Bull gores anti-bullfighting activist who jumped into French arena

bull gore2

Almost got himself a Darwin Award.

From Fox News: An anti-bullfighting activist protesting the gory sport on Sunday was attacked by a bull when he jumped into a French arena in an attempt to protect the animal, police said.

A man in his 30s and a woman attending the event in Carcassone in southern France sneaked their way into the main ring, AFP News Agency reported. The incident happened during the “novillada,” when younger bulls are placed in the ring.

A bull charged toward the man, stabbing him with its horns and causing “a long but not deep” injury, police said. The woman was not injured.

A source told AFP the man “was very lucky” and was not “properly gored.” 

The man was rushed to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Two other protesters hung a banner that read, “Stop Bullfighting” at the event earlier in the day. Bullfighting is banned in most parts of France except in some towns in the southern part of the country where it is part of the local traditions, AFP reported.

In August, a vegan activist jumped into a bullfighting ring at a French festival to urge French President Emmanuel Macron to ban the sport in the country, according to The Local.

The protester ran through the ring with a sign that read: “No to the Corrida, save the bulls — Vegan strike group.”


13 responses to “Bull gores anti-bullfighting activist who jumped into French arena

  1. I’m willing to bet he won’t pull that stunt again.

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  2. About like this “planking” idiot:

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  3. People can be so stupid. If you’re untrained and jump into an arena with a bull, you get what you get. I’m against bullfighting because it’s inhumane.

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  4. I’m not a dumb vegan or vegetarian (you are what you eat after all) and I do think that bull fighting is cruel (who wants to be stabbed in the neck to sever their neck muscles?), but if you have no clue about how truly Dangerous bulls are (and bovines in general), then you really need to look it up before you jump in front of them, especially when these ones are specially bred to be chronically enraged. I don’t think any vegans have ever grown up on a real farm. God made animals tasty for a reason. PETA- People Eating Tasty Animals.


  5. LOL – Darwin got a few things right. 🙂

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  6. Bull = One, Zero = Zero

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  7. Now he can sing Freddie Mercury’s version of “We Are The Champions”.

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  8. The “Vegan Strike Group”?–Ahhahahaha!

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  9. When will they start throwing themselves between innocent victims and terrorists welding knives or guns? I think that should be encouraged.


  10. I’m a vegan once removed. Cows eat vegetables and I eat the cows.


  11. That’s the fastest and cheapest way to get a sex change.

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