Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally: Leftists clash with riot police

40,000 of “counter-protester” Leftists overwhelmed and disrupted the Saturday (August 19) peaceful “Free Speech” rally in Boston, MA, where actual demonstrators for free speech numbered a few dozens.

Here’s one of the Leftists:

Here’s an Antifa wearing a black hood and carrying an axe, making evident his intentions:

At 1:30 pm, Boston Police Department (BPD) deemed the free speech rally to be “officially over” half an hour ahead of its official end time, but thousands of “counterprotesters” rioters continued to spread out in the city throughout the afternoon, with some  confronting officers and civilians.

Two hours after BPD declared the free speech rally officially over, BPD tweeted that the police “is asking individuals to refrain from throwing urine, bottles and other harmful projectiles at our officers”, followed by another tweet that “rocks [are] being thrown at officers”.

Fox News reports that “counter-protesters,” i.e., the Left, are clashing with riot police:

A white woman carrying a large American flag was assaulted by a Leftist who yanked the flag from her hands, then dragged her on the ground.

Hooded and masked Antifa thugs assault a white man, knocking him to the ground:

At the end of the day, as reported by ABC News:

  • Police arrested 33 people, mostly from disorderly conduct and a few assaults on police officers.
  • There were a few injuries, the number unspecified.
  • BPD Commissioner William Evans said police stopped three people with ballistic vests and a gun and got “those three out of here and confiscate the vests.”


22 responses to “Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally: Leftists clash with riot police

  1. The democrats haven’t been this pissed off since the republicans freed their slaves.

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  2. There is also a rally (protest) scheduled for this evening here in Dallas. They say it’s “against white supremacy”, but we know that is just a misnomer. It will be interesting to see what happens. 😎 Real Americans are getting really tired of this.

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    • White ANYTHING is now bad juju. We’ll follow South Africa’s lead and let the whole place turn into Uganda. Just think, these puppeteers are essentially NGO’s. They are genuine “terrorists” and truly a danger to our society. Why are they not under arrest?

      Well, we’ve already covered that. The cops don’t work for us. Humor is still good. They hate to be mocked. There’s a lot of fuel for laughter.

      I laugh at them every day. I also have a concealed carry license. If they every grab me they won’t find it amusing.

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  3. These things are all engineered. Notice the labeling. “Alt-Right”, “White Nationalist = White Supremacist”. Both equal “terrorists”.

    Here we have “free speech” and “alternative” protests. What? Anti-free speech? What country are we in? Oh I forgot, it’s Sorostan.

    Years before they installed Obongo I read a piece predicting something like this. It was spot on. That’s why he was installed. Now that he’s a “free agent”, he is openly trying to bring down the country without some minor restraints he had in office.

    These creatures are a menace to our society and our whole way of life.

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  4. Join the BLM, communists, anarchists of America when you can’t wait to destroy America yesterday but want to see it done now. Violence when your arguments are geared to the illiterate, uneducated, unbalanced and lost.

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  5. Re: the #UniteTheRight rally: though I understand where the White Nationalists are coming from, they are Godless/heathen collectivists, the flipside of the coin to Antifa. Both sides are engineered; both sides serve the same master.

    Re: the Free Speech rally: I’m with Lophatt. What were the counter-demonstrators chanting, “Free speech=hate speech!”? “Down with free speech!”?

    The devolution is almost complete. What a mess.

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    • Exactly, that’s what they do. This is like that “Zombie Apocalypse” they used to speak of. They just shuffle around to the sound of their master’s voice. It’s a feeding frenzy of phony emotion.

      To top it off, the “media” try to make these events appear much bigger than they are. They want everyone to think the place is falling apart in front of their eyes. All the better to ratchet up the emotion.

      We all need to take a deep breath and realize what a total sham this is. Then we need to get angry enough to stop it. We also need to continuously call them on their obvious ploys. Whatever we do, let us not adopt their buzzwords and catch phrases. When they coin a new one we should coin a derogatory one for OUR use.

      This is all simple to do when you have the “media”, Hollyweird and bought-and-paid-for political parasites. It is all theater of the mind. If you don’t want to be controlled stop dancing to their tune.

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    • Yup.

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  6. The ignorance of all sides involved in contrived chaos is hard to believe, when one considers the end goal is to render the U.S.A. into another hellhole Socialist country.

    Alphabet agencies, democrats, rinos, the globalist media, think-tanks, “academics” 183 Soros funded groups and their rent-a-mobs are all against our President and Constitution. Here is just one extremist group’s handbook, found on a college campus.

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  8. Apparently the Boston police learned something from C’ville, Berkeley, etc. Perhaps it helps being located in one of the former colonies, and where many events instrumental in the formation of America took place, where they can learn from history – while it hasn’t been re-written yet.

    I suppose congratulations are in order for not standing down, like the C’ville & Berkeley police were ordered to do so.

    It makes one wonder if a stand down order was given for the Boston PD,
    would they obey it, or uphold the Constitution?

    Police departments across America have to ask themselves, and very soon, whether or not they would obey a stand down order to allow antifas & BLM thugs riot & destroy, or uphold their oath that they took upon becoming a police officer?

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    • They are paid to be “joiners”. It isn’t about “race” or anything else. They just fire up their little “me too” monkeys and go. They don’t even care that they don’t make any sense.

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  10. Excellent article . . . to keep us up with the latest on this horrible mess

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  11. Thank you Boston Police Department for not standing down when leftists started to get violent.


  12. Did they arrest the guy with the axe i thought i was seeing things when he walked by during the news feed on fox


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