Antifa at Trump protest gets hit with a pepper ball in his groin

On August 22, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona, thousands of enthusiastic Americans gave President Trump a rousing rally in the 107º heat.

President Trump vowed:

“I’m here tonight to send a message: We are totally committed to fighting for our agenda, and we will not stop until the job is done.”

Outside, anti-Trump protesters rioters threw water bottles and rocks at the police.

Unlike in Charlottesville, the Phoenix police weren’t told to stand down, but confronted the rioters with tear gas, pepper spray, pepper balls, and rubber bullets.

Note: A pepper ball is a frangible (breaks up on impact) projectile containing a powdered chemical that irritates the eyes and nose similar to pepper spray.

An anti-Trump rioter in a gas mask kicked a tear gas canister at police.

Watch what happens next.


UPDATE (Aug. 25, 2017):

The Antifa’s name is Joshua Stuart Cobin, 29, from Scottsdale, AZ. Phoenix police announced that last night, Cobin was booked into jail on four criminal charges — three felony counts of aggravated assault on police and one misdemeanor count of unlawful assembly.

Good job, Phoenix PD!


33 responses to “Antifa at Trump protest gets hit with a pepper ball in his groin

  1. Wonder if that little punk started calling for mommy!

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  2. He got hit in his ovaries 😛

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  3. Interesting, we talk about terrorism and don’t even realize the terrorism going on in this country perpetrated by 13% of our population. Why are we allowing these people to push the other 87% around? The police can’t do their jobs, because when they do blacks terrorize our cities costing us millions. They don’t like our history, so they tear down our statues to erase our history. If blacks can erase our history we’ll erase theirs and forget slavery. If you’re black and no good at being a quarterback, just threaten the heads of football with the NAACP a known terrorist organization. We always complain about the #$%$ but I didn’t see them standing at the polls, that was the black panthers. You liberals want to be color blind, but blacks aren’t and their hate groups like black lives matter are costing our country millions. Blacks are always talking about reparations because of slavery, what do you think we have been giving you with free housing, food stamps, medical and schooling? Your people have been free for over 150 years and can’t get your acts together. People came to this country from Japan after world war 2facing much more adversity than anything blacks did but they succeeded. Vietnamese and Cambodians have also struggled but eventually succeeded after wars with their countries. Why don’t your people just shut up, quit complaining, get a job and take responsibility for your actions and your kids. I think since we had a black president it’s fair to say your people have equal rights, so let’s really make it equal and end the Equal Rights Amendment. You want equal rights? Stand on your own merit when it comes to getting a job or getting into college. Speaking of colleges, why are there all black colleges but not all white? How is that fair? Why are there all black sororities and fraternities but not all white? Where are the equal rights? Your people don’t want equal rights; your people want to destroy our country!

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  4. Watched this 5 times, still makes me smile 😁

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  5. How sweeeeet it isssss, to be continued at another rally, yeah!

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  6. HAHAHAHA! the useful idiot soros employee wore a mask to protect himself from the pepper spray when he should’ve worn a jock cup to protect himself from the pepper spray! 🙂

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  7. Kudos to the cop for hitting such a small target.

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  8. I felt bad for him…

    …for a nanosecond, before I reminded myself that this guy was trying to start a violent Bolshevist styled revolution.

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  9. It lit up my evening with laughter. I watched it more than once. Oh, call me a sadist, but I loved it.

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  10. Don’t mess with the thin blue line when allowed to do its job.

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  11. Nice shot.

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  12. Hahahahahahaha.

    And the guy helping him up, is he wearing a Kaepernick jersey? Hahahahahahahahaha.

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  13. I hope it prevents him from breeding.

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  14. Congratulations to the “sharp shooter,” the majority of America is impressed with your accuracy!

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  15. LOL …………………… –

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  16. ROF!

    Damn, that was hilarious. 😀

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  17. Ha: The man seen on 3TV/CBS 5 video getting hit with a non-lethal round after kicking a gas canister at officers was booked into jail Thursday night on four criminal charges, Phoenix police announced.

    Joshua Stuart Cobin, 29, from Scottsdale, was booked on three felony counts of aggravated assault on police and one misdemeanor count of unlawful assembly.

    Reported on weasel zippers.

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  18. Good shot.

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  19. “Democracy destroys itself because it abuses its right to freedom and equality. Because it teaches its citizens to consider audacity as a right, lawlessness as a freedom, abrasive speech as equality, and anarchy as progress.”

    –Isocrates, 436-338 BCE

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  20. We must not stop speaking out about this our country is at a point its never been a before we have to stand up if we want to keep our Republic.

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  21. Here is a video of a street preacher at an anti-Trump protest:

    Christians Ruin Anti-Trump Protest

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    • Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker movement used to sit in Congress every day with a sign that read “REPENT”. They are noisy and obnoxious but they aren’t “right”. They work for the Father of Lies.

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