Monument “fight” takes aims at Christopher Columbus, Confederate streets in New York

yvette clark

Rep. Yvettte Clark: Going to end racism by removal of statues

Rep. Clark is all about identity politics and hating Trump. Her banner on her twitter is #BrooklynResists. Girl, we get your signal loud and clear.

From ABC NY: The statue of Christopher Columbus in the middle of Columbus Circle is now at the center of controversy. City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito wants the city to consider it among controversial monuments officials are hoping to remove.

Columbus is revered by many, but others argue he should not be honored because he brutalized and killed many native Americans. Because of that, they argue his legacy is tarnished.

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently commissioned a task force to look at statues and monuments around the city, and after a 90-day review, make a recommendation as to what they believe should happen.

Mark-Viverito argued Columbus should be called into question because of his brutal and bloody past. “There are still to this day conversations happening because of the monuments, other Columbus statues, being talked about,” she said. “I would want the commission to look at that statue as well.”

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, a rally was held Tuesday as protesters fight for the renaming of General Lee Avenue and Stonewall Jackson Drive in Fort Hamilton.

Both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Congresswoman Yvette Clark have called the Secretary of the Army to request the change, but he has said he believes the issue is too divisive.

“When you think about the insult, when you think about the hypocrisy, where you have our Joint Chiefs of Staff coming out with statements in the wake of Charlottesville to say that they don’t tolerate racial bigotry,” Clark said. “For them to have their bases named after Confederates, streets and their roadways named after Confederates, it sends an awfully mixed signal.”

Clark says the streets, which she calls magnets for the alt-right movement, have no place as US military installations. She is introducing legislation at the House of Representatives to have all such names and imagery removed.


22 responses to “Monument “fight” takes aims at Christopher Columbus, Confederate streets in New York

  1. Truth be told… Braxton Bragg was a lousy general, folk only named a base after him after the Civil War for the sake of unity. Just sayin’.

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Destroying statues should not be made in haste. If they have outlived their value – they need to be put in museums.

    Why should this racist mayor, De Blaso, make this decision. He is a terrorist/communist, himself, and the bulk of the people in New York are immigrants and could care less about this statue. Destroying all of these statues is a decision which should be made with more consideration rather than by hot heads.


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  3. The FIRST THING the communists do once they have their foot in the door is to begin destroying all the symbols and monuments of the host nation. Yet it seems to me they have more than their “fair share” of USELESS IDIOTS, who will go along with anything “trendy.”
    That is what this is all about, and it is an absolute disgrace.
    It’s not a matter whether Columbus, or Washington or Lee were “good” or “bad” or flawed men: It is a matter of historical importance. Did each man do something eventful to bring their nation or humanity to a new point of departure from which all moved forward? THAT is the Question. From what I have read, Columbus was a monster: He burnt over 8,000 indigenous people at the stake for their refusal to convert. All Right, let us assume he is damned: That’s between him and God. Columbus introduced Europe to a New World—that is the thing that matters. (And from what I have read, Columbus was also an apostate, of sorts; He wanted to break from the Catholic Church as he believed it was not militant enough!)

    Communists, being the nihilists they are, care for nothing historical; As a matter of fact, they seek to erase, to destroy history, even without understanding it. This is true because Communism (as were its founders, Moses Hess, Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin) is of the Devil.

    But again, many people will go along with this, not out of any quest for truth, but simply because it is the cause celebre: Norman Mailer did the same with killer Jack Abbott because the latter wrote a great prison memoir, “In the Belly of the Beast.” (Abbott went on to kill again once he was out, and years later hanged himself in the Big House.)


  4. Is there any logical reason we shouldn’t make it a FELONY to destroy Statues and Historic Monuments on public lands? Likewise,it should be a prosecutable offense to draft legislation to attempt to “whitewash” History by altering Street names or otherwise changing building,bridge,highway or other names which were assigned for historic purposes.

