Son of Israel’s PM Netanyahu says leftists are more dangerous than neo-Nazis

On Tuesday, August 15, in a rowdy exchange with journalists at Trump Tower in New York, President Trump refused to lay the blame solely on the “Unite the Right” rally for last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, VA. He said:

“I think there is blame on both sides. You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. And nobody wants to say that, but I’ll say it right now. What about the alt-left that came charging… at the, as you say, the alt-right? Do they have any semblance of guilt?… There are two sides to a story. What about the fact they came charging with clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Do they have any problem? I think they do. As far as I am concerned, that was a horrible, horrible day.”

Indeed. Did you know that the Left in Charlottesville attacked the Right with urine and concrete bombs, as well a lethal flame thrower?

For saying that both sides are to be blamed, President Trump continues to be pilloried by the MSM and across the political spectrum.

Now, the son of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is weighing in.

Yair Netanyahu posted this on his Facebook page:

“To put things in perspective. I’m a Jew, I’m an Israeli, the neo nazis scums in Virginia hate me and my country. But they belong to the past. Their breed is dying out. However the thugs of Antifa and BLM who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life.

Yair’s remarks received 1.4K “likes”.

26-year-old Yair is Benjamin Netanyahu’s son with his third and current wife, former El Al flight attendant Sara Ben-Artzi

According to The Times of Israel, Yair’s views depart from his father’s.

On August 15, after he was criticized for staying silent on Charlottesville, PM Netanyahu tweeted that that he was “outraged by expressions of anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism and racism. Everyone should oppose this hatred.” Asked about his son Yair’s comments, sources close to the prime minister said, “Yair is an adult and his views are his alone.”

Israeli politicians are split on President Trump’s stance.

Likud MK Oren Hazan said that President Trump “is right. Violence and extremism on any side is forbidden and demands condemnation. That doesn’t matter to the bleeding hearts on the left and in the media. After all, they believe that only the right is extremist and violent.”

Other Israeli politicians are much more critical of Trump’s position:

  • Education Minister Naftali Bennett has called on US leaders to denounce the rally’s “displays of anti-Semitism.”
  • Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked who, like Bennett, is of the Jewish Home party, has urged prosecution of neo-Nazi activists.
  • Yesh Atid chair MK Yair Lapid said: “There aren’t two sides. When Neo-Nazis march in Charlottesville and scream slogans against Jews and in support of white supremacy, the condemnation has to be unambiguous. They represent hate and evil. Anyone who believes in the human spirit must stand against them without fear.”
  • Zionist Union number two MK Tzipi Livni explicitly criticized Trump’s equivalence: “When it comes to racism, anti-Semitism and Nazism, there are never two equal sides. There’s good and there’s evil. Period.”

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28 responses to “Son of Israel’s PM Netanyahu says leftists are more dangerous than neo-Nazis

  1. AMEN to that-he couldn’t be more correct!

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  2. Excellent article!

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  3. This why antifa covers their faces. They get made too easily by patriots with i-phones. Kessler is a CNN plant on the ‘alt-right’ and Brennan Gilmore is a State Dept. plant on the ‘alt-left’. Charlottesville was a total Deep State Psyop to damage Trump and lift-off Carpetbagger McAuliffe’s 2020 presidential campaign.

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  4. Son of Netanyahu must be playing the ‘good cop’ role. As if he gives a shyte. BLM and antifa are only “worrisome” because they’re becoming so damned obvious as JWO minions.

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  5. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College, on audio.
    “There leverage is on the political appointments. There leverage is not on the uniformed services.”
    “IF AMERICANS ever understand that Israel did 9/11, Israel will flat out disappear from the face of the Earth.”


  6. What the elder Israeli officials apparently failed to notice was that the white right weren’t marching against Jews per se; they were marching with indignation against history-revisers trying to alter the present and future by burying the past with which they disagree. AKA, Censorship. It’s exactly what the alt-left does when it’s actually behaving responsibly… peaceful protest.

    Anti-Semitism? Israel might look to evidence in their own history and what Hitler and the North African Muslims tried doing in WWII (and Mid Easterners tried thereafter) — wiping out Jews — and what Stalin tried in Russia. Neo Nazis, as Bibi’s son declared, are NOT a threat to Israel or Jews generally. Nor is any current incarnation of the KKK. They are side shows.

