Remarkable resemblance of mothers of Charlottesville and Sandy Hook victims

Alert Americans found out about crisis actors because of the Sandy Hook false flag of December 14, 2012 — professional actors who simulate, i.e., pretend to be victims or bystanders or even perpetrators in mass casualty events.

Not only are there crisis actors, there are even amputee crisis actors!

We also know that there “public relations” firms that solicit actors for events, including rallies and protests. Below is a Craig’s List ad by Los Angeles public relations firm Crowds on Demand, soliciting “actors and photographers” in Charlotte, NC, to “participate” in “events” including rallies and protests.

This morning, FOTM reader jim alerted us to a video uploaded to YouTube by Joecol Flyer, on the remarkable similarities between the mothers of two victims in two separate incidents. The two mothers are:

  1. Susan Bro: the mother of Heather D. Heyer, 32, a paralegal who was killed on August 12, 2017 at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, by a car allegedly driven by James A. Fields Jr.
  2. Donna Fagan-Soto: the mother of Victoria Soto, 27, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, who allegedly was shot to death, along with 25 other victims, by Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012.

About two hours after I watched the YouTube video, it was removed “for violating YouTube‘s policy on harassment and bullying”. Fortunately, I had taken notes from the video and viewers’ comments, which enable me to conduct my own research.

Let’s compare Susan Bro and Donna Soto!

(1) Susan Bro

According to Spokeo people search, Heather D. Heyer, 32, of Charlottesville, VA, had a relative named Susan Heyer with two ages, 60 and 68, both at the same address in Ruckersville, VA:

Here’s a video interview of Susan Bro on Aug. 14, 2017, one day after her daughter Heather Heyer was killed. Pay close attention to Bro’s voice.

(2) Donna Soto

According to Wikipedia, Victoria Leigh Soto, born in November 1985, was 27 years old when she was gunned down by Adam Lanza while trying to protect her students. She was awarded posthumously the Presidential Citizens Medal. Victoria’s parents are Carlos Soto and Donna Fagan-Soto. Her obituary says Victoria’s siblings are Jillian, Carlee and Carlos Matthew Soto.

I found the right Donna Soto on Spokeo: Donna L. Soto of Stratford, CT, age 58. Strangely, among Donna’s relatives is Victoria Soto, who has been dead for almost 5 years:

  • Carlos Soto, 57.
  • Carlee Soto, 24.
  • Jillian Soto, 28.
  • Victoria Soto, 31, born November 1985, of Willimantic, CT. Here’s the link to her Spokeo page.

Here’s a video interview of Donna Soto on Dec. 19, 2012, five days after her daughter Victoria had been brutally gunned down.

(3) Comparison

Below are screenshots of Susan Bro and Donna Soto which I’d taken from their respective video interviews. Bear in mind that if they are the same person, Susan Bro would be a 5-year older version of Donna Soto, with undyed hair and no makeup.

↓ Click to enlarge ↓

Since people can look different in different photographs, I found some other images of the two women for another side-by-side comparison that is even more striking in their similarities. The source of the Susan Bro image is an ABC TV interview (video here); the source of the Soto image is a Getty photo of Donna Soto leaving Lordship Community Church after a funeral for her daughter Victoria on December 19, 2012, in Stratford, Connecticut.

Here are the similarities that I see:

  • Same egg-shaped face.
  • Same eyebrow shape, although Bro’s eyebrows are lighter in color.
  • Same deep lines, called nasolabial folds, along the sides of their mouths (see the yellow arrows I painted on the first side-by-side pics); same dimple-indentations at the corners of their mouths (see light blue arrows).
  • Both wear rectangular-shaped spectacles.
  • Same pudgy chin; same horizontal fold across their fat necks.
  • Same voice.
  • Both women punctuate their speech with “And” and “Um”.
  • Both said “And um”:
    • Susan Bro said “And um” at the 1:47 mark in her video.
    • Donna Soto said “And um” at the 0:35 and 1:04 marks in her video.
  • Both Bro and Soto used the word “passion/passionate” to describe their respective daughters:
    • Bro said, “Heather, her entire life has been passionate about justice” (0:01 mark).
    • Soto said, “that was her [Victoria’s] passion” (0:33 mark).
  • Both Bro and Soto flick their tongues out when they speak.

