Man vandalizes Manhattan apartment window where two Confederate flags were hanging

darren keen

No doubt inspired by antifa’s “peaceful” protests.

From Daily Mail: A man has been arrested for breaking the window of a New York apartment where two Confederate flags had been hanging.

Darren Keen, a 34-year-old DJ, had bragged on Instagram that he had punched the sixth-floor window of the East Village apartment on Friday night. He was arrested about 30 minutes later and charged with criminal mischief. 

Keen, who lives around the corner from the apartment on East 8th Street, had climbed up the fire escape before covering his hand with a shirt and punching the window.

The two Confederate flags along with an American flag and Israeli flags had hung in the windows of the top floor apartment for several months but drew further anger in the aftermath of the deadly protests by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Residents of the neighborhood had gathered outside the apartment block earlier in the week shouting insults and throwing rocks at the window. A tarp was draped from the roof of the building on Friday to try and conceal the flags.

Keen, who is originally from Nebraska, told DNAinfo that his wife had spotted the flag about a month ago but he became enraged when he saw how angry his fellow residents were getting.

‘It’s one thing for me, a white Nebraskan, to be annoyed by redneck culture… to actually see the anger and frustration it was causing disadvantaged people in the neighborhood, it escalated my feelings a lot,’ he said.

In the aftermath of the window breaking, Keen posted several photos on Instagram of his bleeding hand.

Yo I punched this nazi dudes Windows out in front of racist nypd I can’t take it any more. Now they knocking on door when they come to mine I’m gonna blow a massive weed rip in their face and say lets all calm down as they beat and subdue me to keep a white supremacist safe,’ he wrote.

He later shared a photo of himself being arrested saying he had wanted to draw a Wutang logo on the tarp but opted to punch the window when he couldn’t find any paint.

‘Yeah ok I was dumb for punching out the window instead of painting the wutang logo but I did scream “f**k white supremacy wutang is for the children” while getting put into the car,’ he wrote.

When the tarp was taken down on Saturday, the Confederate flag had been removed.

Keen later claimed that police had removed the flags from the man’s window, but the NYPD denied this saying it was freedom of speech.

He also bragged about his charge, saying: ‘I just got a ticket for “mischief” which is lower than vandalism. S**t worked out real good IMO.’

NYPD continue to be stationed outside the apartment.


20 responses to “Man vandalizes Manhattan apartment window where two Confederate flags were hanging

  1. I’d like to see how much his shrink bills are. No wonder he dresses like a five year old.

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  2. Yet another case of doing what they want to believe is right in their own sight:
    “Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”[Isaiah 5:21 KJV]
    So tired of seeing this going on, but it’s becoming a regular habit among those types. So long as they believe “it’s the right thing to do”, the only way to get them to stop is to enforce laws against such things–I’m so glad he was arrested, but not glad he was only issued a ticket!
    I wonder–shouldn’t such vandalism warrant a tougher punishment under the law? Maybe the vaunted “hate crime” law needs to apply here–after all, that type of action is prompted by hatred.

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  3. Adolescent at twice the age…

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  4. What an oafish troll he is. Wonder what “DJ” stands for… perhaps “Damned jackass”? He’s lucky he didn’t fall from the fire escape (upon which he was criminally trespassing), although that’s the photo of him I’d have enjoyed viewing. Maybe land with a wrought-iron fence post lodged up his posterior. I guarantee he wouldn’t try so foolish an act again (unless while stoned).

    Perhaps the greater crime comes from the fact the local cretins were whipped into a frenzy over the display of confederate flags by the BS perpetuated by the MSM over “things non-PC with the wacky left”…

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  5. New York’s demographics are changing rapidly, and a large contingent of special snowflakes has come in from America’s Heartland, the Midwest.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Boys Town turned this Michael Moore wannabe away! Darren, it turns out, is not so “keen”! We have gone from cynical to supercilious in one generation! And this “Heartland” myth is a load of crap!

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  6. He needs to run and get his “banky and his pacifier” and climb back in his bubble. What’s he doing in NYC anyway? This fool should be in San Francisco or Monterey.

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  7. The two Confederate flags along with an American flag and Israeli flags had hung in the windows of the top floor apartment for several months …
    Knowing that the flag of the U.S.A. should be flown higher than the others within the borders of this country…..I have ONE QUESTION: Which of those flags was hung the highest?

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  8. Speaking of offensive flags, I guess “6 Flags” is not just down one Confederate flag, but apparently at least one of the parks has decided to simply fly all American flags so as not to offend the easily offended.

    Apparently, that park’s manager doesn’t realize that it is the American flag that represents the country that ‘started it all’ in the first place, so, in reality, it’s the one most hated above all by the lefty snowflake crowd. Now, they’ll have no more reason to attack a more obscure ideal represented by any other flag–they can all just come on out and have a stroke over the one they all secretly loathe with a purple passion–Old Glory. What a sad, sorry bunch of human beings they all are.

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  9. Six Flags[‘ll probably just give up and fly six WHITE flags-“We Surrender!!”.

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