“Walking Dead” actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan goes off on Trump

jeffrey dean morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Needs to brush up on his parenting skills

His critical thinking skills gone because apparently racism never existed before Nov. 8, 2016.

From Yahoo: As President Donald Trump doubled down today on his initial ill-chosen remarks of Saturday that “many sides” were to blame for the death and violence in Charlottesville, The Walking Dead actor who plays one of the vilest characters on television took the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host (nice jab there media, as if that was his only job) to task – in the bluntest language possible.

While many in Hollywood and elsewhere expressed outrage at Trump’s words on Tuesday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was much more blunt in calling out the president for his resurrected insistence that “there is blame on both sides.” The actor made a particular point of spotlighting the effect Trump’s words and stance will have on children trying to make sense of their president’s POV:

@realDonaldTrump FUCK YOU. Seriously. Fuck you for everything. Today? Fuck you for making us have to explain racism to our children.

Resulting in a lot of back and forth with fans and critics on Twitter, Morgan’s scathing remarks about Trump’s latest comments were a rare political stance by the actor. The Good Wife and Watchmen alum plays the blustering dictatorial and ruthless villain Negan on the AMC zombie-apocalypse blockbuster based on Robert Kirkman’s comics.

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16 responses to ““Walking Dead” actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan goes off on Trump

  1. I’ve never heard of him or watched any of his shows, but I can tell from his words that he is a hypocrite. He feigns concern for children over President Trump’s views, but he uses the most vile language his hateful mouth can utter.

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  2. Of course, this jerk like the rest of them infecting our country with their diseased, dark souls and ignorance, will never admit obama fomented racism in every conceivable way throughout his despicable and horrid 8 years.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    He should be trying to make his children understand that one does not have to be ashamed of who they are to prove they are not ‘racist’.

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  4. This creep looks like he slept under a bush and doesn’t use t.p.

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  5. wonder if he’s explained to his kids what Fuck you means?
    never heard of him and his show only inpassing. glad he’s never gotten a dime from me.

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  6. Exactly who cares what this no user has to say? A third rate actor has less knowledge about anything than my dog. He knows not to foul his neighborhood.

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  7. JDM did a Christian movie with Stephen Baldwin back in 2004: “6 – The Mark Unleashed”. It was around the time his character was killed off on the CW serial, Supernatural. I thought it was a decent movie… NOW? Never again.

    I’d recommend folks head over to Facebook and visit the homepages for both Christianbook.com and ChristianCinema.com to vow never again to support them until they remove any and all books and movies with JDM in them, or even associated with him. Use the power of the pocketbook the same way the left does. Force change. Remind them of what the idiot said about our PotUS in his public diatribe.

    Amazon also rents it online. Let them know you’re boycotting until he’s out.
    But it’s available for free lots of other places… Not well-rated.

    You can just down-vote it here: https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&q=Six+-+The+Mark+Unleashed

    Here’s the list of distributors and production companies:

    We need to get re-active to put people where they belong… out of business. Because the only reason he’s been given a voice to bellow in the matter is because he’s a “celebrity”. Take that away and silence him.


  8. Hey,Jeffie–WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!!!! You are only employed for OUR ENTERTAINMENT!! SERIOUSLY-When you decide to live in the REAL world,and deal with REAL problems,and decide what to sell to pay your REAL bills,and lose everything you own at LEAST once,THEN your opinion might mean something to someone beside YOU. But I doubt it,because you’re a card-carrying idiot,and that’s not an easy fix.

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  9. If someone would check, this is probably NOT from JDM’s official twitter acct-there are numerous fakes out there, There is no tweet like this on his official acct. Look for the word official on the left sife of the page under the photo. Too bad if this is wrongly reported as it could harm his reputation.


  10. I hope he doesn’t think anyone cares what he has to say. Just another Hollywood blowhard that no one cares about.

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