Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Mom brought toddler to anti-Trump riot

Remember the Antifa dude, Joshua Cobin, who threw a tear gas canister at police and was hit with a pepper ball in his groin?

That took place on August 22, 2017 in a protest against President Trump when he went to Phoenix, Arizona for a rally attended by thousands of enthusiastic supporters.

Outside the rally arena, anti-Trump protesters rioters threw water bottles and rocks at the police who, unlike in Charlottesville, were not told to stand down but confronted the rioters with tear gas, pepper spray, pepper balls, and rubber bullets.

A woman actually brought her toddler, in a “Fuck the Patriarchy” t-shirt, to the riot.

Here’s her tweet thanking whoever it was who gave a gas mask to her toddler:

Jade Lucin’s LinkedIn page says she attended a “hairdressing academy” and now works in customer care data entry for “AppaisalTek” [sic] in Mesa, Arizona.

There is no AppaisalTek in Mesa or anywhere. There is, however, a residential and commercial real estate appraisal business in Mesa called AppraisalTek.

Lucin can’t even accurately spell the name of her employer on LinkedIn — a professional/business social networking site. How pathetic is that.


18 responses to “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Mom brought toddler to anti-Trump riot

  1. Hadenoughalready

    Bringing kids to riots and placing them in direct danger of injury to elicit victimhood is a tactic of Hamas’, Hezbolah and other terrorist groups. The parents, thereof, should be flogged and flayed in public so as to deter any further such heinous practices.
    These people make me sick! Their kids should be removed and WOULD HAVE BEEN when common sense and decency reigned supreme – “back in the day” – but not now. My, how times have changed…
    Welcome to the “new world order” of chaos and the reign of evil.

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  2. Back in the day,one cop would be walking the kids to a waiting cruiser,another would be cuffing the parent(s) and walking them to a DIFFERENT car…

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    • Hadenoughalready

      Hear, hear! You KNOW it! And it’s time it happened again!
      I’m so sick of this kiss-ass society that, given the chance, I’d rather live with the critters in a cave than what’s called “society”, today. It disgusts me to listen to this bullshit, day in and day out. Either we start “removing” these vile cretans or surrender to them. And I refuse to surrender. Period!”
      Freiheit Am Jeden Preis!

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  3. What a proud momma bear. Selfish womyn.

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  5. A riot is not a place for children but, she probably wants her hurt so she can ” get big money”. How can there be so many stupid people? And the sign on the young girl’s shirt says a lot about the mother! That young girl could have been trampled on by the mob, what an irresponsible parent. She must be on food stamps, claims to b a single mother, and gets a disability check, figures, a full fledge liberal.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      These are sick and demented people who will do anything, including using their offspring, to gain a monetary benefit. These are sick people who should be “disposed of”, forthwith.

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  6. But hey, remember those lovely parents of Sandy Hoax, who brought their little kids to the site of a terrible massacre? They were just walking around, having a good time, like they were at a picnic in the park on a Sunday afternoon. All the while, the dead bodies of 26 children lay inside the school. And they say we are crazy not to believe their story. 😎 (snark)

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  7. Well, it appears she can spell “F*&k”. What a “mom”. These creatures are a waste of skin.

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  8. If her stupid ass is reported to social services perhaps they will take the child away on the grounds of endangerment.

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    • We’d like to think so,but after seeing what passes for “Parents” in SOME families,unless the parents are caught in bed with one of their kids,in the midst of unspeakable acts,they’d get a stern “Don’t DO that anymore.” Who knows anymore….

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    • As much as I understand why you made that comment, I cannot agree with you. Children belong with and to their parents. They do not belong to the government. The government would do plenty worse than that mother if they were to get their hands on this child.


  9. They were so outraged over Trump talking about ‘sexually assaulting women’ (thinking he was talking privately to Billy Bush) but it’s ok to let a child use or display a bad word. I’m not an apologist for Trump or certain things he’s done or said, and also at certain times I think some cursing is justified for an adult or teen. Not for children or in this case doing so when it suits an agenda.

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  10. Children have a basic human right NOT to be raised as trash — in their parent’s image. To do so is tantamount to child abuse, pure & simple. It’s setting them up for lives of failure…

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  12. Whoever gave that little girl a gas mask was a better parent than that dumb mother. I bet she’s not even married and probably doesn’t know who the daddy is either. Those poor kids, what chance do they have?

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