Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett won’t stand for the anthem until he feels like everything’s equal

michael bennett

Bennett (l) and his buddy Kaepernick.

From Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett tells CNN that his decision to sit for the national anthem isn’t meant to dishonor the American flag but to bring a greater spotlight upon the issues the country is facing.

In an interview with Jake Tapper that aired Wednesday, Bennett said he’ll continue to sit.

I won’t stand until I feel like everything’s equal, I won’t stand until everybody has justice, I won’t stand until everybody has freedom, the things that American is built on,” he said. “I think protesting the national anthem begins a conversation about the truth of America. I’m not protesting the flag. I’m actually trying to honor what we’re supposed to be honoring, the freedom of America, the equality of America, the justice for all and the liberty. Those are the things that I’m trying to remind people that we all fought for, the forefathers. We said we would fight against terrorists, domestic and foreign, and right now there’s whole bunch of domestic terrorism, domestic hate going on …

“So I want to bring up those issues and create those conversations and get people off their butt and go out and try to act and fix the problems and go out and work with people of different races, different colors, different sexes, different genders, whatever it is, just go out and try to find out how to help instead of being a problem and sitting back and being silent. I think at this point, if you’re silent right now, you’re being dishonest about the truth of what’s going on.”

Bennett sat on the bench at the StubHub Center in Carson, Calif. Sunday night during the national anthem ahead of Seattle’s preseason opener against the Chargers. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday that he supports Bennett’s decision to sit but believes everyone should stand for the anthem.

Bennett told CNN that he made his decision after seeing what happened Saturday in Charlottesville, Va.

“I couldn’t do it anymore,” he said. “I had to be able to stand up and I thought that it was the right thing to do for me.”

Bennett was asked what he’d say to military families who have lost love ones in combat and view his protest as a sign of disrespect because of what the flag means to them.

“My father was in the military, a lot of my family was in the military, I’ve got friends who are vets, who’ve been through war, who’ve done it all and like I said at the beginning, I honor the military,” he said. “I do stuff for kids in Hawaii (where he lives in the offseason) and the military bases, I’ve lived on a military base, I grew up in a military family.

“I would say I honor the military every time I see them, and at this point, like I said, I’m actually not dishonoring the contributions that they made if somebody loses their life. I’m actually trying to honor that. I’m honoring the freedom and liberty that they’ve fought for to be able to have that. That’s the thing I’m really trying to honor. I’m not trying to dishonor the flag. I’m more about the principles, honoring the principles that America was built on and it’s the liberty, freedom and justice.

“And like I said, I cannot stand until I see equality and freedom every day.”


21 responses to “Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett won’t stand for the anthem until he feels like everything’s equal

  1. I see Bennet has the I.Q of a slug like his moron friend Kaepernick.

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  2. Since when is life “fair” . . .people are born with different abilities, thus some will achieve major things in their life. On the other hand, there are those in this country who sit, do nothing, and wait for Uncle Sam to provide, when if they got up off their duff and really tried–they would do much better than
    those who have decided to aim for Welfare, and free phones . . . yet they wail in protest how unfair the “system is.”

    I saw this man during an interview over the matter of him sitting during the National Anthem, he spoke with the diction and vocabulary of a third grader. I doubt that this little protest of his is even an original thought with him, he’s riding on the backs of others who have told him that he is fighting for justice for all.

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    • Very true.
      He still has a piss poor excuse for showing disrespect to the flag of the country that his given him so much. Too bad he didn’t use some of those rights to better educate himself.

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  3. Another idiot preparing to suicide himself….good riddance.

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    • “Those who the gods would destroy, first they make proud”. These guys are the very definition of ungrateful. They get ridiculous sums of money, great working conditions, adoring fans, and look at them. Just ghetto scum.

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  4. Time for the Seahawks to find a new player and allow this clown to find employment as a janitor at some dive. Clearly this clown does not APPRECIATE THE OPPORTUNITIES aMERICA HAS GIVEN HIM.

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  5. Captain America

    Good! The more these whiny racists bitch, the fewer people who will watch them. Eventually, something better will replace their stupid games on tv, like “Last Man Standing”.

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  6. Good luck he will be sitting for a long time…..
    So maybe he should use his head cause his contract will be at stake and once that money supply is cut off how is he going to feed his children and pay child support. Baby mama don’t wanna hear he lost everything cause he won’t stand for the national anthem

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  7. So, is he standing for what he believes in? Or sitting for what he doesn’t? Or BOTH? It’s gonna be a LONG wait, Michael Bennett. Enjoy warming that bench.

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  8. So this fool wants equality? Lets see, how about all teams have to have an equal number of whites verses blacks, and everyone gets exactly the same paycheck, no matter what their ability, or their contrabution to the game. There is a start towards equality. How would he like those apples?

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  9. WTH, until everything is equal says the man making millions and has a summer home in Hawaii. Hypocrite.
    In this country even the poorest has the very same rights he has, he just makes more money.
    Some come from more money, but it doesn’t guarantee they will be worth more in the end.

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  10. Captain Obvious

    Yeah, I’m not going to stand up for any sports team until I get my million dollar, multi year contract. White women are under represented in professional sports!


  11. Kevin J Lankford

    He wants to see equality, he needs to talk all the black mamma’s outa so many abortions.

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  12. Wonder how long that attitude will last when the Seahawks are boycotted, few fans show up, meaning loss revenue, meaning all will get punished because the paychecks will have to be cut, because one decided to be a jerk. Hmmm, again I wonder how long this will last.

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  13. IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL!!! So sit down and pray, pray and pray!!!

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  14. I think they were hit on the head too much and their brains leaked out.

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  15. Captain America

    Hey Michael Bennett, when things are equal, I will have millions of dollars for being a circus clown too!

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  16. My dogs catch balls better than this creep and all they need is a little kibble and an ear scratch.

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