Antifa website calls for violence against Trump supporters

Shocker, not.

This was posted June 21st on YouTube by Tea Partiest. From their video posting:

A disturbing Antifa website is calling for physical violence against supporters of President Donald Trump and capitalists. The site “It’s Going Down,” which has become a resource for self-described “anti-fascist” activists, encourages violence against anyone it labels a “fascist.” A poster published on the site in April shows a man in a Make America Great Again hat being cornered by a bayonet, with a silhouette of a Nazi in the background. “It’s Going Down” justifies violence as not only good but necessary to the survival of minorities and the disenfranchised. A library of downloadable publications on the website offers long-form articles that call for “insurrectionary mass resistance and refusal” and militant tactics against employers and law enforcement.”

Stay vigilant.


31 responses to “Antifa website calls for violence against Trump supporters

  1. This is TERRORISM. Where’s the FBI?

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  2. The more violent and unrelenting the anti-fascist become the more fascist they become. I call them the anti-facts crowd. Most of us. who are not left of common sense, realize that these groups — both the anti-left and the anti-right — are being organized, funded and paid by the global, leftist, elites. The public face of the global, leftist, elites is George Soros.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Those they erroneously want to label as the fascist thinking to draw the confused into their chaotic bought and payed for disorder, are the true U.S. citizens who do represent the true majority.

    Only with the support of our own treasonous government elected, and agencies could they over power the true citizens, of which I have no doubt.

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  4. You’ll get what you deserve if you try. Who is going to decide who and who isn’t a trump supporter?? The Internet needs to take down this web site. If it was a white radical site it would have already been taken down. I do NOT support either side of violence!

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  5. The left has never met a terrorist group they did not fall in love with and use to push their agenda. There are millions of patriots whose trigger fingers are getting very itchy.

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  6. NOW we see how all those “deer hunting Patriots” really are.

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  7. If you Google “Antifa funding” you will come across big $ donations by Soros fronts to these “loosely affiliated, autonomous” groups”

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  8. That is the main reason I haven’t put and was fearful of having Trump sign in the yard, or sticker on the car, etc. My neighborhood and most nearby places seem safe and it’s a more conservative area. But you really can’t take chances, especially out driving where you’re likelier to encounter people with opposing view. Now almost any Republican or conservative sign, sticker or clothes might make you a target.

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    • go ahead and go with the bumper stickers and signs-you have as much of a right as THEY do. And remember-if they make the first move,don’t tell the Cops anything except that you shot in SELF DEFENSE,and you FEARED FOR YOUR LIFE.

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      • To be 100% serious for a few moments, let me say this.

        A Trump bumper sticker, t-shirt, hat or yard sign is something you must put serious consideration into.

        I would recommend you NOT display these item without some deep thought.

        This is no longer a cute game or interesting election season. Now it is war for the other side.

        If you are not SIGNIFICANTLY TRAINED in both armed and unarmed close quarters combat, you should not advertise.

        Practice the “grey man” concept if you are not willing to take a life and then deal with the life changing consequences. Just pulling a pistol in self defense can end up in thousand of dollars in legal fees and many a night in jail fighting off your enter found boy friends.

        There are citizen patriot organizations you can join who are working to counter ANTIFA and Soros. There is power in numbers.

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      • Yes, I wouldn’t let them intimidate me, at all. As to “joining” groups, I recommend against it. Every group is infiltrated. It is better that individuals act with common purpose.

        If someone has a need to discuss strategy with others they must be very careful. “The walls have ears” is literally true. Assume you are being followed and listened to. You are.

        This is not because you have anything to be ashamed of, it is because you must be free to be effective. In most cases your neighbors are your worst enemy. I make it a point not to discuss events with neighbor. It isn’t because I think that’s a bad thing to do, being a realist I think it dangerous.

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  9. I suggest to you that ANTIFA will never try this crap where Concealed Carry is in the majority.

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    • They’ll go wherever Soros pays them to go. If they think they can make “good copy” out of it, they may send a few so they can spin that to their liking.

      I DO have a feeling that if a few of these idiots got capped they’d think twice about spitting in someone’s face.

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    • Yeah, that’s why they are sticking to libtard cities. Ain’t seen them here in the south.

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      • Something about good old southern boys not sure what it is but I got a bad case of it. But I am trained in both weapons and hand to hand 29 yrs of Go Ju Ryu and grew up with a Marine DI for a father. I have a hat and a bumper sticker but I do not go out looking for trouble in the wrong part of town. I will not be terrorized in my own city or country that is giving in to them and like someone said above, if you’re not trained be careful what you do or show you support. But as an American I will not back off for what is right for God or is right for my country. »Southern Boys« gotta love em

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  10. C’mon, bring it on, I’m ready!

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  11. Please read the attached carefully. While it has the facade of Communism, it is really not “pure” in ideology. Notice that Mussolini used the term “fascist” to mean “Corporatist”. The present incarnation claims to be against “Capitalism”.

    The truth here is that they use the word “fascist” to describe anything they don’t like. That would be pretty much anything that isn’t perverse or unholy.

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  12. Obama’s “private army”.

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  13. they are not anti facists……..they are ANTI-FIRST=AMMENDMENT

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  14. This is why I,m always armed,I will not be silenced or bullied by these Brownshirts,I will defend myself and other americans if the need arises…

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  16. Horrible

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  17. Pot calling kettle black… “antifa” calling those they disagree with “fascists”.
    Bunch of spoiled brats, brought up by absentee parents, or if they had any around, the state removed the right to spank or otherwise discipline them — as they did teachers in school, AFTER I got swatted as early as 1st grade for taking a drink from the fountain while standing in the hall for (gasp!) talking in class… and again in 4th grade for a friend asking me what time it was. And then in 5th grade for using a trick squirt ring to spray an unsuspecting student as I walked past their classroom. Yeah, that one I deserved. But the others? Didn’t affect me either way. Didn’t turn me into a monster. Neither did my father’s whipping me occasionally at home (actually, after the first time, he really didn’t even have to remove his belt… just touch it). I learned to respect authority, obey the rules, and get along. But now we have this entire generation NOT raised properly, and they think they can just scream and whine and demand everything be done THEIR way. “No rules!” “You’re not the boss of me!” “I was born this way!”

    Good luck with that. Christians, whites, men, the GOP, Trump, capitalists, conservatives, et al. are NOT the problem. Wait until they come up against TRUE fascists, aka the radical islamist terrorists, who literally want to kill them all. Decapitate, set on fire, drag through streets, hang from bridges… And the liberals will be the first they come after, the liberals whose rights to freedom we fight to defend. Yet who defends those terrorists? It’s crazy.


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