Michelle Obama is a man: See the junk moving in his pants

Remember this GIF of Michelle Obama’s swinging nuts while dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which was aired on CBS on March 16, 2015?

Now that he’s no longer in the White House, Mooch no longer bothers to wear his crotch suppressor.

Fall classes begin at Harvard University on August 30. On Tuesday, August 22, Barack and Mooch accompanied their older daughter, 19-year-old Malia, when she moved into her Harvard dorm. Malia had taken a gap year before Harvard, twerking, exposing her butt and in a drug stupor at music festivals.

The arrival of the Obamas, as reported breathlessly by Page Six‘s David K. Li, sent Malia’s classmates “into a joyous frenzy with hopes they’ll catch a glimpse of her famous parents.”

Someone captured the arrival of the Obamas with his cell phone, seen in this CBS Boston news video:

Note that Michelle Obama was dressed in a white camisole-top jumpsuit, as seen in this screenshot from the 0:25 mark in the above video:

Watch Mooch’s crotch as she and Obama leave Malia’s dorm building in this World News TV video:

From the above video, I made this GIF of something substantial swinging in Mooch’s pants as he bounces down the stairs:

Here are two close-up screenshots of Mooch’s junk:

No wonder there are no baby pics or birth records of Obama’s daughters. See also:

Barack’s fobbing of this MtF transgender transvestite as America’s first lady is one of the biggest hoaxes in U.S. history.

H/t FOTM‘s Glenn47 and Before It’s News


65 responses to “Michelle Obama is a man: See the junk moving in his pants

  1. Our genocidal, parasitic rulers were well aware of the mockery they made of this once proud country by installing former teenage coke whore homosexual and his tranny boyfriend in the White House. Joan Rivers announced the sham and paid for it with her life. 100 million white Christian Gentiles were exterminated in the 20th century. The genocide of the rest will happen soon.

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  2. Amen, Dr. Eowyn!
    they are liars and deceivers and those girls look nothing like either of them…but the girls do look a lot like the obama’s closest “friends” nesbitt and blanchard

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  3. The only way to actually tell for sure is to obtain a DNA sample. Failing that, a doctor would have to inspect Mrs. Obama. In all fairness, the bulge could be a sanitary napkin that just won’t fit right; Some women have that problem.
    Whatever its gender is, Don’t touch it! You don’t know where it’s been!

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    • “the bulge could be a sanitary napkin that just won’t fit right”

      Steven, clearly you have little idea about sanitary napkins. They have an adhesive strip on the back or adhesive “wings” that attach to the panty worn by the menstruating woman. No way would a sanitary napkin move that way as in the video & GIF. If it were that loose, the menstrual blood would stain Mooch’s white pants.

      Also, Michelle Obama is 53 years ago. If he were female, it would be menopausal.

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    • Steven,
      “michelle” obama seems to have this constant problem of the “bulge” where no real woman I have ever seen has had. Bless you for trying to be fair towards obama but everything (extra wide shoulders, angled jawbone, masculine waist/hips, no breast tissue attached to “breasts”, large brow, no curve in lower back to support pregnancy, same size head as obama, strong neck muscles, high sloping forehead, photoshopped pictures, no pregnancy pictures, etc.) points to male IMHO.
      that entire “family” is one big lying deception and they were/are used to push satan’s agenda against Christ and His followers.

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      • Yes, the whole family seems to be a CIA creation. And for what?
        You know, it’s funny (as in “strange”): The Devil does not want us to know who we are or why we were put here. How do the Obama’s live with themselves? Is it easier to live the script? I doubt it.
        (As an aside, I am reminded of Joseph Conrad’s quote about a lie: “It is like biting into a piece of rotten fruit. That is what the Obama’s—and the Bushes—are: ROTTEN FRUIT.)

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    • Regarding ‘sanitary napkins’, uh there is no way that they would ever bounce that way.

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  4. Presenting a substancial pepper ball target if Michelle were to kick a tear gas canister at police.

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  5. I certainly do agree, the fact that this “couple” were propelled into the positions of President and “First Lady” truly is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on our country. In fact it is just down right, flippin incredible!

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    • Yep. I’ve always maintained that this was done to give us all the “middle finger”. It shows how much they “respect” us. That whole cadre of thieving perverts needs to be rounded up.

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    • Exactly, Auntie. In my opinion, the most despicable element to the whole charade is our legislators in DC have known the truth about them, if not at the start of obummer’s illicit reign but, most certainly, after a couple of years in. Any of our legislators who still think Michael is a woman should be voted out for their stupidity and gullibility. I think they all should be tried for treason……it should be a clean sweep. No excuses, complicit or not. The fact that even so called good legislators did not have the courage to tell the American population the truth because, I guess, they were/are afraid they’d be murdered shows us who these traitors really are. They all played the game of deception and I have no mercy for them.

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  6. Mooch is a “nasty woman”; the ghetto, athletic Ru Paul, without a glam squad

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  7. it looks like he/she was flicking at her/his crotch on the way down those stairs. Adjusting a rod, maybe?

