Seat belts are racist against fat people!

In the 1970s, U.S. colleges had “assertiveness training” workshops for women.

Those workshops were successful beyond anyone’s wildest imagination because nowadays everyone is aggressively assertive and no one is ever at fault about anything.

The latest group of “assertives” are fat people.

In a video that’s gone viral, a New Zealand woman driving without a seat belt says it isn’t her fault because seat belts are “racist to fat people”:

“I can’t fit it, so what’s the point in wearing it if I can’t fit it. If they’re going to give me a fine for not fitting my seatbelt, that’s just being racist, to the fat people. They’re just being racist, like what do they think the whole world is skinny or something? What about the big people?”

When one of the passengers in the car points out fat people are not a race, the woman threatens to sue car manufacturers if she gets into an accident:

“I could actually sue, what if I crash and something happens to me because the seat belt couldn’t go around me.”

Fact: There is no excuse for overweight people not to use the seat belt because there are seat belt extenders you can buy.

Another fat woman (see below) claims that it’s “reverse rape” if a man won’t have sex with a woman because she’s fat.

Here’s an ingenious solution to obese people who find it difficult to fit into a car:


41 responses to “Seat belts are racist against fat people!

  1. oh, man! this post should be titled “Wednesday funny” because I was laughing so hard! 🙂

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  2. Leftists– making satire dangerously real for political ends since 1848.

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  3. I feel so bad for the guy to the left of the fat “model” in the wizard of shoes…her “beautiful” is going to cause her a heart attack…
    and the female in the truck, she wants to sue the car manufacturer because she’s too fat to fit a normal seat belt….wow!
    and the speed demon from kansas city…HAHAHA!

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  4. I think it’s called “free will” if a man won’t have sex with a fat woman. Could also be called picky, finicky, good judgement, discernment, and…I’m sure the men can come up with many more descriptions!

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  5. So now—an idea that has nothing to do at all with skin color is racist? We have enough to deal with in society without destroying definitions of terms! Call it “size discrimination” if you must!

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  6. High grocery store shelves are “racist” to short people! I can’t reach what I want & there are no store clerks in sight! I have been sooooo “emotionally damaged” by the “trauma” of “grocery shopping” that I demand “reparations” from every tall person on the planet! Pay up! 😀 😀 😀

    True story re high grocery store shelves but hey, I “got smart” & began taking a yardstick with me to the store, put it in the cart, & then used it to slide things off the top shelves! 😉 A lightweight Rubbermaid footstool also works well!

    As for fat people & seatbelts, try ROPE! 😀 They could ROPE themselves in, around the back of the seat & around their front, loop it around several times, then tie a nice knot in the front, & you’re all set!

    Officer (after pulling over fat lady in car): Madam, may I ask why you have rope all around you?

    Fat Lady (hysterically crying because he hurt her fweeelings): Whaaa Whaaaa Whaaaaaa, because I’m tooooo fat for the seatbelt!

    Officer: Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    (Funny video above with the lady being pulled by the truck! Why not just get IN the back of the truck? Can’t even climb a few steps? I guess it was a short trip & not worth it.)

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  7. Nobody twisted her arm to be this size. Racist is the wrong word for fat, it’s discrimination. I suggest getting in touch with a professional for diet and exercise. Why should the rest of us be ridiculed for not accepting “fat”? Being obese is a disease and can be treated for mental health and physical health.

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  8. Take rope and lash yourself in, lady. It can be done. Just cut it the proper lengths.

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  9. Yeesh, tell you what, don’t wear the seat belt, don’t get an extension like they do on airplanes for fatties, and keep eating. Pretty soon you won’t be able to get in the car, van, truck or whatever and that will fix everything. Good Lord

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  10. Tell those fat cows to lose weight….

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  11. Reverse rape? Are you kidding me?

    LOL – I wouldn’t if she was the last woman on the planet.

    I’d pop for a robot first. 😀

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    • Heh, heh! “Come over here big boy! Wow, you’re hung like Michael Obama! Do me now or I’ll charge you with ‘reverse rape”. WTF! Oh, I get it. If they’re pretty and attractive its “rape”. If they’re ugly and unattractive, its “reverse rape”. But, if you’re a man, its always “rape”.