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  5. OOOPS! I said WHITEwash—that’s RAAAAAACist!! MY bad…

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  6. Yes Columbus was an SOB, but then well here we are again- White people being blamed for Jewish crimes. Columbus was a crypto and so were his crew who savagely killed all the Indians as Steven pointed out. Jews ran the trans Atlantic slave trade for 400 hundred years and owned all the auction houses too.This kind of savagery is not surprising when considering it is ordained by Jewish belief that all other peoples Gods must be destroyed for the Jewish Messiah to come and for them to rule their kingdom
    The list goes on but it’s all Whities fault.
    Last article that talks about Columbus being a Marrano and about the unfair brutality of the Queens of Spain in expelling the Jews without mentioning that the Jews opened the gates in Spain to the Muslims. Our history has become nothing but a lie.


    • Okay-How many in favor of just writing America’s History off completely,and adding in what we’ve found out “after-the-fact” to make a NEW History?
      (I’ll stick with our original History,warts and all.)

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      • Truck you misunderstand. Not advocating that we change history at all. Am just saying that a lot of the history we have been told is a fabrication in the first place, hiding the identity of many players etc. along with blaming, and shaming those that were not always to blame. Case in point: The Civil War was not what we have been told. It was not a war over slavery – at least not initially. Much more along these lines…and this is how the Elite are able to bring us to this point in history where all Whites are demonized–just say’n. You might read, The REAL LiINCOLN and LINCOLN UNMASKED by Thomas DiLorenzo, or hear what Benton Bradbury has to say about THE MYTH OF GERMAN VILLANY for starters.

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        • Yeah,I knew that-I’m sorry-I wasn’t jumpin’ down your throat about it. I was just blowin’ off steam. It just pisses me off that these stooges are so quick to destroy statues and markers rather than CHOOSE to ignore these things that BOTHER them so. I pointed out on another forum that rather than getting RID of these things,we should be DISPLAYING ’em,and explaining to people WHY they were so relevant in our History. These are our 3D teaching tools we can use to SHOW our young America’s History. Also,if you ever have the chance,you can SHOW your kids or grandkids why they’re so lucky to even BE HERE. Walk ’em through the Virginia City,Nevada Graveyard. Show ’em how many children there died in the 1800’s from Flu,asthma,pneumonia,whooping cough,many other horrible illnesses. (Seems like I read it averaged out to about 1 in 4 kids died before the age of 10. It was ROUGH back then.
          There’s a vacant home in my town that was owned and inhabited by a fairly locally notorious finally convicted child molester.(Died in Prison.) I despised the place,and it used to make me angry every time I had to drive past it,but-did I bulldoze it down,or paint it orange? NO-I ignored it,looked at the traffic,thought about what parts I needed for the truck or I went a different route so I didn’t have to go down that street. After while it wasn’t a big deal anymore.

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          • We’re on the same page. I don’t want my monuments taken down either. I love this country. I’m just mad, and sad that there has been so much distortion and lies- lies like Christopher Columbus is a White Christian male when is was clearly a Jew with Jewish cultural/ religious beliefs which include sanctioning of slavery and killing of others…., lies designed to push blacks to hate White people and our country. Bottom line is taking down statues and monuments is a communist/ Marxist agenda of International Jewry/ Zionists and their brainwashed minions who cover their crimes throughout history while demonizing White Western Christian Civilization while transferring their crimes to us. Sadly the useful idiots have no idea how they are being used.

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            • That’s exactly right. They are useful idiots and they have no idea. The “media”, on the other hand, are paid liars. Then the political parasites go with whoever pays best.

              History, as taught in school, is always distorted. Nothing is that simple because life does not exist in a vacuum. There is no better example than the “Civil War”.

              When these “wars” happened, they were propaganda tools of those in power just like they are today. What is left is the spin on the propaganda, not the actual events and their motives.

              When a monument is meant to honor a person, it is usually because they exhibited some strength in life. Regardless of the “veracity” of the event that highlighted their honor, it is their honor that is celebrated. We are all flawed people, we can only dream that we’ll have the same level of honor and dignity as Robert E. Lee.

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      • Truck, the past history brings us here today, it means so much. The so called “new history” is so convoluted it hasn’t gotten anybody anywhere.

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  7. Those that forget history…

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  8. Bad behavior on both sides… oh wait. I thought I was on a Civil War history blog…. never mind.
    Oh and Black Sabbath Matters.


