Average “transgender” soldier unable to deploy for 238 days

bradley manning

Bradley Manning: Unfit for service

I’m sure with the medical and emotional complications that come with an elective surgery to mutilate your body would result in many more days of being unfit for deployment.

From Fox News: The average transgender soldier will spend 238 days recovering from sex change surgeries and unavailable to deploy, according to an Obama administration study.

The Trump administration’s transgender ban places deployability as a determining factor into whether to admit transgender individuals into the military. The White House outlined guidelines to implement the ban within six months in a memo to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The ability to be deployed to war zones or bases around the world is an issue for transgender soldiers who undergo taxpayer-funded sex change operations, according to a study by the RAND Corporation.

The 2016 study was commissioned by the Obama administration, which favored opening the ranks to transgender individuals, and funded by the office of former secretary of defense Ash Carter.

The study found that, on average, transgender troops seeking basic sex-change operations would be nondeployable for 238 days, or 34 weeks out of a year. The figure amounts to 65 percent of one year.

Click for more from The Washington Free Beacon.

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28 responses to “Average “transgender” soldier unable to deploy for 238 days

  1. Tax payer money should NEVER be used for ANY elective surgery! Also if for ANY reason a soldier can deploy EXCEPT when recovering from a military job related injury, he or she should be separated from the military with no non job related medical benefits unless they have reached a retirement age! Other wise the military will be flooded with people looking for tax paid corrective surgery, refuse to deploy and want medical benefits for life. When you JOIN the military you are signing up for WORK and if called for WAR!

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  2. The people should not be expected to pay for something that has a high incidence of suicide, shortens the lifespan, and we get very little service for a long time. The average cost of surgery alone is around $130,000. That would purchase a lot of equipment that we are so short on, thanks to the Obama admin. You have about one year of a build up to the surgery, then th surgery and recovery, and then lifetime hormones. Just when did these people expect to actually serve? What man would want to jump into a foxhole with someone that just might go postal due to the hormones fighting his body?
    The experts have already told us. this is a mental condition. There is already enough pressure to serve your country without added stess.
    A man that says he is transgender, but fails to have the surgery is just a cross dresser or transvestite. Transgender doesn’t even exist.
    I personally think this country has a whole lot more important issues to deal with right now besides this.
    Why should we let such a small number of people control what the rest of the country has to absorb? Time to stop the insanity.

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    • They’d likely be on anti-depressants for life too;that’s already a concern for some businesses in the private sector,and many of THOSE are jobs that don’t hold a number of other lives in the balance.

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  3. Clearly, they’re lining up around the Pentagon to get this surgery and healthcare services courtesy of the taxpayers. In the meantime, the men and women who serve(d) their country with no agenda but to protect our nation has to jump through hoops for their medical services.

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  4. And that’s why the high suicide rate of transgenders does not decline even after “gender reassignment” surgery, which of course does no such thing.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    It wasn’t enough that illegally placing obama into our white house made the Republic of The United States of America and our electoral the laughing stock of the world, obama endeavored to turn our military into the biggest joke conceivable.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards,….referred to obama as president.

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  7. In a way, this reminds me of Faustus: These poor souls have sold their soul, but for what??? But the bigger issue here is the Question of War: The armed forces of ANY nation are no place for any social engineering or social work whatsoever—and this includes real women in combat.
    But I get it: This is the New World Order and its DELUSIONS. President Trump did the right thing banning transgenders from the military. I had the misfortune to have a crew of these trannies in the yellow cab once, about five years ago: They’re not as “sweet” as they would have you believe. Talk about my flesh crawling off.

    Yes, I have my prejudices: Yes, prejudices CAN be advantageous for one’s mental and physical survival. A life without prejudice is, simply, not possible, even on this one simple ground: No one can possibly know all things.

    Well, God has not apologized to Sodom and Gomorrah yet, last I heard.

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  8. Acne or diabetes require too much medical support and risk to be deployable, but proggies feel transgender hormone therapy is no big…

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  9. After reviewing all of this information, it’s pretty hard to not be horrified by even the thought of someone doing that to themselves; but the idea that the Taxpayers of this country would be on the hook for paying for this is beyond comprehension. What sane nation on Earth would bring this kind of devilment unto itself?

    DCG . . . Fabulous article. Thank you.

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  10. Bradly still looks female. Hips too narrow, thigh muscles not female, and rib cage is larger. Mentally deranged psychologists want them to feel accepted and normal. It’s still a dude!!!!!! God created male and female. We cannot change DNA.

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  11. IT is not fit for anything, IT is not a woman, he doesn’t have ovaries and he doesn’t have a d…..ck and zero balls, see I said if it is not fit for anything it is qualified as a FREAK!

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  12. I hope IT becomes another statistic soon.

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  14. Sex change operations should not be funded by tax payers….


  15. There is no such thing as a,..’sex change’,..operation.

    I mean, all that the medical profession can do, in this area, is to remove or mutilate, ones existing, healthy, body parts,.. but they cannot create,..real,..new,.. body parts,

    This whole notion, that, a significant number of persons are born into the wrong body, is a bogus idea, that is being pushed by the media.
    Since the media is a Zio/Jew monolopoly, I figure that, the international Zionist Conspiracy people figure that they have something to gain by pushing this destructive insanity onto the ‘Goys’

    I am guessing that, while the Zio/Jews who own America’s media, are pushing the insanity inherent in the whole GLBT agenda, onto the Goys, I am thinking that the Zio/Jew media in Israel, is not pushing this same agenda onto the Jews in Israel.
    I know that, in Israel, the aborting of,..Jewish,.. babies is not encouraged,..

    I would submit, that this whole GLBT movement, is an artificial, social construct, invented by Zio/Jewry, & which has been weaponized, & is being used to destroy the White Race,.. & destroy Western Civilization. as a part of Jewry’s, age old plan to rule the world, & enslave the rest of humanity.

    In Israel, only Jews may own any media,.& that being the case.I think it would be a good idea, that, outside of Israel, it might be a good idea to forbid Jews being involved in any media., for the obvious reason, that, Zio/Jew news outlets, use these outlets to control, corrupt & destroy the,..’Goy’,.. countries in which they operate.


  16. I can’t help myself! She actually wrote a book explaining why she “lost”. It was the Russians, and Comey and the curvature of the Earth and microwaves from Uranus.

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  17. “The average transgender soldier will spend 238 days recovering from sex change surgeries ”
    they never “recover”…

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  18. This Is My Rifle. This Is My Gun
    This is for fighting. This is for fun.

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