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  12. Maybe those people claiming that they are too fat for their seat belts should take a cue from Bubba Smith’s character in Police Academy:

    Just rip out the front seat and drive from the back seat.

    Problem solved. 😀

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  13. Puff’s Seatbelt Extender

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  14. Seat Belt Save Lives Funny Commercial

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  16. OMG! That would make me a “Reverse Rapist!”

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  17. Captain Obvious

    Wow, fat and stupid. Just. Wow.

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  18. Pondering—-Are these idiots using the word “Racist” because they can’t spell “Discriminatory” and don’t know how to check their spelling on Google before they throw down their thoughts?

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  19. I suppose now that those with compulsive urges to stuff their faces are a “race”? Is this a mixture of genes from Shamu and Jumbo?

    Sometimes you just have to admit that there’s no cure for stupid.

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  20. That guy with the pickup needs an A-Frame and a winch. She could twist in the Breeze like a slaughtered hog.

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  21. The video of the truck towing the lady behind it takes the cake! I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. 😁

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  22. Obesity is a race?………

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  23. if she wants any ideas about who to sue, she should start with these: the maker of Twinkies, Ding Dong’s, Donuts, candy bars, ‘wonder bread’, coca cola, pepsi, bakeries and ‘low fat’ items. It’s all designed to make you fat. Fat people are addicted to bad foods, they don’t eat good foods at all. Good foods are butter, lard, grass fed meats, cheeses high fat milk (raw if you can get it), liver and other organ meats. Skim milk, low fat stuff just makes you fat. Seems counter-intuitive but it’s true. It makes you hungrier because your body is searching for the nutrients in the food and not finding it at all. And then add excitotoxins like MSG and ‘natural flavorings’ which make your brain want more of the junk foods. Just look at the research Weston Price did, he knew what really helped people remain healthy, animal foods and lots of them, especially with the fat attached to them.

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    • Nobody’s being forced to eat fattening foods. It’s called free will, and with free will comes responsibility AND consequences. If we blame food manufacturers for our being fat, that’s saying we are bereft of reason and free will. The logical conclusion then is that we should not have the right to exercise choices — including the right of suffrage.


  24. She doesn’t need a seatbelt – if she gets in an accident, she already has 300 pounds of built-in cushion to protect her – there’s no way she could get hurt!

    I’d worry more about the poor steering wheel…

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  25. I can’t get over the horrible remarks of this woman. There are some people who, under every way and through doctors, can’t help what they are. Those are the reasons I abstain from evil remarks. For those that eat their was into oblivion are a shame. It is proven that some people overeat because of mental issues of food being fulfilling to compensate for a lack of emotional feelings of losses they feel. I feel sympathy for them.


  26. Pretty much sure, by this reasoning, we can ALL bring class action suite against the airlines…all of them…for making seats that do NOT accomodate a human being—in fact, maybe barely large enough for a small primate—but still charging us Herculean prices to squeeze our mortal behinds, elbows, shoulder-space into them.

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  27. Do you know what… I find this really sad. Not that these people are overweight… or that there could be many issues causing this, and not that there is a possibility that these people could potentially have had less an education that you or I… I find it sad that people are “taking the mick” as we say in Ireland… “jeering” them..”being jerks as Americans say” perhaps that is why they are the way they are?


    • What I find really sad is your sanctimonious virtue-signalling.

      The Cambridge English Dictionary defines “jeer” as “to laugh or shout insults at someone; to ridicule”. Two points:

      (1) Nowhere in my post did I laugh, insult or ridicule anyone. What I did was report facts.
      (2) Some commenters indeed ridiculed the woman in the video for calling seat belts racist — and she should be mocked for misusing the word “racist”. And you should too, unless you want the very serious charge of “racism” be so misused as to be diluted of all meaning.

      Lastly, I find it amusing that you trash us for “jeering” (i.e., insulting), but you then insult us, calling Americans “jerks”. Unlike you, I will refrain from generalizing from you — silencethecrowd in Galway, Ireland — to all Irish people.


  28. Get a driver and ride in the back


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