Council candidate wants to increase Seattle’s tax on guns and ammo

jon grant

Jon Grant: doubling down on taxing firearm owners

Seattle collected much less tax payer money than anticipated with their new gun tax. The solution to that? Raise the taxes…brilliant! From candidate Grant’s website:

However, in the year since it was implemented it has become clear the law does not go far enough. The revenue created hit less than half its projected goal and therefore the tax on guns and ammunition must be doubled to fulfill our promise to adequately fund critical research on gun violence.  

The city already spent in previous years $275,000 from the General Fund to start up research projects at the Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center. Now the city is in the red in its research spending and we must require the gun industry to shoulder the costs some of those costs.

I would expect nothing less from a “community organizer.”

From One of two candidates vying to replace Seattle Councilmember Tim Burgess wants voters to double down on the city’s gun tax.

Jon Grant, who is running against Teresa Mosqueda for the seat being vacated Tim Burgess, says Seattle is being hit hard by gun violence and the gun industry needs to be held accountable.

The current tax of $25 per gun and 5 cents per round of ammunition was originally estimated to bring in as much as $500,000 in its first year. The money would be used for gun violence research and programs to reduce gun-related crimes.

The tax brought in just over $100,000 in 2016, according to documents the city recently provided after a public records battle with TheGunMag.

Grant says doubling the tax to $50 a gun and 10 cents per round of ammunition would beef up the research funding and ensure the gun industry shoulder’s some of the costs of gun violence.

Burgess spearheaded the effort to bring a gun tax to Seattle.


15 responses to “Council candidate wants to increase Seattle’s tax on guns and ammo

  1. All the increase in taxes is going to do is to drive more gun buyers/owners to go outside if the city to purchase their firearms and ammunition. While they are out there they will probably spend a lot more of their taxable money in the adjoining cities/counties instead of stopping inside of the city on their way home to spent their money! Maybe the real answer is to stop trying to do more research on gun violence and crack down on the criminals that are comiting the violence crimes!!

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Just more bull. Any idiot already knows all there is to know and all they need to know about gun violence. Denying people the right or means to defend themselves only perpetuates crime of every sort. Unless murderers are dealt with on a permanent basis they will always present a danger to the public. It has long been a strategy of our legislators to release truly violent felons back into society in the hope of magnifying their already skewed statistics.

    There is no way around the fact that any tax on a right is an arrogant attempt to abridge that right.

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  3. Liberal logic, the oxymoron that perpetuates itself…

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  4. The arrogance of this politician is outrageous. He wants tax money to
    fund anti-gun propaganda, not genuine impartial research. Meanwhile
    he and his ilk are hell bent on releasing convicts early to commit more
    violence. Want to lower violence? Lock ’em for good.

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  5. Can’t wait to see the crime rates in Seattle in the future. I recommend all Muslims settle in Seattle for a warm, welcoming environment with lots of free stuff.

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  6. You can’t fix stupid!

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  7. Something tells me that the taxes on guns to pay for “gun violence research” is being pilfered by some greedy politicians. Their efforts didn’t bring them as much money as they expected, so now they want to double-down. Research groups are about as honest as all of the “foundations” that are set up to allow people to get rich off the donations.

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    • The tax only applies to residents of Seattle. Seattle is surrounded by communities full of gun owners. They aren’t making much because anyone with half a brain would not attempt to buy either guns or ammo within the city limit.

      This is just more puerile posturing to provide more poop to rally around.

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  8. Yeah-I mentioned this back a few days ago,but I didn’t think they’d take me SERIOUSLY! I was being SARCASTIC. Guess the Council member’s eyes weren’t good enough to see the (sarc).

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  10. The money is needed for illegals. The state needs to get money from somewhere, and so over taxation occurs. Gun violence WILL go up since the criminal knows their drug and money by theft keep them in the driver’s seat and Muslims swollen well provided for…..temporarily.

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  11. I’m surprised what they’re doing is even legal. Why should people in just the city of Seattle be subject to more taxes?

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    • There has been some discussion regarding their “income tax” on “the rich”. City’s have some power to levy taxes, but they are limited. When a city, or other entity, singles out some group for taxation it should be challenged.

      Washington has many taxes (sin taxes). This is purely a way to generate income and punish those miscreants who dare to practice their constitutional rights.

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  12. Tell me how is levying a tax on each gun sold and the ammunition needed to utilize the gun “making the gun manufacturers shoulder some of the cost of gun violence?” Isn’t it the customer who would be paying this tax? It does not go back up the supply chain to “tax the manufacturer.” From the vacant look in the eyes of Jon Grant, who is running for councilman . . . it is easy to see that he doesn’t have a bloody clue. It will only be when the thugs see that the average citizen is able to defend themselves from the thugs that there might possibly is the chance of lessening crimes which are committed with guns; but then you have children being influenced by movies and video games that glorify the use of guns. I think that last part could well be a part of Seattle’s search for lessening gun violence.

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