The dissimilarities are:

  • Soto’s eyes are larger (because of makeup)?
  • Their noses are slightly different, but that may be because of the angles of their heads.
  • Soto seems to have a larger mouth.

What do you think?

Speaking of the Soto family, I had noted in my post, “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors,” that Victoria Soto’s brother and sister, Carlos Matthew and Carlee, look remarkably like the children of a professional (though obscure) actress, Jennifer Greenberg Sexton.

Also, there is an interesting video, “Car Attack Victim Heather Heyer – Where is She Now?,” which was first uploaded to YouTube, but was taken down censored by YouTube. Thankfully, the video was re-uploaded to Vimeo.

See also:


77 responses to “Remarkable resemblance of mothers of Charlottesville and Sandy Hook victims

  1. Maybe Bro’s eyes appear smaller because her eyelids are drooping?

    A lot of similarities. Makes you go hmmmmm…

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    • Is there something wrong with her right eye in the photo.

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    • There is quite a bit of discussion related to the missing British girl, Madeline McCann as she had Coloboma also. Allegedly, so does George Soros.

      From what I’ve read there is a correlation between this condition and the body’s ability to accept stem cells. This is key to those trying to develop and use a “youth potion”.

      The abortion body parts industry is booming because the stem cells can be used in the processing of these potions if the rejection issues can be solved.

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      • I remember that from last fall, when all of the Pizzagate stuff hit. I remember the Soros eye thing, and if I remember correctly, several high profile people were thought to have it. With all of that pedophile stuff and the spirit cooking, it was like something out of a horror movie.

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        • As I understand this, and I haven’t tried to verify it beyond reading it in several separate sources, there is something genetic about this condition that allows the body to produce an enzyme that promotes acceptance of introduced stem cells.

          This makes people with this condition attractive to those who are developing these treatments. The treatments are real and very wealthy individuals have been undergoing them. For now, the ultimate is the introduction of stem cells derived from embryos.

          Remember when Sparky Bush was Pres. and there was that big flap about “stem cell research”. This is what that was really about. So the blood of youth is obtained in ritual sacrifices (as well as in other ways), and stem cells are obtained principally through outfits like Planned Parenthood.

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  2. Donna and Susan are the same chick….you go downhill fast when you lose TWO fake children so close together.

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  3. It will come to the point we can’t trust anything in the “news” because it will all be fabricated to the narrative. At least more and more people are waking up and looking closer instead of taking narrative news stories at face value.

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    • Josh,it’s been that way for quite a while-THAT’S why so many on this Forum don’t even believe the TITLE of a story until they’ve investigated and verified. WE have the BEST Myth-Busters there are.

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  5. I noticed the ad for “actors” for Charlottesville,Va. is being run in Charlotte,N.C.-a mere 271 miles away. Do they ever LOOK at maps?

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    • It is beyond all doubt that they are doing this. It is a testament to how badly people want to believe their governments and their minions that they argue with something as obvious as this.

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  6. This post took a lot of work. Thanks Dr.E. & FOTM. There’s overwhelming evidence, including eye witness testimony, that this event was totally staged.

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  7. Speaking of “staged”. Just look at the series of productions in Berkely. People sent to hospital, nothing on MSM. Pelosi and fellow travelers out in support of Soros’ “Antifa”.

    This is taking oneupmanship to a whole new level:

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    • Lophatt, I’ve gotta ask, are these Antifa events real or staged, or a little of both?

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      • Well the violence is real, the events are staged. Soros’ crew loads both “sides” up in buses and they come off, all geared up, and start assaulting people. The cops hang back and let them get assaulted.

        Even in places where those shields are illegal, the cops don’t even attempt to arrest them.

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  8. Look, here’s some “White Supremacists” looting Houston.

