Professors urge abortionists to embrace “gruesomeness” of their jobs

limbs of aborted baby, April 9, 2015, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

An abortionist’s “most fulfilling” work…

From Campus Reform: A group of University of Michigan professors recently suggested that abortion providers should be more open about the “gruesomeness” of their jobs.

Professor Lisa A. Martin, et al. published an article in the most recent issue of Social Science and Medicine, where they explain that abortion providers “self-censor” in order to avoid discussing sensitive issues such as “multiple abortions, grief after abortion, [and] the economics of abortion.”

Martin and her colleagues go on to note that many abortion providers face severe backlash for speaking up about these issues, but argue that failing to do so “results in costs to the movement itself.”

“One consequence is that nuanced public depictions of abortion workers are rare,” Martin explains, adding that “the absence of providers’ voices has created a vacuum in which stereotypical caricatures may dominate the public discourse.”

Indeed, the four authors claims that neglecting to talk about the “difficult aspects of abortion work [could] ultimately weaken the abortion rights movement,” referencing an argument initially made by the late Norma Leah McCorvey Nelson (the “Roe” in Roe v. Wade, who eventually became an anti-abortion activist.)

The professors reviewed the testimony of 96 abortion providers collected during a 2007 research study, and found that abortion providers tend to stay silent because of fear of “affirming anti-abortion stereotypes, challenging pro-choice movement messaging, and acknowledging moral ambiguities in abortion work.”

The paper elaborates that “while participants often commented about their pride in their work, many also identified moral uncertainties about whether or not providing abortions was always a good thing.”

“I still to this day say to myself I hope I’m doing the right thing. That never goes away,” said one abortion provider. “There’s part of this where you need some validation [that] what you’re doing is right.”

Another abortion provider expressed concern that she worked in an “abortion mill,” as anti-abortion activists call it. “It’s like a slaughterhouse—it’s like—line ‘em up and kill ‘em and then go on to the next one—I feel like that sometimes.”

Worry over whether abortion is murder also caused abortion providers distress, with one admitting that “I thought I was going to go to Hell and God was going to punish me if abortion was murder—I was like ‘Is abortion murder, maybe it is murder?’ I just sat there and used to think about that constantly.

Others, however, expressed disappointment with the pro-choice movement’s perpetual defensive stance, exemplified by messaging focusing on the issue of choice rather than explicitly advocating abortion.

“Why can’t we have a pro-abortion stance?” one asked, while another wondered, “… can you say that on a bumper sticker?”

Regardless of the potential backlash that the practice could incur, Martin argues that abortion providers should nonetheless talk more about abortion because it “could strengthen the pro-choice movement” by offering “opportunities to grow, mature, and strengthen by developing new discursive messaging.”

“What kind of radical shift might we see in the nation’s polarization around abortion if some abortion providers routinely said, ‘Yes, abortion stops a beating heart and sometimes I do think of my work as killing—and yet I find it the most fulfilling work I could do’?” the authors ask near the end of the paper

Campus Reform reached out to Martin for more information, but did not receive a response.


20 responses to “Professors urge abortionists to embrace “gruesomeness” of their jobs

  1. Notice they never say “sometimes I think of it as killing a human being”. Because this is where it gets into the morality of it. And God’s perspective on it. They know it’s murder. But, it is a sacrament to these devil worshippers. The bloody death of the innocent to appease their pagan god’s wrath.

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  2. It is murder sorry to tell you.God states it in the bible. Thou shall NOT kill.

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  4. What “movement”? They can now get abortions (much to my chagrin), so what is it they want now? Oh, they want people to tell them its SWELL to get an abortion. I get it.

    No, its infanticide. There isn’t anything “pretty” about it. I have no sympathy for those who participate in it.

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  5. Yeah,like Jack The Ripper embraced HIS work…..

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  6. Abortion is murder with corrupt lawmakers approval and the church’s blessing.

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  7. Because killing babies and ripping off their tiny limbs is soooo fulfilling.

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  8. God forgive us for allowing this sin.

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  9. Abortion is murder and Alex Jones has revealed, on a number of occasions, that Satanic ceremonies happen in abortuaries. Gloria Steinem foreshadowed this when she said, “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.” Yes, abortion IS the Satanists’ “sacrament.”
    If there is a repentant abortionist out there, he or she ought to look at the example of Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Nathanson took great pride in his work and in the fact that he never did any medical damage to a woman. After one particular abortion, he looked at the fetus, which he extracted whole, and it occurred to him that this WAS a human life. He stopped his practice, repented of his crimes, came to believe and converted to Catholicism. Pope John Paul II praised his pro-life work.

    The souls of the aborted shall not enter the Beatific Vision, as far as we know. But come the Last Day, they will serve as God’s Silent Witnesses to the rest of Humanity. In the meantime, we ought to learn by beginning to refer to contraception and abortion as being two sides of the same coin: We ought to refer to one while ALWAYS referring to the other, for the demand for one ALWAYS leads to demand for the other. We on the pro-life side of the War MUST be sexually pure and chaste and lead by example. And we must remember that we have had something of an impact, already: Across the world, people have been having second thoughts about this horrible Satanic activity. Some people HAVE been waking up—we’ll just never hear it from the Satanic mainstream media. (And it IS Satanic!)

    In all likelihood, we won’t be here to see the Victory. No Matter: Pope John Paul II (whom I believe was greatly defective as a Pope) said something absolutely true: “The outcome to this Battle has already been decided.”

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  10. why would anyone in this profession not know how gruesome it is. Maybe they were just looking at the money…..

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  11. ‘….whoso employs the abortion-monger’s knife shall not escape the corrosive waters of the Vetarani River…’ the words of the Lord of Hell spoken to the fallen…

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  12. Charlie Daniels – “Payback Time”

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  13. Embrace the gruesomeness of their jobs… like these guys and their souvenir lampshades?

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  14. These (sick) authors said….” abortion stops a beating heart, and sometimes I do think of my work as killing—and yet, I find it the most fulfilling work I can do.” Pretty much I think you can find similar statements in the confessions of a serial killer, which, of course, these people are—ON STEROIDS. I can’t EVEN believe they put it in PRINT as a “scholarly paper” or presentation, bald-faced, let it all hang out…& PROUD of it. Again…this is the confession of serial killers— people, who think they are smarter than everyone else, holier than everyone else on a social scale of “do-gooding” and also, just plain can KILL & get away with it—EVEN be paid for it, EVEN gain kudos from certain quarters for it—AND that their victim is less than NOTHING (as every major genocide culture in history has established before it moves on with its mass “legal”killings) …is not human…is not worth life…has no rights….is the “property” of someone else who controls the “rent” and can “evict” at will because they OWN the real estate. Even HERE in the USA, If the victim were a few days older, a few months older…or a few years older…or even an adult..& that SAME opening sentence were spoken or written by these reprobates, they’d be on death row. IMO….it’s the perpetual “bad kid” in the classroom, the one who craves 24/7 attention to themselves by whatever means possible…much of it negative attention ….& then, out in the “real world,” if they get that education their parents insist upon…if they find that academic “niche” that accepts that “bad kid” behavior/motivation & REWARDS it as “progressive,” YOU GET these University of Michigan bogus “professors” who are elevated into a position to bring this sort of reasoning into the public discourse…as though admitting that you routinely STOP a beathing heart…you KILL….is “okie-dokie” and to brushed off routinely over your liverwurst sandwhich at lunch…..& even WORSE…that you DESERVE a COOKIE desert after lunch as a reward.

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