Seattle mayoral candidate announces free college plan for high school graduates

jenny durkan

Demorats love giving away “free” stuff.

From Seattle mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan announced Monday a proposal to provide free college to Seattle students, should she become mayor.

“At the end of the day, it will be the exception that kids don’t start a program for college,” Durkan said. “It is a necessary road to success. Completion of a degree, for me, is success.”

Durkan notes that one out of four Seattle graduates do not pursue a higher degree after high school; 1/3 for students of color. Her solution is called the “Seattle Promise” plan. It is partially modeled from an existing program in Seattle called the 13th Year Promise Scholarship program. It would provide tuition for every graduate from a public Seattle high school at any community college in Washington state. Four-year universities will not be included. Durkan said that she would implement the program as soon as possible; within her first potential year as mayor.

Durkan estimates that the program will cost between $4.3 – 5 million in its first year. It will rise to $7 million after that. Durkan further promotes that Seattle can implement such a program without finding new revenue sources. (HAHAHAHAHA.)

“We have identified areas we could tap,” Durkan said. “We will be working with stakeholders, obviously the city council and others … it is clear looking at the budget today that we do not have to come up with new revenue sources to fund this.”

Some sources Durkan mentioned would be from the upcoming renewal of the family and education levy, as well as the recently-passed Seattle soda tax. Funds from the Sound Transit 3 levy, slated for education, could also be a source.

“The beauty of this program is for the relatively small amount of money we are investing from this city, the return for our kids is tremendous,” she said.

“It’s not just covering tuition and class fees,” Durkan said. “A critical component of this is we will have advisers and mentors for kids … to help them work through their college applications and financial aid forms. And when they get to college, there will be someone to advise them on what classes to take.”

Durkan said that the Seattle Promise plan is part of a larger vision to address affordability in Seattle, as well as the achievement and opportunity gap in schools.

“For many in America, two of the most important investments are a college degree and a home,” Durkan said. “Today, for most families and young people in Seattle, these investments in the future – college and a home – are completely out of reach, particularly in communities of color. Under Seattle Promise, our kids will know they have a debt-free route to enter the workforce career-ready or pursue further studies at four-year colleges and universities.”

“In the era of Trump, if we want to implement bold progressive ideas to address social and economic inequality and make our city more affordable, we are going to have to act on our own, at the local level,” she said.


14 responses to “Seattle mayoral candidate announces free college plan for high school graduates

  1. What a bunch of crap! In this day and age there aint nut’ng free. Guess what? Ms.Jenny Durkan will slap a BIG tax to the citizens to pay for the “freebies” -some taxpayers dont have kids going to college!

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  2. Many college “students” attend classes only until “check day” when they
    receive funds to help support them during the term. Then
    they disappear. Most college administrators’ pay is based upon
    enrollment so they have a vested interest in not catching offenders
    who disappear on check day. Most community colleges here
    in California do not share enrollment data. So for example, in
    the LA/Orange County area, which has dozens of colleges,
    many of my former high school students enroll multiple
    times over the years to get the benefits of check day!
    Enriches the lifestyles of these welfare mothers.

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  3. The only trick is, each graduate will need to be able to spell COLLEGE before they can apply.

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  4. I was rather taken aback when Ms Durkan said this plan would address income inequality, and “make our city more affordable.” Can anyone explain to me how this plan of raping the taxpayers for more money for free stuff will make the city of Seattle more affordable? Somehow I cannot envision that result!

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  5. “Nothing is free even in Freetown. You must pay a price to get a prize.”
    Author: Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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  7. Uh-huh–all for free socialist brain-washing, of course.

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