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  9. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.


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  10. I live in Charlottesville. This whole thing was definitely set up and the rumor from those that were there was that she died of a heart attack… pretty easy to fake that even if most people there weren’t in on it.

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    • A heart attack? I thought she allegedly died from a car hitting her.

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      • We saw this time after time, ad nauseam, in SHES and BMB, as well as a host of other more minor hoaxes. They get caught over and over and they just stonewall right through it.

        They know that a certain number of people have caught them, red-handed. They know that, since we don’t own TV we can’t do much with what we have to wake up the dreamers.

        They just keep waving things around and claiming that they’re something. else.

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      • I saw a recent picture of her and she was immense. Apparently they used an old “thin” photo of her. She actually died from complications of her obesity.


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  12. Bravo, Dr. Eowyn!
    Wonderful and informative post.
    I may add that I’ve had my suspicions about this “attack” for a while now and it really culminated for me when I was sitting in the airport over a week ago and the airport was force-feeding CNN to anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see….
    I managed to tolerate a couple minutes before I pulled out my headphones and Sudoku book, but what I heard, as a mother, pretty much sealed it for me.
    It was the first time I heard about “susan bro” and she gave a quick press conference on why she wasn’t meeting President Trump. She stated after giving her reasons on Trump that she was setting up a foundation for her daughter. I thought that was a very odd statement to make.
    She, supposedly, just lost her daughter that past weekend and was giving press conferences about her daughter’s foundation?
    I could not reconcile what real mother in her right mind would even think about or have the composure to:
    1). give multiple press conferences shortly after her daughter’s death
    2). have the wherewithal to want to set up a foundation with her child’s body a few days “dead” and
    3). understand all the complexities involved in setting up and running a foundation and announce it to everyone via press conference in less than a week’s time of her daughter’s “death”.
    All that told me was this “grieving mother” was informing people that they can give her money and the “foundation” will be a hub of tax-free money for her and all involved.
    I know when my mother died, (and we did not have the best relationship) I cried and mourned for months. I can only imagine if one of my children died before me how heartbroken I would be. I would praise the Lord for having my child, but I would still miss my child and would go through my own mourning process, not hanging out in front of cameras for news.
    Our govt gave itself the authority to perform false flags against us for our “betterment”…so I question EVERYTHING that happens. They are liars and deceivers. They do not answer to us, they answer to satan’s demons: the banks and corporations.
    we are fodder to them…and called “consumers” for a reason.
    I also noticed in the vimeo video about “heather heyer” at the 1:05 mark, it reads “No Real Burial”, under that it reads “Record Added: Aug 12, 2017”.
    They had a record date for her burial site the same day she died?

    Here’s a link to a story where libs are mocking scott baio for stating the 2 females are the same person:
    “Scott Baio Tweets Meme That Claims Charlottesville, Sandy Hook Are Connected Conspiracies”
    if you scroll down the page there is a link which shows baio’s tweet and the comparison pictures….looks like they wear the same glasses and “donna soto” has gray roots under her black hair.

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    • With a new haircut, Susan Bro/Donna Soto was lionized at the VMA awards:

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      • she’s paid to play the “grieving mother”…
        you know what’s funny?
        if you click on the comments under the commenter name “Allan M. Hanson” at the top is someone who commented to “king lord” him telling he’s a “f*cking idiot” and other expletives for his comment, is claiming to be a relative of “heather heier”, and spells “her” name “kathi hier”…notice how this person spelled “her” name…never heard of a relative with the same sounding name that’s spelled differently/incorrectly…who misspells their own name?
        I’ve noticed these “relatives” pop up every time there’s a false flag and go after any naysayers…


        • “heather heyer”, not “heier”


          • That was an excellent post. It says so much of what I think as well. After they got away with the 9-11 thing, all bets were off. Previously, although they’ve done these things for a long time, I think they were a little more cautious.

            Today I read that they are blaming Russia for the BMB hoax. Just like in that one, it defies logistical as well as logical reality to have a fund up and running in a week.

