Man arrested in Houston for plotting to bomb Confederate monument

general dowling statue

Dowling statue in Houston

Bill Ayers approved.

As Newsbusters noted, to the surprise of no one: ABC, CBS, and NBC’s evening newscasts on Monday all failed to cover the thwarted bombing of a Confederate monument in Houston, Texas. 

From A 25-year-old man has been taken into custody for attempting to ‘maliciously damage or destroy property receiving federal financial assistance’, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Abe Martinez. The charges come after the FBI and ATF raided a home in Houston Sunday.

According to the complaint, on the evening of Aug. 19, 2017, a Houston park ranger observed Andrew Schneck kneeling among the bushes in front of the General Dowling Monument located in Hermann Park in Houston. Schneck was allegedly holding two small boxes with various items inside to include what appeared to be duct tape and wires. After placing the boxes on the ground per the ranger’s request, Schneck then allegedly took a drink from plastic bottle but immediately spit it on the ground. The ranger then noticed a timer and wires in the box and notified the Houston Police Department (HPD), according to the complaint.

The clear liquid was field tested as was a white powdery substance found in a small, black aluminum tube which revealed they were most likely nitroglycerin and Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HMTD), respectively, according to the charges. HMTD is a high explosive organic compound used as an initiating, or primary explosive. Nitroglycerin has been used as an active ingredient in the manufacture of explosives. ln its pure form, nitroglycerin is a contact explosive, with physical shock causing it to explode, which degrades over time to even more unstable forms. Nitroglycerin is highly dangerous to transport or use. ln its undiluted form, it is one of the world’s most powerful explosives.

Authorities believe the items in Schneck’s possession on Aug. 19 were capable to produce a viable explosive device, according to the charges.

The complaint further alleges that Schneck conducts “chemistry experiments” at his Houston residence.

The City of Houston receives federal financial assistance for maintenance of Hermann Park where the General Dowling Monument is located.

If convicted, Schneck faces a minimum of five and up to 40 years in federal prison and a possible $250,000 maximum fine. The FBI and HPD are conducting the investigation.


30 responses to “Man arrested in Houston for plotting to bomb Confederate monument

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    This is the way statues should be handled when someone is drying to damage the property. This man was arrested and changed.

    This is what should have happened in Charlottesville, VA, instead of the mayor and Governor McAuliffe telling the Police to stand down and not hurt the terrorists. Now the DOJ should go after the mayor and the governor for obstructing justice.


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  2. I can just imagine, had I been the ranger, hmmm, “drink it all now, make the clock go. Bye, bye”. I’d walk away then call 911.

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    • Those damaging public and federal property should and most be arrested, and punished, we are civilized people, savages belong in cages.

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    • My thoughts exactly, Alma. Let the little puke drink it all down and see what happens.

      I still think that a few of these spoiled miscreants need to be met with some serious fire power. It wouldn’t take very many and would lead to the rest of the groups rethinking their game plans.

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  3. All of those defacing and destroying statues and monuments, regardless of the methods used, should go to jail. Ten years should be the minimum sentence.

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  4. It is frightening that mental illness is so rampant in our society in this day and time. What exactly would the result of destroying a statue be? Is all this mayhem due to the fact that psychologists and child experts told parents to “stop spanking their children?”

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  5. In the white community, the path to a more perfect union means acknowledging that what ails the African-American community does not just exist in the minds of black people; that the legacy of discrimination – and current incidents of discrimination, while less overt than in the past – are real and must be addressed.
    – Barack Obama


  6. Kevin J Lankford

    It is the half-wit pawns of the left, the truly ignorant, and the intentional instigators, that claim racism, and there connection to slavery, as motive for their monument phobias.

    It is clear this is only one tactic of a long well consider plan for the down fall of this nation, that bears evidence of origins from the beginning of this grand experiment of freedom and self-governance.

    Slavery was only one issue that had to be overcome, and was doomed even with out the war of the norther power grab. In no way was it the cause of the conflict; no more than it will be if the enemies of our nation have their way again.

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  7. The basic premise of these idiotic arguments is that we are all just spectators in our lives and have not ability or power to do anything for ourselves. So we either “join” some group that claims to represent our interests, or we whine about how someone else isn’t satisfying our wants.

    Basically, they want to be cuddled. Now, even if cuddled, they want to behave as if they have no obligation to those who enable them. They are vile, obnoxious and violent. They are always able to free one hand from the beatings to collect more money.

    I can tell you that I feel no guilt at all here. I suggest that others try the same.