  9. The “Purge”? Does anybody need anymore proof that Soros and his gang of paid idiots are commies?

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  10. We are BETTER than the Taliban & Old USSR & the “Silent Spring” of Mao’s China—we don’t have to “nuke” our historic symbols or the “impediments” to our future (in any quarter). There are better ways, like relocating them to museums and public education venues for in-depth looking at our ENTIRE timeline of race relations. These are MOSTLY primary sources from out of a certain era in our history. They speak. They are references to use for defining our past and how things have changed socially, legally. Many of them are connected to state legislations or private groups…which in turn, in a scholarly setting, keeps them available as a primary source for the study of the state evolution of laws, and the former…allows investigation of social influences and change within and throughout our history. I am SOOOOOO sick of today’s rehashing of OLD WOUNDS WITHOUT the accompanying look at HOW FAR WE HAVE COME legally and socially, and maybe WHAT we have yet to do……and I am so depressed over the generations of our citizens who do NOT know of our inter-connectedness through our centuries of history b/c they rely upon 20-second sound bites and social media for their information—instead of actually searching for in-depth historic information to inform their decsions. Instead, they suck up their constant social media info—from whom?–maybe a serial killer who just wants some action…and put on their running shoes to show up with a baseball bat and matches—maybe even a GUN at a local Congressional baseball practice— at a place TOTALLY unconnected with their OWN local history……???????

    When we destroy our historic symbols of any kind, we cut off the inter-connectedness between our citizens. We cut off discourse…except for the ONE UN-RETRIEVABLE, one-sided destruction of the history we SHARE, whether you “like” that history or NOT. Done. Future generations cut off from the primary symbols of an era that deserve study and discourse. The only way they are going to find out about them are through the lens of ONE side……that’s called “propaganda.” Like it or NOT. As I have said in the past on this post…when you judge history through today’s standards…it is no longer “history”…it becomes current events. As such, it will ALWAYS become an anachronism that is impossible to analyze/understand/ accurately define (ie. “neurtral” look at…just the “facts”) for present/future generations.

    For instance, are we going to dig up and relocate everyone in Arlington National Cemetery? It belonged to the “dreaded” Robert E. Lee. He inherited it, with his wife—-who was a direct descendant of our first First Lady, Martha Parke Custis Washington. Robert E Lee married Mary Custis, direct descent of our First Lady Washington, and she was the beneficiary of her father’s and grandfather’s (adopted ONLY son of George WAshington) estate. All descendants in past centuries and alive today of Robert E. Lee are also descendants of Martha Washington, our first First Lady, wife of our founding father, a general without a paycheck or a budget for his army—that faced-down the most advanced military machine on Earth at the time—-our first president. WE would NOT be here without his existance and service to us, no MATTER what you think of the conduct of his 1700’s life within the bounds of his historical era in Virginia. Today’s zealots, without understanding our inter-connectedness…our history, (or the REASON why Arlington became a National Cemetery—-it was to “spite” Lee and his family for choosing to fight for Virginia instead of the Union—-Lincoln had offered Lee…a grad of West Point—the leadership of the Union Army of the Potomac—but Lee told him that he could not fight/kill his Virginian neighbors, and declined. ) —-PROBABLY might just call for the irradication of Arlington…or its “decommission” as a national monument ….meaning…even the gravesites of JFK and other notables from our history…..To paraphrase Trump…”How far is this going to go before it “stops?” IMO….there will be no end within my lifetime…it will take another catastrophic attack on our homeland, like 9-11, or worse….to unify our people into sharing/loving each other again in unity against our REAL foes We share more inter–connectedness through our history than the differences our foes exploit against us..,,,and right about NOW, our “real foes” walk amongst us….most of them Democratic obstructionists who are in office and their allied Bernie Sanders apologists.

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  11. You may remember when Little Barry Soetoro invited BLM to the White House. How’s that for irony? We’ve had at least eight years of this. Just because their echo chamber wasn’t broadcasting it night and day doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    Now they are at a point where they are demanding we accept their “leadership” or suffer the consequences.

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