            I find it interesting to note that, with some of these, they lionize a “victim” and harp on them to the point of nausea, and others seem to drop off the face of the earth a quickly as they came into focus.

            Remember “Casidy Stay” (the one with the regenerative finger)? They set them up, do a “Wag the Dog” production, and poof, gone.

            This is clearly another production. There are really only two camps. Those that get it, and those who are manipulated.

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  13. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:

    Bemerkenswerte Ähnlichkeit der Mütter von Charlottesville und Sandy Hook Opfer
    Geschrieben am 28. August 2017 von Dr. Eowyn | 29 Kommentare
    Amerikaner über Krise Schauspieler wegen Sandy Hook unter falscher Flagge des 14. Dezember 2012 herausgefunden zu warnen – professionelle Schauspieler, die simulieren, z.B. vorgeben, Opfer oder Zuschauer oder sogar Täter in mass Casualty Veranstaltungen zu sein.

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  14. “looks like they wear the same glasses and “donna soto” has gray roots under her black hair.”
    That’s the first thing I noticed.

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  16. Unless they are twins, it’s the same woman – have you seen the fake photo of her and ‘daughter’ heather?

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    • You’re right, that photo is ridiculous. 😀 The mother is a different woman than the one we ere told is Susan Bro. Notice the strange position of “Heather’s” arm.

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      • yes,
        the chin is different, the nose is different, the glasses are different, the big bulge between “susan/donna’s” eyebrows is missing, “susan/donna’s” 2 large freckles on her forehead are missing, and “susan/donna’s” neck is thicker


  17. Thank you for all this info on the obvious ‘crisis actors’, Dr. Eowyn–I’ve been watching what I suspect are fakes during interviews by meteorologists down in Texas of some of the ‘victims’–I know it sounds a bit nutty to think that they are actually interviewing fake victims, who were hired to be there, but some of the victims seem a bit suspect to me–I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about a few of them, but the way they speak and act just doesn’t seem to ring true to me.

    They just seem to be too articulate for having just gone through such a harrowing experience, and some are just too happy, or upbeat to have just been pulled to safety right before they drowned, etc. I know not all of them are fakes, but I’m hoping that it might be getting a bit easier for me to weed out the actors from the real people who are the real victims.

    As for those so-called parents who are found on camera time after time, once their children have been killed, glibly speaking to reporters about their children, while seeming so composed, and so well spoken even just a few hours after receiving the news of their child’s death–fake, fake, fake!! I believe that due to how things were for both of us after our son was killed–no way could we have done what those actors/’parents’ are doing!

    When the news got out that our son had been killed in Afghanistan, on the very day he died, a reporter from a local newspaper showed up on our doorstep, and wanted an interview–I just starred at him in disbelief, and my husband told him “No!”–I feared that maybe we’d been too harsh by turning the reporter down like that, but looking back on it now, how could we have sat for some interview when we were both teetering on the brink of emotional collapse?! I know it’s very hard to believe that they would offer us fake victims during those disasters, but apparently nothing is too low for them to do, nor no level too low for them to sink, in pursuit of making their ‘underworld boss’ a very happy creature 😦 .

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  18. Christine, I am so very sorry for your loss. You brought up the very thing I was thinking. Who, in their right mind, could give an interview like that the day after such a tragedy? My eyes would be too red and wet to be able to speak.
    The whole thing seemed surreal the me.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I know–my husband’s family had our nephew do the tv interview for the local news station, because we just couldn’t do it–my husband was able to cry right as soon as the news reached him, but I went into this terrible kind of shock that took years to finally work it’s way out until now, 11 years later, it’s finally almost gone–I came home from his funeral at Arlington, and suddenly began screaming this terrible, deep-down, guttural scream, that I thought would never end–it was horrific, but what had nearly completely paralyzed my mind for the first two weeks suddenly began to break down, and the horror of what had happened to my son just came rushing into my conscious mind, and I wanted just to scream until I died!

