Antifa attempts to stab innocent man over “neo-Nazi” haircut

joshua witt

A “peaceful” antifa thug attacked Joshua because of this haircut.

These violent thugs are out of control. And soon enough, one of them is going to run into a person who conceal carries. It won’t end well.

From Fox News: A “confused anti-fascist” thug swung a knife towards the face of a man with a haircut similar to the one popular with white nationalists.

Joshua Witt, 26, was getting out of his car at Steak ’n Shake in Sheridan, Colorado when a man ran over to him yelling, “Are you one of them neo-Nazis?”

The man aimed for his head over his car door, but Witt blocked the blow with his hand, which needed three stitches.

“I threw my hands up and once the knife kind of hit, I dived back into my car and shut the door and watched him run off west, behind my car.”

Witt, who is in no way a neo-Nazi, joked that he believes it was indeed his haircut that confused the anti-fascist, and said he’s considering changing his style. He has no other marks that would make his attacker mistake him for a white nationalist, he said.

“Apparently, my haircut is considered a neo-Nazi statement,” he told The New York Post.


27 responses to “Antifa attempts to stab innocent man over “neo-Nazi” haircut

  1. This is just sad and ridiculous… I just dont understand what is happening. I dont see anything wrong with his haircut. I think his haircut is nice. So does that make me naive or is the world really getting that bad? It saddens me and breaks my heart to hear news like this….

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  2. Lock and load and know how to use your gun!!!

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  4. So, the hipster rapper Macklemore has a Nazi haircut… um, huh?

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  5. This must be the “Zombie Apocalypse” they warned about. Maybe its time to just shoot them before they get too close.

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  6. Hadenoughalready

    Time to “carry” – locked n loaded – and LEGALLY, if you can. Better to have and not need than to need and not have, folks.

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  7. I expected some form of a Civil War in America’s future,but I never expected anything like THIS.

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    • Well they’ve been predicting it for years and its been pretty accurate. Still, I don’t like to see it. I give people too much credit. I assumed that this would be too over the top for most.

      They had to dumb down the population quite a bit to pull this off. They’ve done this all over the globe but usually in “third-world” populations. In Europe they’ve softened them up by an invasion of hostile morons. Here they’ve started with perverts and college students.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      Expect the unexpected, my friend, and you’ll never be surprised.
      Honestly, a civil war WAS expected. The impetus, however, wasn’t.

      I just hope everyone’s prepared. This won’t be brief nor timid. Stand ready for action, no matter how mundane or monumental.

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  8. You were attacked because you were white. The only Neo-Nazi haircuts I have ever heard of are shaved skin heads. SO if your are unfortunate enough to be bald watch out for punks trying to stab you.

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  9. Until our government ferrets out some of the Antifa crowd when they injure an innocent bystander, we can expect more of this same garbage. How stupid do you have to be to come to the conclusion that someone who is wearing that particular haircut, with no other indicators . . . is automatically a Neo-Nazi. I hope that joker is not donating to the gene pool.

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    • It doesn’t matter to them, Lulu. This is “Gladio II”. They are paid to sow chaos. They’ve been doing this all over the world. The idea is that people will get so frightened and disgusted that they “welcome” their “solution” to the problem.

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    • Dang, first our hair style then what? The kind of car we drive? Until we cut off the funds backing these thugs, it will most likely keep going. The left have to keep up the distraction from the real crimes they committed. They have not gotten over they lost a fixed election and the feeling they would be home safe. Right after the election, billions of dollars were suddenly shipped offshore. They knew with Hillary, the corruption could continue.
      We have groups from the left and groups from the right and we have no idea what they really mean. They call groups of the right the very name that the are, Nazis. Confusing to say the least.
      I still think these groups all came from the same core group and were paid to keep this country in chaos.
      The innocent citizens will have to be even more vigilant in their safety. Bless this young man.

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  10. Antifa, go to North Korea, see who you can find.

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