Abe Lincoln statue torched in Chiraq

abe lincoln

Open season on destroying anything related to America’s history.

From NBC Chicago: An Abraham Lincoln was damaged and burned in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood late Wednesday, Ald. Ray Lopez said.

The statue was found burned near 69th Street and Wolcott, authorities said.

“What an absolute disgraceful act of vandalism,” Lopez wrote on Facebook along with an image of the charred structure. He encouraged anyone who has information on what happened to contact police or his office “immediately.”

Police did not immediately have information on what happened.

The statue, a bust of Lincoln, was erected by Phil Bloomquist on Aug. 31, 1926.

It is one of many that have been vandalized across the country in wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and the president’s comments that followed.

On Tuesday, someone vandalized the Lincoln Memorial, writing “F— law” in red spray paint on a pillar at the monument. 

Cities and states accelerated their plans to remove Confederate monuments from public property Tuesday as the violence over a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville moved leaders across the country to plan to wipe away much of the remaining Old South imagery.

The changes were publicized as President Donald Trump defended Confederate statues in wide-ranging remarks.

“This week it’s Robert E. Lee. I notice that Stonewall Jackson’s coming down,” Trump said during a visit to Trump Tower in New York. “I wonder, is it George Washington next week, and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?

Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning to call out a Republican senator who had criticized his equivocal remarks on bigotry and hatred, and to lament at “the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart” by removing “beautiful statues and monuments” honoring Confederate leaders.


31 responses to “Abe Lincoln statue torched in Chiraq

  1. Time for a “Kent State U” repeat.. Through-out History – it took Controlled Violence to stop out-of-control Violence..

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  2. This is SO obviously orchestrated. “Divide and conquer”. I can’t stand to be manipulated. I wish others shared this trait.

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  3. Too funny! Abe really did not like blacks as he was almost killed by them when he was young -” they are too different.”

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    • Indeed. Lincoln wanted to repatriate blacks to Africa, but his program came to an abrupt end with his assassination.

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      • That’s very true. I studied Lincoln in college and he was an interesting man. He did not like the “institution” of slavery, it had nothing to do with the race of the enslaved.

        He used to laugh about black “equality”. He had no patience for the suggestion that negroes be allowed to vote, for example.

        This recent spate of destruction is very telling. It follows an old pattern. Destroy the culture from within and without and erase their history. Then they will install one of their own.

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  4. The Democrat-Socialist-Communist-Nazi Party have started the Nazi smash-break & burn Kristalnatzt (spelling) right here in America..

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  5. Hey, EddieBG, Why don’t you sacrifice your kid or sister, or Mom to a “Kent State U”? Now that would be a serious piece of patriotism. Great thinking there, fella.


  6. Just because people do not like something does not give them license to destroy property. They need to start locking up some people for vandalism and destruction of private property. Slap them with a hefty fine and some jail time.

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    • Captain Obvious

      The overlords won’t, because the people doing the destruction are a protected class. Their get out of jail card never expires. Slavery, white priveledge micro aggressions. Any excuse, gets someone with a “tan ” a pass.
      Besides, I don’t think you can use EBT to pay a fine…..just saying….

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    • That’d be the thing to do;the problem is that,so far,they’re too cowardly to “make their statement” in broad daylight,doing their damage late at night. It’d seem like the Cops on the “Graveyard” shift would be watching closely for this stuff. This “Get out of Jail Free” crap needs to END. NOTHING justifies destroying the property of others.

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  7. They have now also vandalized the statue of Joan of Arc in New Orleans!

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  8. “Iconoclasts”. Maybe like their namesakes before them, they’ll give up sex and die out. Isn’t it amazing that even the cops are afraid to be labeled? They need to start rounding these punks up.

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    • It appears that there is another event going down in Boston. A repeat of last weekend? If law enforcement won’t do their jobs, why do we even have them?

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      • Great question. There is a distinction between “protesting” or “stating one’s opinion” and rioting and destroying property. Also, inciting armed rebellion was illegal when last I looked.

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  9. The SCUM that are vandalizing any statues or monuments don’t care how the monument is of or what it stands for. They are just LOW life punks with no education, class or anything of moral value to them. It is time we stop bowing down to ANY demands for statue or memorial removals. These are part of history and removing any of them isn’t going to change history.

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    • David . . . that statement is “right on.” Removing the statues does not change our history by any degree.

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      • Had it not been for History THE BLACKS OF THIS NATION WOULD NOT HAVE ANY HISTORY AT ALL, nor they would exist as they are today,they would not have been free but continue to be slaves, or in Africa subject to famine, dictators, massacred, instead they were emancipated by the white man and the white peoples of this country elected an unknown Blackman to the highest office. If this is the new history written and tought to the future generations it is not going to be a history to be proud of.

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      • If they can be CAUGHT trying to destroy/remove statues,it WOULD be appropriate to remove THEM-for 2-10 years.

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  10. A few words of profound wisdom from the LORD of Hosts:

    “A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool’s back.”[Proverbs 26:3 KJV] Amen.

    If the police will not, or can not, do their job, nor the courts theirs, this place is going to erupt like a volcano, with those idiots committing violence at every turn, with no one to stop them who is truly able to do so.

    It’s criminal to prevent the police from doing their jobs, but if the politicos are preventing them, they are law breakers themselves—but, if so, who is going to arrest THEM, and put an end to what they are doing by stopping the police from stopping the violent so-called “protesters”[who are nothing but mindless mercenaries being paid by rich decrepits like billionaire Soros]?!

