Non-violent Trump supporter chased out of Berkeley, home of Free Speech Movement

Berkeley, CA is the home of the 1964 Free Speech Movement.

Berkeley is also chock full of liberals, and liberals pride themselves on their tolerance.

Today, despite the organizer’s announcement yesterday that a planned Anti-Marxist Rally in downtown Berkeley’s Civic Center Park is cancelled, “a handful” of Trump supporters wearing MAGA red hats showed up.

The Trump supporters are vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters, estimated by the Berkeley Police Department (BPD) to number 4,000. Among them are the Antifa, all dressed in black though unmasked, thanks to the BPD’s prohibition of masks, scarves and bandanas, as well as anything that conceivably can be used as a weapon.

The counter-protesters mean to demonstrate that, as the city’s slogan goes, “Berkeley Stands United Against Hate” by chanting “Nazis go home” and “Get the fuck out of Berkeley, don’t come back”.

So it’s all the more ironic that yelling “Go home!”, a mob of counter-protesters tore and stomped on the sign of a peaceful and diminutive Trump supporter (in big sun-hat and red t-shirt), then chased her out of the park.

Source of video: Berkeleyside

When the Left espouse “free speech”, “tolerance” and “nationalism”, what they really mean is:

Free speech for me, not for you.

No tolerance for the “intolerant”.

Black and Chicano nationalism is cool; white nationalism is white supremacy is racism.

Update (Aug. 28):

In all, 400 police officers were at the march. Berkeley Police Department said:

“Thirteen people were arrested on a variety of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, felony assault, and violations of the Berkeley Municipal Code.

One officer was injured during an arrest and several officers were struck with paint. Six people were injured and treated by paramedics. Two of those individuals were transported to local hospitals for treatment.

The Berkeley Police Department’s investigation into crimes committed during today’s demonstration is continuing. To help further our investigations, we are asking members of the public to send us photos or videos of today’s events, using any web-enabled device by visiting”


23 responses to “Non-violent Trump supporter chased out of Berkeley, home of Free Speech Movement

  1. Keep it up thugs. Ya gonna guarantee four more years of Trump with these criminal antics.

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  3. Agreed.

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  4. From what I understand, these degenerates even chased the police out. Do police have no obligation to protect those who are being attacked? I guess they are too lazy or cowardly to even protect themselves now.

    Notice that, even though President Trump’s visit to Phoenix last week was highly disdained by the lefties, and even though there were protesters, there were only a few people injured. The police did their job, but more importantly, Arizona’s people have the right to carry guns openly and concealed, and even the degenerates don’t want to get shot. A few thousand bikers on Trump’s side also helped.

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  5. p.s. I’m also SO thankful that our President pardoned Sheriff Arpaio!

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    • We’re in the midst of a coup. In some areas the Soros/Obongo faction is in control. In those the cops either follow their orders or they’re fired. In other places, they are still at least somewhat loyal. In those, the cops by and large do what the mayor tells them to do.

      It IS that serious. While I think the actual numbers and influence are exaggerated, it doesn’t numerically take that many to stage a coup. They are openly in sedition against the United States and nobody’s doing anything about it.

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  6. She’s certainly as stupid as mom and almost as obnoxious:

    I think its a safe bet she didn’t spend much time on her prayer bones.

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  7. Ahhhh yes, it’s free speech for everyone, except those who disagree with the socialist snow flakes on college campuses. Good grief…can’t imagine a one of these poor mollycoddled sissies storming Normandy Beach, can you?
    Fools all, and they are so stupid that they haven’t a clue of true history.

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  8. applications for concealed carry should skyrocket with these fools parading the streets and terrorizing people as though they have a right to do so because they are against “fascism”…do they even know what “fascism” means?
    I doubt it….
    They honestly believe their politics supersedes everyone else’s constitutional rights.
    We all know the irony of the mobs’ antics and politics within the antifa movement…

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  9. I find that acts of this nature are extremely troubling. The fact that police are not protecting people who have a right to assemble peacefully, and then are attacked and intimidated by these various groups of thugs is egregious. I wonder what it’s going to take to get police to do their jobs. Perhaps lawsuits need to be filed, as the rights of some are being infringed.

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  10. “Several arrested as tension grows between protest groups in Berkeley”
    so much anger, hatred, vitriol, demonic influences….
    I pray, dear Lord, send your angels to protect your followers from satan and his demons and their influences; protect America as long as it follows Your Word….Your will be done. Amen.

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  11. THIS explains,AGAIN,why everyone I know calls it BERSERKLEY.

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  12. Protests in Berkeley have ended as crowds dissipated and police defended how they handled security at the rally.

    Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood says police made a strategic decision to let a group of more than 100 black-clad anarchists enter the park Sunday once it became clear there would not be dueling protests between right and left.

    He said “the potential use of force became very problematic” because thousands of mostly peaceful left-wing protesters were already inside the park.

    Greenwood said he decided to let the black-clad protesters demonstrate in the park because there was “no need for a confrontation over a grass patch.” […]

    Source –

    Anarchists pepper spray conservative leader at Berkeley rally

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    This is the new vision for America. I guess when the BLM and Antifa clowns split the sheets the BLM went into “merchandising”.

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  15. It makes me think about heading out west and joining ranks against the antifa. But as a conservative, white, male, Christian, law & order Republican, I’m sure I’d be the one arrested for standing up to those punks. Even if all I did were to shout them down and ask them to THINK before acting…
    Here’s the thing… back in the day (60’s, 70’s), the old-school liberals would have stood up to the antifa! As would have Berkeley’s administrators! And local governments who now cower from them or upsetting the Left.

    Antifa IS FASCIST!
    And soon the media will be forced to expose them as such.

    As bad — this weekend on the Hal Lindsay Report, he had video of several BLM young men walking down a line of non-reacting police in riot gear somewhere, giving each cop in succession the finger and yelling F YOU! (using the full word, which surprised me to hear it being aired on TBN).

    When will it stop? When will good people (cops?) stand up to them?

    I realize there were also violent groups within both the liberal and black movements in the old days… but both were largely shunned by those national groups largely in charge of policy making and actions allowed. Today, the violent factions are becoming the mainstream, the norm…


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