globally, Wonder Woman ($406.2 million/$806.2 million), Despicable Me 3 ($254.5 million/$971.7 million) and Spider-Man: Homecoming ($318.8 million/$737 million). Smaller gems include Baby Driver and Annabelle: Creation.

Year-to-date, domestic revenue is now down more than 5 percent.


12 responses to “Summer box office suffers historic decline in U.S.

  1. The last time I went to a movie theater was years ago, for a very special reason — The Hobbit trilogy. I honestly can’t imagine there’ll be another movie in my lifetime which would motivate me to set foot in a movie theater again.

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  2. I’m surprised that Hollywood still rakes in so many $million from the “junk-movies” that they perpetrate to the Public.. I’m for Reality & Motivational & Inspirational movies, – three good moral attributes & higher talents that the “deviouts” of Hollywood no longer have..

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  3. I dont go to the movies either, why, all you see is sex, sex, and more sex, to watch that and more you don’t have to leave the house, cable tv, gay lesbians, pornography, B&W in bed, riots, murders, thats not entertaining but filth, and for the children, forget it, Disney channel has gone LIBERAL, nothing like the library and a good book and free!

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  4. Have not gone to the over-priced movies in years. Hollywood movies are
    filled with violence, torture, profanity, etc. with minimal brain-dead
    plots made to appeal to young teenage functional illiterates who
    dominate the movie-going population.

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  5. This is Karma!

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  7. It’s so ironic that the Hollyweirdohs are so AGAINST violence,guns,etc.but look at what they push the most. I’m ESPECIALLY against their taking a CLASSIC movie that has been loved for generations and deciding a RE-MAKE is in order,with “updated scenes” and scripting changes to modernize the story,etc. Somehow, :
    A-They figure THEY can improve upon the ORIGINAL,or
    B-They’re either too lazy or too cheap to produce a NEW story.
    Either way,they’ve cheapened their craft to being more worthless than a local news rag from someplace you’ve never heard of.

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  8. I’d rather pay to watch an old movie that watch some of the crap movies made day.
    TBT…….. Enjoy:
    The Drifters – Saturday Night At The Movies


  9. TBT – My Baby Loves Western Movies — originally by the Olympics


  10. Hollywood no longer makes anything original, instead relying on remakes, reboots of franchises that was originally rebooted a dozen years prior, comic books.

    And the “Emoji” movie? I drive past a billboard of the “Poop” emoji almost everyday for the last month or so. Who was the “genius” that thought he could make an 80-minute movie out of emojis? And who are the morons who financed that?

    If there’s something I really want to see, I can wait a couple of months to download it and watch it in the comfort of my own home, free from the thugs who want attention focused on them.

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