Two police officers suing socialist Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant for her irresponsible comments

sawant always screaming

Socialist Sawant…maybe having to pay for spreading lies will help keep her mouth shut.

Good. This socialist has been blabbing false truths since she took office.

From Seattle police officers Scott Miller and Detective Michael Spaulding are suing Kshama Sawant as an individual for “having their reputations ruined by an ambitious politician, doing so for personal gain.”

The lawsuit, filed by Williams, Kastney and Gibbs, claims Sawant, acting beyond her scope as a city councilmember, personally defamed the two officers who were involved in the shooting death against Che Taylor after he allegedly pulled a gun on them. A gun was found at the scene and a witness corroborates the story from Miller and Spaulding. A King County inquest jury found that Taylor, indeed, posed a threat of death or serious injury to these two officers.

According to the filing, “…having never spoken to the officers, their attorney, the department, and with the investigation still incomplete, Kshama Sawant was publicly pronouncing these officers ‘murderers’ and referring to the shooting as a product of ‘racial profiling.’ As a consequence of her rhetoric, the lawsuit alleges the officers were “publicly berated and chastised” and Miller had to move.

“Citizens of this community have this right (to file the lawsuit),” said Kevin Stuckey, president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild. “Kshama Sawant said those things but it’s up to a jury to decide.”

This is the second lawsuit filed against Sawant this month. Carl Haglund’s attorney says Sawant introduced a law prohibiting landlords from raising rents for buildings that do not meet basic maintenance standards. She referred to the legislation as “the Carl Haglund law.”


12 responses to “Two police officers suing socialist Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant for her irresponsible comments

  1. And I hope they win. I read where she married and Immigrated, but nothing about becoming an actual citizen. Then she divorced her husband and remarried. It seems since she landed in Seattle she has been one big pain in the rear up there.

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Relogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Good for them. These liberal politicians have had diarrhea of the mouth for eight years.


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  3. I can only hope that the jury that hears this case are reasonably intelligent people, who are able to see the truth of this matter. Perhaps if the City of Seattle has to make some big payouts–the voters may just decide that Ms Sawant is just too expensive a liability for the city. I have my fingers crossed that the police officers will win this . . . it certainly seems to be a no brainer!

    DCG . . . I never tire of hearing about the idiotic goings on in Communist Seattle. Please keep it up. Good article.

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    • ‘reasonably intelligent people’?
      ‘able to see the truth’?
      ‘too expensive a liability’? (we’ll have to raise taxes)
      Not to mention Jury of THEIR peers…

      Just kiddin A.L.
      I’d like to think they’ll eventually come around too.

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  4. It would be good to see her lose but she probably doesn’t have a pot to pee in (at least on paper). Seattle has enough trouble with “real” bad actor cops. They are entitled to fair treatment like anybody else.

    My senses have been on absolute overload with these whiny, intolerant and irritating cry-bullies.

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  5. Seems its open season on cops from both sides of the coin. She should be sued and made to pay its what they do to us if the get wiggle room.

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  6. She sure has a lot of shared characteristics of Maxine Waters-I wonder if they’re related….

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  7. I hope they win.


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  8. How does such an idiot get elected to office? Was she running on things like free pot for all, transgender & gay rights trampling religious rights, uber-feminism, atheism, BLM, etc? Are there really that many folks who would vote for those ideas? I’d imagine there’s a bit of gerrymandering going on.

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