SJWs on a manhunt: Professor wrongly labeled as racist in Charlottesville

wrongly accussed @youngwaxgod twitter

Wrongly accused/@youngwaxgod Twitter photo

Expect more of this to happen. SJWs are on a mission to destroy innocent white people.

From BBC: A university professor has been wrongly described as a white supremacist by amateur internet detectives on social media wishing to publicly shame those who took part in rallies in Charlottesville.

Professor Kyle Quinn who works at the University of Arkansas was mistakenly identified as one of the unmasked protesters taking part in far right protests on Friday.

The professor’s ordeal began on Saturday when thousands began sharing an image of a bearded man posted by Twitter user Yes Youre Racist. It has been publishing photos of those who attended the rally under the hashtag #ExposetheAltRight.

The request didn’t go unheard. The internet’s digital detectives found an image of Professor Quinn and claimed he was the man pictured at the rally. Although the professor may share a similar look and build to the man photographed, he was in fact more than 1000 miles away from the demonstrations in Virginia.

But the close resemblance was enough to satisfy many of the internet’s amateur sleuths. More than 11,000 people retweeted the photo. One social media user posted: “My Facebook feed says this is University of Arkansas faculty member, Kyle P. Quinn.”

Others tweeted the University of Arkansas posting: “@UArkansas FIRE KYLE P. QUINN. There cannot be any negotiation or wavering on this issue.”

Another user posted: “@UArkansas FIRE KYLE P QUINN Engineer!!!! OPEN RACIST ON STAFF! What kind of University would keep him employed?”

On Saturday Professor Quinn was forced to defend his character by by tweeting: “The man in the photo is not me. I am in Fayetteville, Arkansas, not Virginia.”

A day later he took to social media again posting: “The individual who wore an engineering shirt in #Charlottesville is not me. I proudly support a diverse environment at U of A.”

But his responses didn’t stop scores of people from calling him a racist, threatening him, publishing his home address and demanding he lose his job. The reaction prompted a further explanatory tweet from the professor.

Read the rest of the story here.


22 responses to “SJWs on a manhunt: Professor wrongly labeled as racist in Charlottesville

  1. Now that is spooky, to be accused of something simply because there is a look-a-like out there in cyberworld who did something the SJWs don’t like, yow. And the real Professor is actually “one of them” (approves of die-versity). Maybe the real Professor will wake up from that now & see the error of their ways.

    This story also shows why it is a good reason to keep yours & your family’s photos OFF of the internet. Of course, public figures, business-owners, etc., might have to have their photos online, but otherwise, I would not.

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    • See-THIS is a phase of what becomes known as “VIGILANTE JUSTICE”,but that’s not the END of it. If it’s not controlled,mass hysteria and violence,even KILLING of innocent victims of mistaken identity will follow,these vigilantes will adopt an attitude that the LAW doesn’t apply to THEM. Frightening,and it’ll be hard to stop if it gets a good grip.

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    • Unfortunately, others can post your photo online, or re-post what had been a private photo into a public area, and worse, then tag it — as you — via Google etc., EVEN if it’s NOT you. And then it becomes part of the accepted ether, and it can be VERY hard trying to track it down and eradicate it (assuming you even know it’s been placed online). Google then brings it up each time your name is searched, and it propagates. And is accepted as fCT
      It’s like finding your name, address, phone no., etc. have been scrubbed from public records and placed online (more often than not by someone trying to sell it, although some sites once offered such info for free). But now with a visual bit of info, even cretins can find it and use it to personally track you down (or so they think).
      In the news this week: a SF federal judge named Chen (hmmm) found in favor of a new web company scrubbing personal data from the LinkedIn website for their own use and/or sale to others. LinkedIn had been banning them; they sued and won the right to continue. WTH?


  2. “I proudly support a diverse environment at U of A.”

    Kyle Quinn is a useful idiot. If this false doxing by the vicious Left isn’t enough to red-pill him, then nothing will.

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  3. This is terrorism.

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  4. OMG where is all this going? Spookie!

