Pennsylvania GOP committeeman executed point-blank by anti-Trump neighbor

Don’t buy into the new rhetoric of an Alternative Left.

While there is an Alt-Right, there is no Alt-Left.

The Left are and have always been vicious, malevolent and murderous.

Just ask the 85-100 million victims of the former Soviet Union and communist Eastern Europe; the People’s Republic of China, especially Maoist China; Cambodia; Vietnam; Cuba; and North Korea, which made the 20th century the bloodiest century in human history.

Nor are leftists in the United States any different.

Larry Grathwohl is a former FBI agent who infiltrated the Weather Underground (WU), a radical left group that originated in 1969 as a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were founders of the WU; both are Chicago pals of Obama.

Grathwohl said that members of the Weather Underground told him they had made plans to kill 25 million Americans who they expected would resist reeducation when the WU seized political power.

In a permanent rage because Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, despite the rigged polls and having the entire establishment (MSM, Hollywood, Wall Street) behind her, America’s Left finally took off their masks.

Every day, by their words and deeds, the Left show their true monstrous nature:

  • Issuing unending death threats against a duly-elected sitting President.
  • Violently protesting and rioting.
  • Plotting and scheming, by means legal (impeachment) and illegal, to take down President Trump.

The hate and venom inevitably take their toll, especially on already unbalanced minds.

In the early morning hours of August 8, 2017 in West Goshen, Pennsylvania, an anti-Trumper named Clayton Carter drove his car onto the lawn of his next-door neighbor G. Brooks Jennings. Carter shot Jennings once in the head, knocking him to the ground, then stood over Jennings’ body and shot him once more in the head — all witnessed by Mrs. Jennings from the window of their home.

In other words, Carter paused after the first shot, then shot Jennings a second time, execution style.

Police had arrested and charged Carter, 51, with multiple crimes including first-degree murder which makes him ineligible for bail in the state of Pennsylvania. Carter is currently being held at the Chester County Prison.

According to a report by ABC6,

“Shortly before 8 p.m. Monday, police responded to the 300 block of Box Elder Drive for a dispute between Carter and Jennings about cursing and video recording in the back yard. Police said they were able to resolve that dispute. Then at approximately 1 a.m. Tuesday, police say the neighbors got into another dispute. Carter told police that Jennings shined a light into his eyes while he was outside. Carter then allegedly pulled a car onto his lawn, shining the high beams of the car on Jennings’ property. Carter then allegedly retrieved a .380 semi-automatic handgun from his house and confronted the victim again outside. Officials say Carter shot Jennings once in the head, knocking him to the ground. Carter then allegedly stood over Jennings’ body and shot him once more in the head. The victim was on his own property, police said. […] Carter did not call police for help or render aid to Jennings. […]

Neighbor Brian Dougherty got emotional when speaking of Jennings. ‘You don’t want to sound cliche, you see this on TV all the time, but he is probably the nicest, best guy I’ve ever met in my whole life. Really, seriously,’ Dougherty said.

Police say Carter had disputes with a number of other neighbors, and even pulled a gun on Jennings during a past altercation. Neighbors say Carter was a quarrelsome, argumentative man. Court records claim Carter had a history of disputes with multiple neighbors. His front yard was crowded with cars and hand lettered anti-Trump signs.

[…] Neighbors say [Carter’s disputes] were fueled apparently by some unknown anger inside Carter’s head. ‘We steered clear of him. We were frightened of him because he’s so unpredictable,’ said Kathy Pratt.”

ABC6 claims that “the disputes along the block were not political, but personal.”

But what ABC6 and other news sites did not or refuse to report is that anti-Trumper Carter’s neighbor and victim, G. Brooks Jennings, was a Republican committeeman for Chester County — a fact pointed out by Jim Melwert of Philadelphia’s KYW News Radio.

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15 responses to “Pennsylvania GOP committeeman executed point-blank by anti-Trump neighbor

  1. I read about this shortly after it happened, and the articles said absolutely nothing about the victim being a committeeman. Why am I not surprised?The lefties sure do cover for their own.

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  2. You will see this more and more as the days progress. America is in the slow progress of dividing. The Balkanization Of America is Accelerating like birth pains.

    This was put into play by Ted Kennedy and his new immigration policies.
    Prior to Ted’s law, you actually had to have a way to contribute to the society in order to gain immigration status. When Ted’s immigration law went into effect, you no longer needed to be able to fend for yourself. Open the doors to ANYONE regardless.

    To make matters even worse our immigration laws remained un-enforced, which added 20+ million illegal aliens-totally at odds with the assimilation process that worked for 231 years.

    Very soon the illegals will control more land and will be a force that can not be removed.

    We are in a hot mess. In time, this country will blow apart into fractions.
    Anyone remember Yugoslavia?

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    • Woo hoo…the Republic of Texas! Y’all come on down…just avoid Austin. 😊😊

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    • It was LBJ’s law more than Kennedy’s law. And let us not forget Jacob Javits’ role in it. Johnson was a Jew (maternal side, which makes him a Jew by Jewish halaka) and obviously Javits was as well. Javits famously was quoted as saying they’d opened the floodgates to this country.

      This first link below (from the ‘5Towns’ Orthodox Jewish paper on Long Island) tells us from their own mouths, about LBJ’s roots and what he did for the Jews. Naturally, his direct involvement in the near sinking of the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967, during the “six day war” is left out of the article. Because, you know, it was all an ‘accident’ and a case of ‘mistaken identity’ on the part of our best ally in the Middle East, Israel.

      This 2nd link gives us much information about the Jews who were directly involved in the 1965 change in immigration law in this country.

