Animal Kindness

Watch this dog open the door to let the cat in from the snow:


17 responses to “Animal Kindness

  1. Kindness, what humans lack off!

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  2. Wonderful. I’m very disturbed at what is happening in Texas and now Louisiana and how this affects animals left tied to trees. Horrible. Please God

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  3. That was terrific . . . the dog even closed the door. To see such love and compassion in animals warms my heart.

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    • Wish MY Dog would do that-she would scratch at the door but not open it,and won’t push it shut;she DOES stand guard until I close it myself though,so that’s a good thing. That was SO COOL!

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  4. and he even closes the door! I hope that dog is being fed as he deserves. Real food not doggie junk food.

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  5. Courthouse Dogs Ellie and Jeeter

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  6. Excellent! My Maggie rescue blonde pure Lab (with pink nose) looks and acts just like Ellie and Jeter! So loving, calm, trusting, empathetic…..What was bred into these Labs to make them so people-loving and people empathetic? I know it’s NOT just the blonde Labs, either, b/c I’ve also owned rescue Black Lab mixes and Brown Lab mixes…..who had the same personalities…. I’ve been a LUCKY and blessed Lab/Lab mix owner for many years…..

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  7. I’m a little surprised the cat didn’t close the door on the dog.


    • What have you against cats?


      • I’m a German Shepherd guy, and even cats can sense that. My extended family have owned GSDs at one time or another for the last 34 years.

        I once watched a friend’s cat for a few days at his place, and it didn’t care for me – the feeling was mutual. My sister has a cat, which surprised many of us in the family – I think her husband got it.

        I know some cats & dogs get along great – I was just half-waiting to see the cat close the door on the dog.


      • I don’t have any pets now, but I feed squirrels & sparrows, nuts, on my porch. Sometimes a few of them will be there when I get home from work, just waiting on me to feed ’em for the day. Kinda interesting to watch them hoard some of the nuts, and even watch one steal another’s stash and get away with it after being chased down.

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  8. Don’t know what the first pic is about, but it is comforting to see that we now have Biker-Convict-Dirtbag health professionals…

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