    Chants are just words, and weren’t even spoken by all. What we need to fear and react to are ACTS of actual VIOLENCE, which were perpetrated by actors on BOTH sides. Yair is correct. “Sticks and stones… not words”.

    It’s something I wish our own “ready-to-fight” blacks would realize as well. Words being said don’t give them the right to attack and bring physical violence. Nor does it give them the right to use profanity-laced threats and getting up in folks’ faces. That’s called “Assault” in legal terms, for which they should be arrested, but rarely are these days, due to media calling wrong right and right wrong. But cities are allowing them to break laws, disrupt peace, block roadways, and make threats with impunity, as a way of “letting off steam.” That is WRONG and has got to STOP if we are to maintain law and order in society. But with the left more and more in control of local gov’t and the court & criminal justice system, I don’t see us getting back to sanity.

    When the right can be arrested for what it says, writes, and thinks, and the left allowed to get away with actual chargeable offenses, we’re in big trouble. And as someone else mentioned, it’s not what you actually say, write, think, or do; it’s what they believe, or even manufacture, what you say, write, think, or do, that matters in the public’s eye.

    It’s a cowardly new world.

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  7. I tried to talk some sense into a FB posting of my cousin and some friends about this topic. They are left wingers. I might have just as well have been the second incarnation of Hitler himself. I got accused of being just as bad as him, for even daring to allow such thinking to exist, etc. I tried to explain that for one person to be free, we needed to allow all people to be free, but of course, the left only believes that when it comes to themselves. To allow the right to have freedom is the old cliche’ of shouting fire in the crowded theater. I gave up, but I did become just a little bit more educated. And I don’t turn my back on leftists anymore. You are just looking to get stabbed in it if you do.

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    • I can so relate to what you said concerning your cousin, since I have a cousin just like that myself–I even became so overwhelmed at the fact that there was no way I could ever hope to have a real conversation with her about ‘left’ vs. ‘right’, as well as with her ‘blitzkreig-ing’ me with liberal posts from facebook–it was awful–so I ‘unfriended’ my own cousin!

      I was not a happy camper after that, and I kept getting the feeling that some of my other cousins weren’t too happy with me over that, either! I finally patched things up with my lib cousin, but when I read her comments I still feel my stomach churning and knotting up, so I try and avoid reading them as much as possible! After all, her father was my favorite uncle, and he doted on me, and bought me any toy I asked for, before he married my aunt, and they had my cousin–so, she holds that special place in my heart due to that–but, this whole situation is just so tough!

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      • Christine, Last year, right on New Year’s Eve, I had made a comment on her post, about some liberal clap trap of something or another, I don’t even remember. Her son threatened to come to my house and put me in the hospital. I am a very meek and mild manner type, but I am also a retired 57 year old who worked for 35 years in a foundry. Right out of high school, I was pouring molten steel, so even though I am always in control of my temper, and even went to Bible college at one time thinking I might be a pastor, I had been through a divorce at the age of 30, and I can just remember the pain I felt and my anger boils immediately through the surface and I would become very dangerous.

        I had never even met this young man, so I was fortunate that I told him that he needed to rethink what he said. My cousin caught wind of what was going on, and deleted the link, and then apologized to me, telling me he had gotten drunk with some of his buddies.

        I have tried to stay away from politics this year as much as possible, since I am from a very small town here in Michigan, and also had a woman who I went to school with have her liberal son get upset with me over something similar, and she was the one who got angry with me. You have seen some of the things that I write, and how I write, and it is really not any different from what I write on any of the things that I have written to these other people, but they are liberal leftist, and so are very intolerant. So I have tried to stay away from politics on social media. It is just that it is hard to watch people lie to not only others, but to themselves. I have learned that even if I try to set them straight, they won’t believe me most of the time.

        You try and have a wonderful day tomorrow, and thank you for relating your story with me. I will keep you in my prayers as I think of you. My wife and I are going on vacation to the east coast for our 25th anniversary next month, and I am spending extra time in prayer, so I will try to remember you and your family and friends. Be well, and good evening.

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        • Thank you so much for your prayers–I would have used your moniker at the end there, but I don’t think of you as ‘pigpen’! But, God bless you for your kind words to me and I have prayed for you as well–and, I definitely understand what dealing with the libs is like–they have been given the ‘green light’ to go ahead and harm us if they wish, by those who are driving this whole scenario surrounding the dissolution of the govt. of the United States, by attacking it’s constitution and the God-given rights it acknowledges as having been given to all mankind, that no one has the right to deny them[us]–so, by attacking us even physically, they are trying to reach their sinful goal of ridding the world of the country that’s done the most for all of us, via the freedoms and liberties it’s helped us be capable of practicing, and living by– so, staying well away from the libs who express their ‘dislike’ of our beliefs is a very wise thing to do in my opinion, because they don’t want just a fight–they want to do us the most harm they can, to shut us up once and for all time!