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  5. I’d demand 24/7 police protection if the situation merits then make damn sure the local press knows it. These thugs can label anyone they want at this point and denial isn’t any protection. The left will not desist until bodies start dropping from lead allergies. Once a few start taking the dirt nap for their actions the rest might pause to reconsider. Politics are temporary but death is permanent. It’s not a matter of are you willing to die for your beliefs but are you willing to kill to perserve your life in upholding your beliefs.

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  6. Leftists– violent and non-rational (what a great combination, eh?).

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  7. This is the cyber version of the Salem witch trials.

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  8. Just to restate the obvious, it is neither illegal or unacceptable to hold the views he’s accused of holding. No matter what anybody thinks, they have no right to force others to shut up or change their minds.

    That’s at the heart of this. The “left” used to bill themselves as “tolerant”. Look at them now.

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    • Yeah, so what if he was there? Those people had a permit to peaceably assemble and voice their opinion about the statue coming down. The President even said that. (Question- Is there really a double? Or is the dude afraid to admit he was there?) This situation would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

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      • Vista, the answer may lie in the fact that, when you make a movie, you can do anything you like. With the technology at their disposal these days, you could have Abraham Lincoln driving the murder vehicle.

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      • Just to clarify, whether it was him or not, he did not need “permission” from the left. In fact, other than traffic issues (and now police protection), no one needs a “permit” to say what’s on their minds.

        The “new normal” is being manufactured as something that the MSM approves of. They know what to approve because their owners tell them so. Using the inherent power of broadcasting to finger those they don’t like for retribution is, or should be, a crime.

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        • I agree. I only mentioned the permit cuz they had the ‘right’ in the ‘legal’ sense. These idiots can’t claim they didn’t ‘play by the rules.’

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          • Yes, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. “Trump” represents all that they want to destroy. You could put any name on it. For now it’s “Trump”. They will “triumph” over “Trump” and forbid anyone ever again discussing topics they determine to be objectionable.

            That it what’s going on here. Think Sweden. They can be raping your daughter in the street and no one will say anything lest they be politically Incorrect.

            Lastly, they are DOING THIS, right now, in front of us. They are not waiting for our approval.

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    • For the Left:

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  9. The monstrosity now is how they’re so up in arms about Trump saying the obvious: the left that came to fight shares some of the guilt (and that some on both sides were there peacefully). MSM speak: “Trump says Left is just as guilty! Supports Alt-Right!” What?!? NOT what he said…

    OH MY GOD! The left is NEVER WRONG!!! (and whites are never right!) “How could he say that??? Good politicians must now renounce him and quit! The GOP must censor him! He’s not our PotUS! Employers must fire any employees who share these non-PC beliefs! Track them down!” NUTS!

    Then Bannon (of whom I’m also no fan) says “The ‘white supremacists’ at the protest were a bunch of clowns.” Reuters today: “Bannon called white supremacists clowns”. Notice the way it changes the entire meaning? The MSM artificially drives their agenda by changing what they report…

    Absolute craziness… where have the cooler minds gone?

    “You say you want a revolution, well, you know,
    we all want to change the world.”

    “But when you talk about destruction
    Don’t you know that you can count me out” (“in?”)

    “But if you want money for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell is brother you have to wait”

    “You say you’ll change The Constitution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change your head
    You tell me it’s the institution
    Well, you know
    You better free you mind instead
    But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
    You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow”

    And to think, I always considered Lennon such a pinko.
    note: Manson (for whom I have less than zero respect)
    picked this out of the final lines: “All White… are right!”.
    Hmmm… people will hear what they want to hear. And
    then use it as an excuse to instigate revolution.


  10. It all makes sense in the context of another of their “color coups”. It isn’t about rationality. They control the Wurlitzer and they’re using it. The rest are either shameless punks on the payroll or non-thinking idiots.

    It isn’t even about Trump. It’s about pushing their agenda, period. Look at Europe. Do you think they want hordes of uncivilized Africans and fighting age Muslims swarming them? But, there they are.

    Most of all, this isn’t about convincing us to do something. They are doing what they planned. It’s about trying to keep a lid on it while they’re doing it. So, if they can push your buttons they will. If not, they’ll do it anyway.

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