Jeffrey Katzenberg on Trump: “Worst nightmare I could ever imagine”

Obama Discusses Economy At DreamWorks Animation Facility In California

Katzenberg and his hero Obama

Good, good…let the butthurt flow!

From Hollywood Reporter: Last fall during a speech at the amfAR Gala Los Angeles, just a handful of days before the presidential election, Jeffrey Katzenberg denounced the soon-to-be-elected Donald Trump as a demagogue. “Day after day, we are being subjected to the hateful speech of a man who is actually trying to turn the clock back,” he said at the time. “He’s trying to take us back to darkness. We must not let this happen.”

Many would argue that dark times are here in the wake of deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va., as Trump went back on condemning white supremacists and neo-Nazis and instead insisted there was “blame on both sides,” referring to what he called “alt-left” protesters, many of whom showed up to speak out against hate speech in favor of civil and human rights. (Nice bias there Hollywood Reporter.)

When The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Katzenberg on Thursday night, just as he was heading into MPTF’s NextGen Summer Party on a NeueHouse rooftop in Hollywood, the staunch Democratic supporter and longtime fundraiser almost seemed at a loss for how to respond to Trump’s controversial week. “Mortified is the only word I can think of,” Katzenberg told THR. “It is beyond comprehension.”

He continued, adding that “the worst nightmare that I could ever imagine doesn’t come close to this [reality].”

So now what? Just how will Katzenberg be rallying his influential Rolodex? Though he wouldn’t give specifics, Katzenberg hinted that he’s taking action, urging others to do the same. “People have to stand up,” he said. “Every voice matters. Now is when it matters most.”


25 responses to “Jeffrey Katzenberg on Trump: “Worst nightmare I could ever imagine”

  1. It was Obama that took us back to the 60’s.Constant deflection from his croney’s.

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  2. We can expect this BS from Democrats, the owners of racism, but I am more disgusted with the pretend Republicans who are rushing to the mics with their nasty rhetoric, e.g., flaky Flake, quirky Corker and pain-in-the McCain. But then, what more can we expect from those who long ago sold out to the globalist agenda? Vote these fools out of office, okay?

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  3. When can I “return to darkness?”. I want to go back, way back, before I knew what a Bush or Obongo was. I want to go back to a time when people said “I may not agree with your ideas, but I’d defend to the death your right to hold them”.

    I want to “go back” to a time when people treated each other with respect, even if they didn’t agree. Just “who” decided that we had to “progress” to what, THIS?

    If this is progress I’ll take regression any day.

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    • lophatt . . . I want to return with you to that time. We had a civil society, something that we have not seen for some time, and we are devolving into a horrible pit . . . where there is only hatred for those who disagree with Progressives.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Any half-wit can understand that a natural born citizen can not be born of a foreign parent. Know they would have us believe that dual citizenship only means one can claim natural born citizenship of multiple countries, and some are truly that stupid.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards,….referred to obama as president.

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    • But Frank Marshall Davis was American. He may have been a pedophile and pervert, but he WAS American.

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      • Kevin J Lankford

        obama’s whole persona is a fabrication. Even if his father was or is really a U.S. citizen, all the lies, crimes, and deceit associate with obama make him unfit for any office, even if it were only his stolen Social Security numbers and falsified draft registration.

        his fake computer generated birth certificates bear clear proof of his intent to deceive and defraud his way into office, arrogantly naming a foreign father, knowing he could rely on the race card to quiet any truth. Even so, he could not have succeeded with out the collusion of every elected official, every court, and every enforcement agency, and of course voter fraud.

        And now the door is still open for further occupation of our highest office by others of conflicting and compromised allegiances. This very last election there were three ineligible who attempted the same, canadian anchor baby cruz, little gay rubio, and jindal.

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        • I wouldn’t argue with that, other than to say that Obongo certainly didn’t do that on his own. He’s a “made for TV” production. A real “Company Man” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

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    • By the way, have you seen Frank’s photo album?

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  5. “Every voice matters” might just be what he needs to hear. I believe there’s a lot more people that support Trump than what the MSM would have you believe. They’re just not telling the liberals that they do because they just can’t stand the constant WHINING, BLAMING, HYSTERIA, ETC, coming from the left. no need to pour gas on the fire.

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  6. Since we’ve “unofficially” established that Liberalism,in all its various incarnations,is a form of INSANITY,it’s time to set about institutionalizing these loonies. Then,they can Antifa themselves till they’re blue in the face…..

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  7. My worst nightmare has been th MFs democrats for a very long time. They have taken my money they have stolen from me and given it to the bastards, seating in the welfare office with kids that are not theirs, filled their pockets with with my hard earned money for them to drink, gamble, and have fatherless kids, and all for the bastard’s votes to get elected and continue stealing from me. I’ve never asked for hand outs and yet in the name of the elected I am the recipients keeper, -they don’t work, don’t want to work and their society’s parasites nd leaches, they are the low life’s and the scourge –and bastard Mustafa Obama is the crown king.

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  8. No, Mr. Hep-Cat: The worst nightmare I can imagine is a President Trump who will cave in the end, a President who will fail in the Triumph of the Will we need to defeat the Left once and for all, because he lacks the Will.
    And I very much fear that President Trump is failing in his resolve of will because he has yet to go on the OFFENSIVE. When you’re in a war, Defense WILL NEVER WIN. When you’re in a war, ONLY OFFENSE CAN WIN. It seems to me that Donald Trump fails to grasp this—or admit to it in open court.

    The future of all of humanity is at stake.

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  9. Katsen…who?:

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  10. Worst nightmare? He must not have considered the alternative:

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  11. Jeffrey Katzenberg = freemasonic schlock for kiddies.


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