De Blasio negotiates for tax payer monies then goes on vacation

de blasio

Take the money and run.

From NY Post: Just days after convincing the Campaign Finance Board to award him an extra $1.6 million in public matching funds for what he called a tough re-election race, Mayor de Blasio headed to Rhode Island Monday for a family vacation.

“It’s unfortunate that the mayor made a strong case for additional matching funds by saying he had a competitive race and then took off on vacation,” said Dick Dadey, director of the government watchdog Citizens Union.

“The argument that he needed it for a competitive election doesn’t hold together very well.”

The Democratic primary will be held on Sept. 12, a little more than three weeks after de Blasio’s return on Friday. It’s rare for candidates to take vacations so close to an election — unless, of course, they think they can’t lose.

Although de Blasio qualified on Aug. 3 for matching funds under the generous regulations of the Campaign Finance Board, he was under no obligation to take the money.

Other heavy favorites in the past have declined, including former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in 2009.

CFB rules stipulate that matching funds will be capped at 25 percent if a candidate faces minimal opposition, but de Blasio argued that his chief Democratic rival, former Councilman Sal Albanese, posed a serious threat. The board agreed.

As a result, the mayor received about $1.6 million more in taxpayers matching funds than the $958,000 he would have gotten. In financial terms, the Democratic primary is about as level as a seesaw.

Records show that the mayor had $4.9 million in his campaign account as of last week after receiving the matching funds. Albanese, who has yet to qualify for matching monies, had just $5,397.

“He has more than enough money to get his message out,” Albanese said, charging that de Blasio is taking taxpayers for a ride. “His [public funds] could have gone towards improving city services.”

When asked to respond to the critics, de Blasio campaign spokesman Dan Levitan said, “They can’t challenge his record on the issues, so the silly season has begun.”

CFB spokesman Matthew Sollars said, “Public-funds payment determinations by the board are based on . . . objective criteria and nothing else.”


14 responses to “De Blasio negotiates for tax payer monies then goes on vacation

  1. Why is there no outrage about this mayor? What is wrong with New Yorkers?

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    • I am outraged, and a few New Yorkers are. Certainly the police are. But from my travels in the Uber, most people have given up: They regret voting for the man, but are not yet resolved to defeat him.
      I also think the fix is in in that the Republicans are fronting a woman with an unspellable and unpronounceable name, from Staten Island, that county which is looked upon that old aunt people keep in the basement!

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    • Talk to Gov. Cuomo about that. There is an epic battle going on between these two who genuinely don’t like each other. The political edge has to go to Cuomo who has more ‘arrows in his quiver’.

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    This is the normal way a dictator lives. He lives high on the hog and the peasants live among the squalor.


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  3. Mrs. Dust was on a tour bus in NYC last summer. The tour bus driver gave a narrative of what was to be seen in the city, and also said that NYC hates and despises Mayor de Blasio.

    So how did he get elected? My guess is the Soros system that “elected” Hillary Clinton in New York but failed in the presidential race.

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  4. Just another disgusting con man.

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  5. The galling thing about “Kaiser Wilhelm” is that he is not even his own crook: He fronts for others. What Mayoral candidate in his right mind would campaign on getting rid of the carriage horses in Manhattan? What Mayor would seek to revoke the urban homesteading Mayor Koch introduced to rid the City of its housing inventory (which benefited New Yorkers who could not buy otherwise)? What other Mayor would jump on a jet within hours of a police officer’s assassination?
    Deblasio, you should put a bag on your head—A SCUMBAG!!!

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  6. Warren Wilhelm must need to funnel that money to someone in the DNC….maybe Debbie Wasser(person)man Schitstain?

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  7. I’m surprised Warren didn’t take a vacation to his honeymoon love-nest in Havana, Cuba. There he could ‘fist bump’ his fellow-traveler, Raul, and smoke a cigar followed by some reefer. He is fully-deserving to be the mayor of modern-day ‘Sodom and Gommorah’.

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  8. You are assuming that he has any!!!

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  9. I don’t know whether to cringe or rejoice when the Dems put old De Blasio and Elizabeth Warren…or Ellison….or their ilk, etc….on their next presidential ticket. It could go either way….we could laugh them out of the public venue/deny them access to their “promised throne ” …much like what happened to Hillary Clinton….OR….we could end up with them in office, like Obama on steroids…..(In that case, GOOD-BYE good ‘ole USA, HELLO Euoprean squaller and trash—AS THO’ we’re not already HALF WAY THERE!) ). The swing of the political pendulum is in the favor of the LATTER….unfortunately….unless the Republicans who are TEMPORARILY in charge of the House and Senate and the White House can get themselves together and DELIVER to the American people who put them where they are. I’m NOT holding my breath these days, and it’s NOT Trump who is sending me into this limbo state…….

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  10. Does anyone in NY ever ask for an accountability financially and morally or ethically of this man?

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