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  8. I wonder if he got his orders from Tel Aviv or the local synagogue.


  9. Anyone believe this man will get a sentence or fine like this? My bet is that he gets 20 hours of community service and then sues the city for false arrest and gets 147 million.

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  10. Is this insane? Black people living today and who were never slaves blame white people for slavery who never owned slaves.
    Black people who WERE slaves could only dream of having the lives that the blacks have today.
    Nobody mentions that Blacks in Africa sold other blacks to the English, Dutch and Spanish slave traders, as they many times had captured them during tribal warfare, which from what I have read was very common.

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    • Thanks, Chem, for an historical perspective. (African tribes selling competing African tribes into slavery onto our shores) Mostly,Dutch did the trafficking. Due to religion, many countries didn’t participate in actual transporting/selling of Africans to the “New World.” But, others were NOT adverse to pocketing money through an intermediary (the Dutch). They thought it “absolved them” fr Biblical blame (i.e., the Spanish). They’d just not buy/sell actual live flesh—but Dutch were NOT squeamish/ concerned w/forfeiting a heavenly home (& pocketed shared income fr the trade).

      Having lost ancestors for the Union/North (Pennsylvania…a hotbed of abolitionism/ Underground Railroad—AND THE FIRST REPUBLICANS/ FIRST STATE GOVERNOR TO JOIN UP WITH THE FIRST REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT—-LINCOLN), I am continually assaulted by the modern far-left movements of today. One (Civil War) death in particular followed our family “poor fortune” —a century, minumum—into the mid-20th century & affects our family even unto today—as we are still all “finding each other” over the centuries (our ancestor gave his life after fighting for the entire war—up to Febr 1865….including first 3 month-enlistment BEFORE Lincoln called for the full-on 3-yr enlistment to FIGHT)—This ancestor’s minor kids were scattered to various charitable places upon his slaughter at the great-winding down of the war, (as it came to us historically,& to HIM, in Virginia). My grandfather, on whose PA farm I grew up, took care of (w/his birth family) his great-grandmother: this was our Civil War widow. She died at an advanced age–near 100 & in her “right mind” (my grandfather was 13 at the time, his older sister,my great-aunt, aged 20.) Being the second -born grandchild to my grandfather….I was soooo lucky to be some sort of “between era” baby… early “baby-boomer” who descends from some long-lived people before me..& all the people who came after them & me who don’t CARE. I got all the stories/personal histories growing up….b/c they’d lived w/a survivor/historical reference of the time—And I remembered/wrote them down as they were told to me…..& THEN I followed these up with primary research over the course of 30 or more yrs.

      Because our family sacrifice for the benefit of others has followed us socially/economically/ for some time, even LEGALLY, for over 150 years….I am so often emotionally exhausted, insulted, sad/depressed, in despair over the public attitude displayed in this country today. My family/extended family gave their all to the beliefs in “Union” & “abolitionism.” My family gave time & treasure & LIFE itself, which set ensuing generations (including me) BACK for many economic decades….amongst other things I won’t go into here. The ancestor of whom I spoke who “gave the most” was killed in February of 1865. He was old for then—45. He left 6 orphans. These kids were farmed out, sent to “soldier’ and sailor’s homes….and ultimately scammed (orphan’s pensions) by the people/lawyers who supposedly “represented them.” Even the US Gov’t prosecuted the scammers in their behalf…..even so, they’d spent their earliest years up into adulthood in penury due to all this…..and all because their father—-as well as their WHITE anti-slavery community/heritage —chose to fight for something moral, something more important to him and his family than his own life.,HIS family paid with generations of penury and loss.

      However, most of my life, I’ve been judged on the color of MY WHITE SKIN by any and all sides of this issue. Holy Cow! Just look at the nightly news! This problem has ALWAYS been two-sided, tho’ you’d never know it by today’s newscasts. I’ve been wrongly judged by the “alt right” and the “alt left.” No one looking at me can tell MY story….WHICH…BTW….WON the Civll War and FREED the slaves & est. our modern era of WORLD leadership that lasted up to about a decade ago……and yet….THEY WILL STUPIDLY —either way—-proceed to judge me, my family, my history, by the color of my skin…and….MOSTLY….I BLAME the failure of our schools to teach the in-depth history of our nation to our kids…….and the “sound bite” nature of our instagram society…..BUT MOST OF ALL—the vote-mongering “”whores” of our polittical system that uses race/color of skin to divide us in order to ensure their longeity in our political system—where they enrich themselves into MILLIONAIRES on a public servant income…..

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