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  8. Our ol’ buddy SOROS had a lot to do with the imposters who occupied the WHITE House for 8 years. ANOTHER reason to show our thanks by incarcerating him for LIFE.

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  9. Either serious junk or a badly misplaced mike. I’d say the former.

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  10. As old as I am I have never had a misplaced Pad, or anything else in my pants that looks like her Free Willy. There have just been too many instances of her outfit misfunctions. Anyone in their right mind would do a much better job hiding the fact she is equipped.
    In this last video, you can see her do a little adjusting when coming down the stairs.

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  11. All Pathetic Actors

    If he’s 53 then theres a good chance he’s balding. Oh wait, fk the junk, look up, whats that huge bald spot on the front of his head as he’s running into the car for cover? Wig falling off? He’s not wearing a scarf in the first video so please explain the huge lack of hair as he ducks for cover?

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  12. Heard about this on Alex Jones today. Came here because I knew you’d have it too. Absolutely amazing if true.

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  13. Patrick Cornell

    The transgender thing is much, much more pervasive then most could imagine, politics, Hollywood, music industry, cable news, it is a huge conspiracy and Satanic at it’s core!

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  14. Funny yet gross all around!

    It looked like an extra 3-4 inches of “crotch material” hanging between its legs in those white slacks!

    As for the bald spot, wow, that is either a very large bald spot, or maybe a darker tan “headband.” I couldn’t really tell for sure either way.

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  15. HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!!!! WOW, those really are some SWINGING COCONUTS!! WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Geez lousie! Thanks Dr E, that made me chortle in amazement and mirth…wow. I guess all those female hormone shots didn’t suppress the testicle size. WOW. Looks like he doesn’t believe in wearing underwear either.


  16. I’m doubtful about all of this transgender stuff about Michelle Robinson even if it seems plausible given all the information provided on the internet. Having said that, I’m surprised that no one mentioned her high school year books. Is it possible that Michael Robinson had begun dressing as a girl in high school? I don’t think so if he played football in college at that university mentioned, which there is no information about a Michael Robinson being there, nor photos of Michael in their year books either. Make little sense.
    I’ll grant you this much, she/he is an amazon of a woman and there are women who are amazons, ergo the descriptive noun. Regarding Barack, I do believe all the stuff about him being gay as I find it difficult to believe that Larry Singer would rent the Press Club if it weren’t true as he could be sued for defamation and he wasn’t. I am surprised that he was killed, however.
    Go to the Classmates web site and look up the high school where she attended, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, and you will see in the year books 1980:
    where she is a junior and in 1979 where she is a freshmen.
    Sure looks like Michelle Obama to me.
    Let me know if you think I’m wrong about this because I never liked him as President in any way, shape or form. He ruined our country.


  17. Whoever you are may God have mercy on you. Start praying and stop being the devils advocate remember the deeds you give out returns double. I pray the Lord watches over you.


    • Do show me what it is about this post that is untrue. What do you think is the junk moving in Michelle’s pants?

      God is truth, so why would you ask God to have mercy on a post about the truth?

      May God have mercy on you, for your false piety.

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      • Ha, ha! Good one! “Scrupulosity” is also a sin. What on Earth is holy about Mooch, tranny or “straight”? DJ makes it sound like we’ve insulted one of the Apostles or a saint.

        I’m pretty sure neither you or I decided to dress him as a woman. I suppose I pray that this person finds God and loses their confusion between what are leftist gangsters and what is the truly holy. Hint: it isn’t Mooch or “her” boy toy.

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  20. Please, stop! Regardless of whether or not Mrs. Obama is trans you shouldn’t call her a ‘he’ as that isn’t what she identifies with! Do you realize how hurtful this is? I realize that technically, it is against your religion, however, the bible was created quite a while back, and don’t think it makes since to worship a book written about 3400 years ago. I don’t mean it rudely, and i’m sorry to those I may have offended, but it was written in a completely different time, made for then, not now! I mean, one of the rules of whether or not things on the internet are accurate is that it should have been updated in the last seven years. I am not a religious person, so once again, I sincerely apologize for any I may have offended, but I simply don’t find it logical! Regardless, have a lovely day!


  21. I’d like to say………..no, ha, ha, ha…………….nevermind!

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  22. I only just found out here in oz.Im always aware of limited hangouts so I looked closely at Barak.He has no Adam’s apple and zero facial hair.The godparents are the real parents of the kids.This is subliminal program to subvert a generation of young people to destroy the family unit.Much more I could say but being in Australia I have yet to find anyone that will even give me a minute this.Barak Obama is a woman I just know it from looking closely at all photos of him for a week.This a disgrace and he is the perfect blackmailed stooge.Shocking and I feel sorry for the average plebeian in America because as we all do they love their nation.In ’08 you had Glee Ellen culture go through the roof.Its so clear and obvious.People see what they expect to see and not until you are faced with evidence does your mind go there.When you do “see” it you cannot unsee it.Joan rivers plus the handwritten condolence letter he wrote to her daughter are damning.You see them both on Jimmy Fallon Oprah Ellen being masked and pushed to fit this evil hoodwinking agenda. I’m sorry I can’t write further it’s too disturbing.


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