California is No. 1 for hate groups, report says


Even though this report was issued by one of the liberals’ favorite organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center, don’t expect the MSM to run with this story. Doesn’t fit their current narrative.

From Fox News: The states with the highest number of hate groups may not be the areas of the country that many people would assume.

California ranks highest among the 50 states, with nearly 80 different hate groups calling the Golden State home, says a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Most of the groups are concentrated in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay area and the Sacramento region, the report says.

Data show the western half of the U.S. has significantly fewer hate groups than the East Coast, the report says, but California — the nation’s most populous state — easily has the highest number of hate groups operating within its borders.

The “Hate Map” report shows 917 hate groups operating across the country. It includes data not only on white supremacists, but Black Separatist organizations and anti-LGBT groups as well.

The report also cites numbers from 2016 that show 130 Ku Klux Klan groups and 193 Black Separatist groups active across the county. The SPLC also notes there has been a nearly 200  percent increase in anti-Muslim groups since 2015.

In 2011, the total number hit its peak with over 1,000 groups operating. That number dropped to 784 just three years later, but there has been a steady increase since then. The SPLC also says in its report that the country has seen an unprecedented rise in hate groups since the turn of the century. In 1999 when there were only 457 documented groups in the country.

Florida ranks No. 2 with 63 hate groups, and is No. 1 on the East Coast.

Ranking third is New York state, home to 47 hate groups. Pennsylvania is not far behind, with 40 groups.

States with the lowest numbers of hate groups lie mostly in the Midwest and West. Iowa has only four groups in operation, while Wyoming and New Mexico have two apiece and North Dakota and Vermont have one each.

Data for the “Hate Map” list was compiled using hate group publications and websites, citizen and law-enforcement reports, sources from the field and news reports, the SPLC says.


19 responses to “California is No. 1 for hate groups, report says

  1. Reblogged this on Roberts Thoughts 2 and commented:

    I wish I could afford to leave this nightmare of a state.

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    • Californians as so generous and giving-maybe you could start a “Go Fund Me’ account to pay for a relocation….


    • Ditto, Robert!!! We WILL leave CA upon retirement. Do you know that there ARE states in this country that do not tax your pension or SS, or charge people over 65 property taxes on their homes…as well as many other benefits to living there? When we DO retire in CA, we can NOT afford to live here on a fixed retirement income. We WILL relocate to one of those states that allow us to keep up to 1/3 of our retirement income that our Californicated government here will otherwise take away if we don’t leave. That’s a HUGE chunk of our income…which will be reduced by nearly HALF anyway in retirement….If you work here or USED TO WORK HERE and are retired…you NEVER EVER stop paying for other-people’s “entitlements” (esp. if THEY DON’T work.) It’s a never-ending downward spiral for CA workers and retirees. Sadly…my kids live here…my one grandchild lives here….but we can NOT allow that to make us stay in a place that makes us sell off our assets, home, most of our possessions of a lifetime, and live like misers just to stay in CA. My theory is…..1/3 of my retirement income NOT paid to a state government in various and sundry taxes will buy a LOT of plane tickets for Nana and PaPa to visit CA..and we’ll still come out “ahead.” We work so much HERE in CA that our visits to kids and grandbaby are strictly scheduled anyway…..we might come out “ahead” on frequency, too!!!

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  2. Define a “hate” group. Is that someone who holds differing views than the snowflakes? Just asking’.

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  3. Please check out their map of locations for the so-called “hate groups”:

    Then realize that one of them is this website:

    What in the world?!! I use that website! It’s a wonderful source for me about the Catholic faith–now, the Southern Poverty Law Group claims it’s a “Hate group”, and has labeled it as such on it’s ridiculous map!!! So ridiculous–but, it stands to reason because they hate Christianity, so labeling a religious site like IHS as one of those ‘hate groups’, just shows that the teachings of God found in His written word are also considered “hate speech” by those lost souls–it’s like the govt.’s ‘brain cancer’ is spreading rapidly, and has jumped into the brains of members of groups like SPL–not that it was much of a leap in their case!!

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    • SPLC labels churches that don’t support gay marriage as “hate” groups.

      SPLC is bogus yet I wanted to point out the fact that the MSM will ignore this as is doesn’t fit their current narrative.

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  4. And in the TODAY SHOW they announced that San Diego is the best place to be! If that is so, San Diego would be so crowded it would be total chaos. Everywhere there are radicals there is violence, any other place is because governments rule with an iron fist nobody move.

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  5. Consider the source.
    Southern Poverty Law Center itself is a hate and hateful group.

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  6. Most of my friends consider the SPLC to be a hate group itself, as they hate America and everything it stands for.

    LOL – Heck, those clowns probably consider me a one-man hate group.

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  8. Relying on SPLC hate data is like relying on Big Pharma for the ‘healthy’ ingredients in their vaccines.

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  9. It really is worth a look at the list. The American Family Association, The Family Research Counsel, Liberty Counsel, I mean the list is telling. SPLC is an old, widely known hate group, that has been against the conservative side of the country since it’s beginnings. It is just amusing to call some of these religious, pro family groups hate groups. And quite telling. It tells just how dirty the left is willing to fight to win the war on decency that they declared, and how Satan is influencing them. Make no mistake, this is a battle for the fate of the world.

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  10. Cain was the original hater and hate has only progressed and organized from that point forward in time.
    Acronym for HATE;
    H – Having
    A – Anger
    T – Towards
    E – Everyone

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  11. Why did Southern Poverty Law Center publish this list? It’s scary. It would be so easy for AntiFa to attack those on the list.

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