Petition seeks to rename Roosevelt Island, calls FDR racist


Attention snowflakes: Changing a name does not change history.

From NY Post: Roosevelt Island should be renamed because of FDR’s “racist” decision to send Japanese-Americans to internment camps during World War II, a new petition demands.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt — who led the nation through the Great Depression and WWII and told Americans they had “nothing to fear but fear itself” — is nevertheless unworthy of having his name on the 147-acre island that is home to 9,700 New Yorkers, those behind the petition claim.

“To add injury to insult, the name was taken away from the Native American people who were slaughtered by the American settlers,” said Margarita L., who started the petition.

The petition, which has a goal of 1,000 signatures, was posted Aug. 19 on the online petition site Care2Petitions.


29 responses to “Petition seeks to rename Roosevelt Island, calls FDR racist

  1. Not wanting to say that they’ve crossed the invisible line, but yes, they’ve crossed it, and not recently either. Perhaps it’s time to formally change their nick from “Snowflakes”, to just plain “Flakes”, since that’s exactly what they’ve become. No more reasoning power is left in the heads of that bunch. A sane thought would die of loneliness if it found it’s way into one of their heads.

    What’s needed here is a good, old fashioned history lesson, minus the revisionist nonsense, distortions, and sins of omission from their leftist teachers. Because, genuine history lessons seem to have been left out of the American curriculum for quite some time now, and it’s painfully obvious, especially when it comes to their slogans. They really don’t have a clue, so I vote that we, collectively, give them one, and soon, by correcting each of their distortions of our history with the truth of how things really went down ‘way back then’. They might still reject the truth, but by then it will be their informed choice to do so.

    Right now, they are rejecting our heritage, that comes from our history, due to their ignorance of what really happened, and why. Even worse than that, they can’t even accurately define what exactly did happen back then, that has caused them this over-the-top outrage. However, in spite of our using the facts to refute the distortions and lies, the truth is that, these people truly don’t care what the truth is about those things they hate. They’ve decided they want to follow the demonically inspired motto, “Do What Thou Wilt”, coined by one of the devil’s most loyal followers.

    So, since they’ve rejected even the idea there just might be a God who created them along with everything else, they will go on fighting us tooth and nail to try and rid themselves of all vestiges of Him along with us:

    “2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

    3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.”[Psalm 2:2,3 KJV]

    I love God’s response to them, though:

    “4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

    5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.”[Psalm 2:4,5 KJV]

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  2. Why don’t we also change the name of America to Little africa?? I mean the liberal whinies ain’t going to stop whining no mater what we do!

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  3. Off topic, but here we go again. The “mother” of Heather Heyer, who “died” in Charlottesville, seems to also be the mother of one of the Sandy Hook “victims.” (Same crisis actor)

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  4. More American Taliban destruction of U.S. history in the name of anti-racism. But not a word from our supposed representatives in D.C. — of either political party.

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  5. Guess they(?) have not put a stop to the “vandalism” hoping the fury dies down till something else comes up. Look, this is just like when the other side riots and vandalizes, difference is IT IS ALLOWED!

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  6. T H E Y are the only racists we have always H A D.

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  7. Hadenoughalready

    I don’t see the problem. But we get to rename the Clinton Library as “The Rapist’s Memoirs” and Obama’s library as “The Fraud’s Library”.

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  8. I am a life-long New Yorker. The two-mile long and 1,000 wide island used to be called Blackwell’s Island, after its first settler over 300 years ago, and it has quite a history.
    Throughout most of the 20th Century, it used to be called Welfare Island. It had a jail, tuberculosis hospitals (Typhoid Mary was even once quarantined there), and it was quite a setup. The island used to have Goldwater Hospital for paralysis patients; Now torn down, NY Cornell Weill is building a major hospital just south of the Queensboro Bridge. At the north end of the island, Bird S. Coler Hospital still stands.

    When New York State decided to populate the island, a tramway was built, the first (and so far only) tramway used for mass transit in the United States, connecting the island to Manhattan. Now there is also a subway station there.

    Having been raised Republican and conservative, my parents and I were upset with naming the island after President Roosevelt, if only for the reason there were too many things named after him. It was also a last-gasp attempt to keep his historical memory alive. Don’t get me wrong: FDR was a great President—in much the same way that Hirohito was a “great” Emperor!
    So off to the petition I go. It will go nowhere, of course. But as long as they don’t rename the island after Al Sharpton, I can live with it!

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    • My thinking is that SOMEBODY ends up paying for all the related expenses of re-naming stuff,and doing a “feel-good” name changer just isn’t THAT critical to me. Maybe if we made the PETITIONERS financially responsible for changing the names of stuff,maybe THEY’D give a little more thought to the Cost vs. Benefit ratio.

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  9. WHO started that petition? I’d like to know on who’s authority they intend to speak for the Millions of Americans who don’t KNOW about their stupid petition. Seems to me that anyone who is attempting to bring such a DRASTIC change to our Country should have some skin in the game. Maybe they should undergo a Background Check and post a bond to cover any possible damages resulting from their getting their desired result. (cost of changing maps,replacing signs,re-naming businesses that included the name that was changed,etc. etc. etc.) As long as people are NOT held legally/criminally accountable for their actions,this LUNACY will continue and probably get worse.
    If they truly believe their cause is just,they won’t mind putting their names,financial resources and reputations on the line for them.

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  10. Next come the whites, we will be attacked, women raped, destroy our property and so on and……what their ultimate wish is a take over.

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  11. I suppose we could name it “Sorostan”. I didn’t expect to die in a Maoist country.

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  12. Obviously Soros and his bosses are in charge. If WE had a government they’d do something about this.

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  13. Oh please there are no plans to remove Roosevelt’s name from anything in NYC…..


  14. How can you be sure, with Warren Wilhelm at the ‘helm’?
    As for Van Rosenvelt, I’d be fine with a name change, but it’s not going to happen.
    At the link below, which appears to be run by 2 guys from “The New School” in NYC and probably THE most “progressive” college in the entire country, go to the 2nd link within the article, at the words, “peculiar method of naming people during ‘Dutch’ times”.

    That links to The New Netherland Register, January 1911, Dingman Versteeg publisher.


  15. This sh*t is getting more insane as each day passes.

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