Faux scientist Bill Nye who wants to redistribute wealth is suing Disney for $37 million in profits

bill nye

Back in 2015 the libtard hack Bill Nye said this (from Weasel Zippers):

“Speaking to students at the University at Albany, Bill Nye the Science Guy said that a carbon tax was needed for the purpose of redistributing wealth.

“We need, dare I say it, a tax, or should I say a fee,” Nye purportedly said Wednesday, right before an anonymous student began recording.“It’s not just to be mean, it’s to redistribute wealth,” Nye said.

Nye went on to claim that instituting such a tax would drive innovation in more environmentally friendly ways.

“It will stimulate people investing in more energy efficient means. If you gotta pay a fee every time you make carbon monoxie and somone comes up with a more efficient car, you’ll use that car. Somebody comes up with a more efficient blender, you’ll use that blender. I mean, that’s just how it’s going to go.

How much of that $37 million Nye deems is his do you think he will redistribute? If he’s like every other good little socialist, it will be a big fat ZERO.

From NY Post: Bill Nye is suing the Walt Disney Company and a host of its subsidiaries today for more than $37 million, alleging he didn’t receive his fair share of the net profits generated by his long-running series “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

“Plaintiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that as a direct and proximate result of the Defendants’ breach of fiduciary duty, Plaintiff has suffered damages in the amount of not less than Nine Million Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Five Hundred Sixty dollars (USD$9,350,565.00), the final amount to be proven at trial,” says the complaint, dropping some big bucks demands (read it here).

And then the big bucks get bigger, like three times bigger.

“Plaintiff is further informed and believes and thereon alleges that the Defendants, by breaching their fiduciary duties, enriched themselves, at the expense of the Plaintiff and the BNSG Owners, obtaining ill-gotten profits of not less than Twenty Eight Million Fifty One Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Five dollars (USD$28,051,695.00),” Nye figures in some math at Disney’s expense that alleges to be at his expense.

The 28-page suit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, says Nye received a check in April 2008 for $585,000 as his share of the net profits. However, a few months later, Buena Vista Television sent a second letter retracting its prior calculations. According to the second letter, Nye instead owed BTV $496,111.

Deadline has reached out to Disney for comment but has not heard back.

“Bill Nye the Science Guy” ran on PBS from 1994 to 1999 and also was syndicated to local stations. The show aired for 100 half-hour episodes spanning five seasons and was nominated for 23 Emmy Awards, winning 19.

The suit that Nye and his lawyers put before the court contends that “the disturbing size of the supposed ‘accounting error,’ coupled with the seeming indifference of both BVT and WDC, left Nye suspicious of the veracity of the accounting.”

Nye claims he stopped receiving royalty or participation payments as of July 22, 2008, with the suit stating accountants insisted that he first repay the amount allegedly owed from the “overpayment.”

Formally, Nye’s action claims fraudulent concealment, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and various accounting issues.

On the attorney front, Nye is represented by Burbank’s Hamrick & Evans LLP.


17 responses to “Faux scientist Bill Nye who wants to redistribute wealth is suing Disney for $37 million in profits

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    He wants to sue some body, it should be the government, for all the free energy technology and knowledge they are hiding.

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  2. Bill Nye needs to be sued for impersonating a scientist! After that, he needs to be sued for the bastardization of the minds of children.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Love these wealth distributors – what makes it interesting, Nye feels he wants his wealth early, so he sues.


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  4. Here’s an example of someone raised in this structure:

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  5. At least he admitted carbon tax is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth…….ours to those at the top of the food chain.

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  7. Beware of those who want to save the world. They are the same people who want to control the world.

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  8. So,the ole farce wants more money. He is no more a scientist than I.
    He agreed to his contract, so there you have it. He sure waited long enough to get upset.

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  9. Bill Nye should go on the road with Michael Moore. He can offer to explain the “range” of genders currently competing for pride of place inside Mike the SJW.

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  10. Gee thanks, now I wont sleep tonight worrying about all the money that clown doesn’t have. That on top of all my global warming worries!!!

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  11. Just read “the Rockefeller file” by Gary Allen. The NWO have been itching for a world tax for a loooong time. That’s why they are pushing the myth and lie that is ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’.

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