      Personally, I think the fact that my husband was able to cry the way I had wanted to, but couldn’t at first, might have been better for him in the long run, because I’ve now developed heart problems–I keep wondering if the terrible stress of my son’s death might be at least partly to blame for that since, before he died, I had no heart trouble at all.

      Also, for years, every time I’d try and attend some military function for the “Gold Star” parents, all of this anger would just well up inside of me, and for a long time I couldn’t figure out exactly what was the cause of that–but, I think it was that I simply couldn’t bear the idea of being near any other Gold Star parents, or participating in anything the military tried to put on for us, as grieving parents. due to knowing how much emotional support we truly had needed right from the beginning, but realizing that was the least of what we were given–that made me livid! Without the proper support, we had to struggle on through it all by ourselves, and I just thank God we managed to get through the worst of it, and are doing as well as we are right now.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Kevin J Lankford

    Perhaps it would be possible to arrange the appearance of both of them together at a charity event for each of their foundations. Wonder which one would have to decline?

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  20. Susan Bro/Donna Soto said, ” Make Heather’s death count.”

    Who talks like that? What kind of mother would even think to say something like that?

    “Non-profit organization?” Yeah…right!

    So much about that woman being killed by the speeding car just doesn’t add up! The photo (here? I think) comparing the patsy who was charged with the crime vs. the actual driver photographed in the car during the incident clearly shows that a different person was driving that car. Another man with the same or similar name?

    Christine Watts C, I am so sorry for the loss of your son! He was, and will always be remembered as, an American hero for his service to our beloved nation! The description of you and your husband grieving over your child’s death helps us to see how fake this “Susan Bro” appears to be over the loss of her daughter.

    Plus, the fake photo link posted by Mel (above comment) shows Heather’s mother in the photograph not even resembling Susan Bro! I wasn’t able to enlarge the photo, but even seeing the small one reveals how fake it is!

    With all of the evidence shared here and on other blogs and YouTube videos, it is very difficult to believe that the death of Heather Heyer was real.

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  21. Apologies if this video link has already been posted. I’m sharing it here because SO MANY of the comments there are really questioning what this “mother” said and how she was so “polished” and not grief-stricken about her daughter’s death! Her speech was all political! Hardly anything shared about her growing up etc. Is this how a genuine mother eulogizes her daughter?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oops…sorry, thought it would just appear as a link.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much Christine, and you’re so right about that woman’s polished speech not being normal for a grieving mother, and also “who talks like that” about their own child being killed?! The very first thing I had wanted to talk about was about Bobby’s life as he was growing up–I had wanted to get out the family albums, and sit down with someone and just talk about the things he liked, and didn’t, about the sports he’d played, about his sibling ‘competitions’ with his little brother–I desperately needed to do that, and so did my husband, even though we never got the chance until an old school friend of Bobby’s wanted to come over and do that ‘walk down memory lane’ with us a few months after his funeral–it made us so unspeakably happy to be able to talk about our son with one of his closest friends that way, and we’ll never forget it. The idea that we would have immediately started up some memorial event, such as some golf tournament, etc., in his name that quickly is just ludicrous on it’s face!

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  22. Amen, Dr. Eowyn! Christine, God bless you and your family for your son’s sacrifice.
    “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
    John 15:13

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you MomOfIV so much–and for that perfectly wonderful verse from the book of John–especially because the reason Bobby was their only fatality that day was due to how protective he was of his men–he was credited with saving their lives by what he did during that ambush–he truly did love those guys–he was amazed at how young they were, too–he said, “Mom, they’re just kids!”–since, by the time he went over to Afghanistan he was 34, and had been in the Army for about 15 years! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • amazing!…..God used your son as a protector. It sounds like he had a huge heart and God used his heart for good.
        We all have a purpose for being here and it seems to me that your son fulfilled his purpose and is now in peace in heaven. Amen, to him!

        Liked by 2 people

        • Thank you MomOfIV! In spite of his person ‘motto’, which seemed to indicate that he really had no use for others, [“Mom–don’t you realize that people are ***holes?!”–he said that after someone whom I’d thought was a friend hurt me very badly] he genuinely did have such a love for others, so we were not surprised at all that he’d tried to protect his men during that ambush the way we were told he did. We were just so proud of him!

