Hypocrites: Lipslut wants to “do good and be bold”

lipslut lipgloss

Lipslut was started by three college students in California. They are selling the above lipgloss because “we aren’t too pleased with our current sociopolitical landscape, and the standards of the cosmetics industry in general.” According to them, “chances are you aren’t either. Rather than complaining, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.”

Their long-term vision is as follows:

We want Lipslut to a movement that you are genuinely proud to stand behind. With your help we believe Lipslut will become a household name for progressives and conservatives alike, albeit for different reasons. From there we’ll use our platform to shake things up for the better.

We plan to work with you through social media to offer a broad range of quality cosmetics, and to continue our philanthropy to help the causes you care about. Consider yourself a part of the team.”

They have raised $40,000 for Charlottesville victims by selling their “F*ck Trump” lipgloss.

According to their Twitter timeline, they support the Women’s March group and Planned Parenthood.

Bet the womyn who started Lipslut don’t care that one of the organizers of the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, is anti-Semitic. According to Wikipedia, Sarsour has voiced support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, which has led to criticism from leaders of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization that monitors anti-Semitism.

In 2011 Sarsour tweeted, “I wish I could take their vaginas away”, referring to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel, leader of the lobbying group ACT! for America. She later deleted the hate tweet.

Sarsour also supports Sharia Law, which is not good for women. According to Snopes, she has tweeted the following in support of Sharia Law:

  • “I don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat pork, I follow Islamic way of living. That’s all Sharia law is.
  • Sharia Law is misunderstood & has been pushed as some evil Muslim agenda. Some Muslims r oppressors for sure.”

In July, the Women’s March tweeted their support for convicted cop killer Assata Shakur.

Shakur was a member of the racist Black Liberation Army, a black nationalist urban guerrilla group, who was convicted in 1977 of the first-degree murder, under New Jersey’s “aiding and abetting” statute, of State Trooper Werner Foerster during a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike in 1973. She escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba, where she was granted political asylum.

Lipslut also supports baby-butchers Planned Parenthood.

Alveda C. King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., said this in her 2012 March for Life testimony:

“In the ongoing travesty of the debate over whether abortion and infanticide should be condoned, a voice in the wilderness continues to cry out, “what about the children?” We have been fueled by the fire of “women’s rights,” so long that we have become deaf to the outcry of the real victims whose rights are being trampled upon, the babies and the mothers. Of course a woman has a right to decide what to do with her own body. Thank God for the Constitution. Yet, she also has a right to know the serious consequences and repercussions of making a decision to abort her child. Then too, what about the rights of each baby who is artificially breached before coming to term in his or her mother’s womb, only to have her skull punctured, and feel, yes agonizingly “feel” the life run out of her before she takes her first breath of freedom. What about of the rights of these women who have been called to pioneer the new frontiers of the new millennium only to have their lives snuffed out before the calendar even turns?

My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., once said, “No one is going to kill a child of mine.” Tragically, two of his grandchildren had already been aborted when he saved the life of his next great-grandson with this statement. His son, King once said, “The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.” How can the “Dream” survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate.”

According to abort73.com, among black women the current abortion ratio is 420*. That means there are 420 abortions for every 1,000 live births. Statistically, 30% of black pregnancies end in abortion (excluding miscarriages). Among white women, the abortion ratio is 121—which means less than 11% of white pregnancies end in abortion. The abortion ratio among Hispanic women is 178, or 15% of pregnancies. Even though whites make up 63.7% of America’s population, white women account for only 37% of its abortions.

*Their data comes from two sources: the Centers for Disease Control, “Abortion Surveillance – United States 2013” and Census 2010 Brief, “Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin.”

I guess supporting hate and racism is acceptable when they fit your cause and match your Trump Derangement Syndrome. How good and bold.


25 responses to “Hypocrites: Lipslut wants to “do good and be bold”

  1. Hey-those things look just about 9mm in diameter. I wonder if we could load a bunch of special ammo for my 9mm rifle with ’em…..then we could “give” ’em BACK to the Lip Sluts…

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  2. VERY light loads,y’understand-we don’t wanna kill anybody,just dust ’em up a little…

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  3. I’d never heard of/seen Lipslut before. Thanks to DCG, I will shun that brand!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Good idea to shun them, after all those colors won’t work with you anyway, they’re probably too fake looking too. 😉
      Lipsluts…says it all. It’s like they’re barely trying to hide the sexual innuendo. Makes you realize what it means when it was said, “the weeping and gnashing of teeth”, these people will too late realize their mistakes after all is said and done.

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      • In our upside-down culture, being a slut is now something to advertise and be proud about, described perfectly in Isaiah 5:20: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

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    • Why here’s their hero now:

      These people are too stupid to get out of their own way.

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  4. “we’re putting our money where our mouth is.”??? Bull Sh-t. You hopping dumb impressionable young people put THEIR money in YOUR pockets by buying your crappy lip- gloss!

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  5. “We want Lipslut to be a movement that you are genuinely proud to stand behind.”
    Just another bowel movement. (What dignified woman would buy a product that intimates she is a slut?)

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    • stlonginus . . . that is a point well taken. I cannot imagine mature, as you say “dignified” women not being anything but highly offended by both the Lipslut label, but by the tag–F*CK TRUMP. I hope that their venture is but a passing fancy, and that they fall flat on their faces.

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  6. No brain, no pain.

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  7. Outside of “BDS” being “anti-semitic”, this is as crazed as anything else they do. These people must have a tremendous amount of hatred built up inside of them to be so easily directed at a target.

    The trick they use is taking all of the dissatisfaction and steering it where they want it to go. You can’t appeal to logic because there isn’t any.

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  8. There’s also a brand of makeup that conjures up true images of beautiful women, called Medusa’s Makeup. The Soap & Glory cosmetics brand has lip products called Sexy Mother Pucker, but even that has become tame now.

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  9. Didn’t the fedz give linda sosour the boot back to her sharia dirt floored home in craplakistan?

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    • From the article:

      “Macron paid around $30,695 on makeup in his first three months leading France”

      The amount likely is several times that if the money spent on makeup for his older wife is included!

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  10. Don’t know if they still sell it,but for a while Harley Davidson sold men’s Cologne that supposedly had Harley Davidson Motor oil in it. I never figured out what the attraction to THAT would be. Besides,Harley riders mostly prefer to wear the REAL thing;Riding a Harley,at least an “old school” Harley,by the end of a 500 mile day,would result in a thin mist of Harley oil on clothing,leather,skin,from the chain,from various little oil leaks,and usually some oil stains on our hands from minor tuning,adjusting the chain,and other things the “clean-and-shiney-bike” crowd either don’t Have to do or just CAN’T do, but the point is-it’s REAL.

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  11. Maybe those women producing that lip balm could be arrested for soliciting, since the title of their product makes it sound like that’s what they want to do–and, they are receiving monies for it, after all–a clear case of ‘pay for play’, in my book–but, then, I’m not in law enforcement, sorry to say! 🙂

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  12. Well, it looks like the Culture War just drags on and on and on…

    I get it: They’re out to make a quick buck. A word of advice: Keep the politics OUT of capitalism. J.C. Penney, Target and Starbucks did it, to their chagrin. It turns people on both sides OFF.

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  13. Beauty Brands Against Trump: Lipslut, Illamasqua, Beautiful Rights and More


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  14. maybe all of these loser liberals have advanced syphilis which explains their derangement syndrome

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