    “5 Evil men think not on judgment: but they that seek after the Lord, take notice of all things.
    6 Better is the poor man walking in his simplicity, than the rich in crooked ways.”[Proverbs 28:5,6 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Addition]
    Amen, again. 🙂

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    • Just a little clarification (although I’m sure you already know this). Essentially the cops work for the elite. It’s not their fault, its part of the job. In our situation, the “elite” work for the NWO (JWO if you want accuracy), and therefore, they will allow them to demolish the country. That’s because its all in their plan for One World Government.

      Anything that ties us spiritually, legally, culturally, etc., must be broken for them to insert their control grid. These attacks on history are just like their attacks on family or religion.

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  11. Since they want to destroy and get rid of history, then they better shut up about slavery!!!

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  12. Actually I can understand doing this to Lincoln, a man who caused the deaths of probably 700-800,000 people in an unnecessary war. But I’d rather see all the Lenin statutes destroyed. By the way anything dedicated to FDR should be destroyed too as it offends me.


  13. People are worried about WW III. We’re already in an undeclared civil war. And it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. And if you think 700-800,000 individuals is a lot wait until that number is 100 or 200 million here and a couple or 3 billion or more worldwide. Once the shooting starts, the power goes off and the food runs out it’s gonna start to get UGLY. We might even go the way of the dinosaur.
    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

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    • I feel the same as you–just be sure the ammunition fits the weapon, and we’re good. 🙂
      I just don’t agree with the idea that the Lord is going to allow billions of us to die at each other’s hands due to the lights going out–I know we keep hearing about the idea that we’d all be dead within a year’s time if the electric grid is destroyed by what they call an “EMP” attack, but inside, in my heart, it’s as though the Lord’s spirit comforts me constantly with the sense that it’s not going to happen that way–‘they’ may want it to, but I’m believing strongly that it won’t.

      However, that’s not to say that I don’t believe billions of human beings aren’t going to be killed during the last 7 years called “Jacob’s Trouble”, or the “Great and Terrible Day of the LORD”, but most deaths I think will be from natural disasters caused by the Father due to His extreme anger by that time–disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, tornadoes accompanied by huge hail, and floods, drought, famine, and diseases all as described in Revelation–most of the rest who will be killed after that will die at the hand of the anti-Christ, and is partner-in-crime, the false prophet, who behead all those who refuse that mark of his.

      I can’t prove what I believe about this, but each time I think of the idea that most of us will find ourselves fighting for our very lives due to no electricity, I feel such a peace begin coming into my heart that replaces the fear I felt from thinking of such a thing, along with the idea that “it will not happen that way”, that comes along with it–so, that’s why I have to disagree–this WW III is just wishful thinking, in my opinion, by those who truly do wish it would happen, and they are doing their level best to bring it about, without question–but, until God is fed up completely with that bunch, and with all unbelievers at that point, I don’t believe He will allow them to create that kind of havoc that would find us all needing to defend ourselves against one another in that particular way. I just am not capable of believing God will allow that kind of disaster to fall on so many millions of His own, and maybe it’s due to the promise He made to Abraham, concerning not allowing judgment to fall onto the heads of the righteous along with those who were evil, in Sodom and Gomorrah:

      “32 And he said, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten[righteous men] shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.”[Genesis 18:32 KJV]
      {I only hope and pray that applies to our country as well! 🙂 }

      ****”8 He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.”**** [Proverbs 2:8 KJV]
      Amen! 🙂


  14. If history is about anything, it is about the Record of the Facts. Thomas diLorenzo and others who contribute to Lew Rockwell’s blog have made the case for Lincoln being a terrible President, because the Hegelian Dialectic became set in stone, so to speak, with his Administration.

    I have read that Lincoln was a Germanophile, who read, wrote and spoke German fluently. He was a part-owner of a German language newspaper, common in America at the time. He was enamored of the philosophy of Georg Hegel, and he carried on personal correspondence with—Karl Marx.

    Be that as it may, Lincoln, no Christian he, was a man of practicality AND honor, and he knew something of what the young American Republic was up against, given the British banking interests at that time. Whether Lincoln was good as a person or not is not History’s Main Point: What did Lincoln DO to punctuate the Historical Record is the Question.
    In plain English, WHAT did Lincoln do to further the life of the Republic? That is the question.

    From what I have read, Columbus himself was a MONSTER: He burnt over 8,000 indigenous people at the stake for their refusal to convert. If Columbus is in Hell, that is between him and Jesus Christ; What did Columbus do to open Europe to a New World is the thing that still matters today—NOT why he was “morally inferior” to us!

    And this is the mistake postmodern Leftists make: They go back in time, and denounce the past as being morally inferior to them, because they lacked the “Enlightenment,” or some other happy horse manure! They refuse to admit that it is precisely THEY who are morally retarded! It is THEY who have refused to don the reigns of the Natural Law! Thus to eliminate our history by destroying our monuments is not only a grave insult to us: It is a grave insult to ALL OF HISTORY.
    Lincoln made his mistakes, for sure, and the Civil War was one of them. But I will take Lincoln over Karl Marx and his Satanic Ilk any day.

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    • Speaking for myself, motive is important. I tend not to be too judgmental because I don’t have any “heroes”. In studying Lincoln I used the same scale then that I use now. I know that all of us are sinners.

      I think its safe to say that Lincoln would not be anywhere near the figure he is had it not been for the Civil War. He (and others) turned that to good advantage. Prior to that he was greatly disliked.

      He was not the simple homespun character we were taught in school. He very much carried the wealthy industrialist’s water to the South’s chagrin. This was about tariffs and control.

      I do not idolize any leader. I wish they were unnecessary. I’ve grudgingly come to understand that they are, not because it makes sense, but because people are lazy and frightened.

      Any motive, other than pure service, is unacceptable to me. There are only a couple of American presidents that fit that standard. Even among those who had a personal interest, few come close to what we’ve endured for the last fifty years. I think we put away the rope much too early.

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