Animal friends


9 responses to “Animal friends

  1. How innocent and lovely these pics! Four legged creatures kill only when hungry. Two legged animals kill for ambition, power, and hate.

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  2. Alma, = Your comment is AWESOME.. World History condensed into One-Line…!!!

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  3. The ones with the Labradors are especially endearing!

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  4. What a wonder collection of pictures to take our minds off all the worrisome things going on in the world. Thank you, Dr Eowyn.

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  5. So refreshing to go to a blog and see beauty and not ugly people at each other’s throats. Thank you Doc you’re a breath of fresh air in a country of clouded diluted cupcakes.

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    Even animals know how to treat each other better than our politicians do. You would think with our President being the NEW GUY on the block these politicians would try to help him to do what he was elected for – but they are not. It is so obvious – especially McConnell and Paul Ryan are working with Obama’s dark government Democrat Muslims/Communists which is not good for the American people. We need to run both of them out on a rail.


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