      This is what that inveterate liar Lyndon Baines Johnson had to say on the day he signed the bill. In one breath he lies and states that the bill “won’t affect millions of live” and a few sentences later he stated that his signature would “abolish” the previous immigration policies which had served to protect this country.
      “Today, with my signature, this system is abolished. We can now believe that it will never again shadow the gate to the American Nation with the twin barriers of prejudice and privilege.”

      From JPost regarding LBJ and his time in the Senate as well what he said to an Israeli diplomat after the assassination of JFK:
      “A decade later while serving in the Senate, Johnson blocked the Eisenhower administration’s attempts to apply sanctions against Israel following the 1956 Sinai Campaign. “The indefatigable Johnson had never ceased pressure on the administration,” wrote I.L. “Si” Kenen, the head of AIPAC at the time. AS SENATE MAJORITY LEADER, Johnson consistently blocked the anti-Israel initiatives of his fellow Democrat, William Fulbright, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Among Johnson’s closest advisers during this period were several strong pro-Israel advocates, including Benjamin Cohen (who 30 years earlier was the liaison between Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann) and Abe Fortas, the legendary Washington “insider.” Johnson’s concern for the Jewish people continued through his presidency. Soon after taking office in the aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, Johnson told an Israeli diplomat, “You have lost a very great friend, but you have found a better one.” Just one month after succeeding Kennedy, LBJ attended the December 1963 dedication of the Agudas Achim Synagogue in Austin.

      JFK’s assassination was a “lucky break” for Israel because JFK had been trying to stymie Ben Gurion and Israel’s determination to produce nuclear weapons. Of course, LBJ didn’t have those same reservations and it was full steam ahead once JFK was out of the way.

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    • And, dear RL…you forgot to mention that Ted Kennedy himself brought the future “Divider-in-Chief” to us when he brought Obama into to the 2004 Convention (Obama couldn’t even get credentials to attend the 2000 Convention) and put him on a “pedestal” to deliver his BOGUS “There is no Red America….There is NO Blue America….there is ONLY the United States of America….” speech. We can list this one right beside a few others…like “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor….”

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  3. Just like with this story, don’t expect media to report on this: Protesters Storm Gov’t Building, Burn County Flag, Hoist ‘Antifa’ Flag

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  4. And yet, this doesn’t make waves in the news cycle. A pox on CNN and its cousins.

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  5. I was listening to Dr. Michael Savage’s radio show yesterday. He said he’s no longer going to distinguish between the various leftist groups such as antifa and blm. He stated he will now refer to these groups (including the MSM) and individuals as bolsheviks. I like that.

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  6. It sure looks to me like the Devil scored a major victory with the unleashing of Vladimir Lenin upon the world. Yes, evil has always existed: The Ancient Roman Emperors were possessed of an evil that became the stuff of legend. But with Lenin we have evil rooted in ideology and systematized by organization and technology. Albert Camus said, “Once evil begins to reason about itself, it assumes all the rigors of a syllogism.”
    And St. Longinus is correct about LBJ, a Crypto-Jew or Marrano, and his program of subterfuge since his Senate days. But let us also remember that, as the rule of halaka also applies to Barack Obama, it also applies to Dwight D. Eisenhower, whom, if memory serves me correctly, Dr. Henry Makow also outed as a Crypto- or Marrano. (Eisenhower approved of the firebombings of Hamburg and Dresden, and he also commandeered open-air concentration camps of German citizens after the War).

    So what we see here with Carter is that the Leninization of hatred that is the trademark of the Left has “trickled down” to the street level, at last. The same can be said of Antifa and its murderous attacks upon Charlottesville. We can mark these events as proof positive of the institutionalization of mental illness upon the American political landscape. Therefor, it is of the utmost importance that Donald Trump, whatever his shortcomings, remain President for at least one full term: America never got over the Kennedy assassination, and, as President, Johnson (a real POS if there ever was one), unleashed his Senate shennanigans upon American Society as a whole—to our collective permanent destruction (foremost the destruction of the black family and the black small business community).
    If there is one man who can stop this evil, it is President Trump. But he must go on the offensive NOW, and stop behaving like a wheeler-dealer and start instilling his own brand of fear in those who are planning the upcoming coup de tate against him (as Alex Jones and others have been reporting for over a month now).

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    • Hi Steven–what makes you think he’s not on the offensive? I’ve listened to a learned man who has been in the fight against the Jew World Order for years now. He thinks Trump’s pivot to N. Korea (the fire and fury comment) was simply to take the heat off of himself (temporarily of course) and to take the Russia, Russia mantra and Mueller and his bogus empaneling of a grand jury off of the front page. It worked, but only for a brief moment. As if on cue, (imagine that) Charlottesville happens and those “nazi right wingers” and antifa thugs show up, almost as if by magik. Now Trump is defending his statement about ‘both sides’ having good and bad people among them. Abracadabra! Trump is back on the front page and demonized yet again. Let us wait and see what he may be able to do to quell the screeching and hollerco$ting this time.

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  7. Trump hatin’ by Leftists…

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  8. There is most definitely an epidemic of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’.

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  9. That is heartbreaking re Mr. Jennings & his poor wife who watched her husband being killed from the window of their house!

    The idiots at “AP FACT CHECK” are saying there was no evidence the Carter vs. Jennings attack had anything to do with Trump nor politics, but that “inflammatory rightwing sites” jumped to those conclusions. Ugh!

    It also said: “Carter told police after the shooting that Jennings pulled a knife, according to court documents. His lawyer, Terrence Marlowe, said he claims he acted in self-defense.” Oh sure!


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