          I was very sorry to find out that you’ve been threatened with bodily harm even by a member of your own family[!], but I’m glad you were able to patch things up–but, I do understand how that can hurt, believe me!

          Have a wonderful time on your vacation, and if you will be traveling to any large cities here in the east, please keep one eye on what’s taking place around you–watch out for any large crowds and avoid them at all costs–anything could happen, that would ignite a conflict that might end up hurting those in the crowd! I know you know this, but I just wanted to say it outloud like that to even make it seem real to myself–it’s tough to realize how unsafe we all are these days, thanks to the ugliness of the actions and words of those on the left. Have a great day. 🙂

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          • Christine, you may call me Tim. I use pigpen just as a way to keep safe from those who have threatened me in the past, I don’t want my family in jeopardy.


      • When arguing with liberals all you have to do is invoke one subject- The Podesta emails. Its liberal kryptonite they can’t defend.

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    • Sadly, pigpen51, in my 9 years of blogging, despite the thousands of factual FOTM posts, I have NEVER encountered a liberal/leftist reader who changed his/her mind. Not once. DCG can attest to that.

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      • That’s because it isn’t “their” mind. They don’t think critically. They are joiners. They are cultists. They don’t care if what they are saying makes no logical sense. They derive comfort and encouragement by the company of other mindless joiners. They have no self-respect and, therefore, no respect for others.

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  8. How stupid can you get is a question, not a challenge.
    From a young age I was told:
    ‘It takes two to start a fight’
    ‘Just walk away’
    ‘Sit down and shut up’ (listen)
    ‘ If you want someone to listen to you, you have to have the courtesy to listen to them’

    If you want to piss someone off try over-talking them. It doesn’t help your cause. It only serves to accomplish your mission.

    If you argue with an idiot the best you can hope for is a draw.

    Pay no attention to morons. They will only drag you down to their level.

    If you wrestle with pigs you both get muddy. But they like it.

    If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    I’m sure my comrades on FOTM can come up with more wisdom. Let it roll….

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    • I remember this one being said to me quite often, and I still say it’s wrong, not right[!]:

      “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you!”

      I guess whoever thought it up never took a broken heart into consideration, when it comes to ’causes of death’–slow death, unless you already have a bad heart that is!

      I heard many of the ones you mentioned, as well, along with this little gem, about our personal faults, or flaws–or failures, which should be true, but only in a perfect world, like heaven[!!!]:

      “Those who matter don’t mind; those who mind don’t matter!”

      I suspect that’s true to some extent, but so far I haven’t found it to be 100% true–unfortunately! Especially if the one to whom it matters has the ability to make your life a living hell-on-earth, since your failure[s], in their eyes, are more than they can stand–so, they begin to trash you to others, and it might take years, but eventually their ‘legacy’ of loathing towards you finally reaches into your life, and like Sampson, pulls it’s pillars down onto your head–yet, unlike Sampson’s ‘victims’, you are not guilty, and their opinion of you was not even based in/on fact!
      I’ve seen that heartbreak in action, so as much as I’d love to believe that saying is completely true, I have to pass on that. 🙂

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      • Christine, part of the manipulation is to “engage” people emotionally. First, they label. When we use their labels we’re assisting them. For example, who invented “Alt-Right”? It wasn’t those accused of BELONGING to it.

        Next, “its a package deal”, no substitutions. You BELONG to their label, period. All are the same. “This is what WE ‘think’. This is what THEY ‘think”.

        Think has nothing to do with it. It’s the Jim Jones method. They are doing a splendid job of mass manipulation. Also, remember that what is reported is most definitely not the truth.


  9. If anybody is interested in hearing the other side of what happened at Charlottesville, click on the site Free North Carolina and listen to the video – Charlottesville – What the mainstream media isn’t telling you. Interesting!

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  10. The refusal to recognize the danger posed by Antifa leftists is startling. It speaks to the success of Bernie Sanders among the same people in the last election. Most college students are a ready army of the profoundly misinformed.

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