          And, shortly after his death I was trying to find a verse that I wanted to use to help someone else during an online discussion, when I came across this verse from Isaiah–it just seemed to jump off the page and vividly impress itself on my mind, which is why I fully believe God had wanted me to see it, since I had been very concerned about why God had taken my son away from us that way:

          “The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.

          2 He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.”[Isaiah 57:1,2 KJV]

          After that, I never worried another minute about him, or why God took him–I knew that God had him safely with Him, and I also continue to remember what God was saying to us all in that verse–that most of us never consider that God takes a righteous man out of the way of future ‘evil to come’–too many people sit around wondering what the person had done that had caused God to do that to him/her–never that possibly God had mercifully removed that person from the dangers posed by some future evil that would be taking place–realizing that surprised me! I was so very grateful to God for my ‘stumbling’ across those verses the way I did! 🙂


    • Wow, that picture settles it. They are the same woman, I have no doubt at all!

      I am trying to check out the alleged father too. He resembles another actor from past events.

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  23. I have used,, etc., and these paid information searches do reveal partial lists of relatives as well as long-dead relatives. A better confirmation of false identity, IMO, is when a person living in a city for years has no information listed in that city. This is improbable for an adult because these search engines check phone, utility and other public records. Another confirmation of false identity is a current superpages listing, of a particular profile (first name /middle initial/last name, age and sometimes address history) in a city that they have not lived in for years, and, no listing to be found anywhere of them living in their purported current city.

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  24. That’s the same person. Same voice, same facial expressions, and the teeth are the same!

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  26. Not sure if this was mentioned, but they both have the same thin lips and same hair-line, and the one photo of Bro looks like she’s either got a lot of make up on and is in a high-light shot, but her eye brows are the same as Soto’s (notice that Soto’s brows looks like she ‘painted’ them on, which some women do).

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  27. Dr Eowyn, WHAAAA??? Charlotte is in NC, Charlottesville (where the shooting occurred) in in VA. Aside from that mistake, you’re not wrong – she’s a crisis actor (Soto/Bro). I guess geography isn’t your strong suit….

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    • No where in my post did I claim that the Craig’s List ad is for Charlottesville. I included the ad in my post as illustrative evidence that actors are solicited for protests and other political events, which means we can never be sure that “protesters” are genuine, instead of paid performers.

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  28. “SMOKING GUNS Charlottesville Mom turns into Sandy Hook Mom”

    saw this on makow’s site…identical “grieving” mother images and “dead” daughter images…how many times can the govt pay people to die?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Excellent video…there’s just no doubt that it’s the same woman.


      • I know, right? It’s like the shadow gov’t knows how stupid and programmable the sheeple are. As long as the “sleeping through it” humans remain complacent, they will continue to laugh at us.

        Or is it a test, to get folks to wake up? Perhaps there are some good folks who’ve been compromised through blackmail to work on these traitorous events, and through their skill, allow these mistakes to occur, in hope of waking the “sleeping giant” – America (American people, who have the means to make positive change, if they can only group together in common purpose). Or, it’s just typical shoddy gov’t work. But regardless, such damning evidence should be enough to get people to think, if they can.


  29. Donna Soto’s eyes appear bigger than Susan Bro’s because Donna is clearly wearing that strong magnifying glasses. And between Sandy Hook and Charlottesville it does appear that Donna/Susan had some work done on her nose to refine it.

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  30. Here’s my latest video compilation of the matching mothers Susan and Donna:

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  31. This is bullshit

    I know Susan Bro, she’s a customer of mine. You and your conspiracy thoughts are fucking stupid. Get a life you losers


    • @TIB with Tourette’s Syndrome:

      Susan Bro (Susan Heyer) lives in Ruckersville, VA. But your IP address ( says you’re in Poolesville, Maryland — some 120 miles away. But she’s a customer of yours. Yeah, right.


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