Out of the shadows, Hillary Clinton openly subverts President Trump with $800k donation to ‘resistance’ movement

No longer hiding in the shadows with her machinations, sole loser Hillary Clinton now openly opposes and subverts a duly-elected President of the United States of America by donating $800,000 of her failed presidential campaign’s funds to the “resistance” against Trump.

Joe Schoffstall reports for The Washington Free Beacon, August 14, 2017, that Hillary has donated $800,000 from her campaign funds to Onward Together — a new political action group that she formed three months ago in May which will fund a number of established “resistance” groups that counter President Trump with direct action and protests.

According to its mission statement, Onward Together is dedicated to “encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office” and advancing “progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come.”

Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show that on May 1, 2017, Hillary’s presidential campaign committee Hillary for America contributed $800,000 to Onward Together. In addition, Hillary also funded other “resistance” groups that have “impressed” her, including Swing Left, Run for Something, Emerge America, and Indivisible.

In an email to supporters in May, Hillary sanctimoniously wrote:

“From the Women’s March to airports across the country where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking out like never before. I believe more fiercely than ever that citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy. In some cases, we’ll provide direct funding to these organizations. For others, we’ll help amplify their work and do what we can to help them continue to grow their audiences and expand their reach.”

Indivisible teamed up with Town Hall Project for raucous town hall events. Founded by Jimmy Dahman, a former Clinton campaign field organizer in Iowa, Town Hall Project is located at the same address as an organization funded by George Soros. Town Hall Project also partners with the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the advocacy arm of an organization founded by Hillary’s former campaign chair and “spirit cooker” John Podesta.

Onward Together is registered as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, which means that donors can contribute unlimited sums of money while remaining anonymous. Throughout the 2016 election season, Hillary had railed against exactly that — unlimited and anonymous campaign donations.


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29 responses to “Out of the shadows, Hillary Clinton openly subverts President Trump with $800k donation to ‘resistance’ movement

  1. But…but…I thought she wanted to be a minister! 😎
    That brouha could teach the devil a thing or two.

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  2. “Onward Together is registered as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, which means that donors can contribute unlimited sums of money while remaining anonymous, which run counter to what Hillary had campaigned against throughout her presidential campaign.”
    Well-yeah,but THAT was BEFORE it would work in her FAVOR….

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  3. Time for Trump and Sessions to turn up the heat on Hildabitch! She needs to be in a jail cell.

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  5. Perhaps it would have been more prudent to save the $800K for her defense fund. Just a thought.

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  6. Too evil to jail? I can’t think of an example that has more evidence against them. Why is she still here?

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  7. Is she ever going to be indicted? I don’t see anything happening so far, is it?

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    When is the AG going to put Hillary Clinton where she belongs – in jail?


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  9. Money she stole from her own Foundation which engaged in corruption and bribery.

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  10. To fight to bring down a sitting President, because she couldn’t win a fixed election doesn’t seem very Christian to me from someone that recently declared she wants to be a preacher. The lying bitch needs to be taken down.

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  11. WELL LEAVE IT TO THE WITCH– OR NOW WE CAN SEE HER WHAT WHAT SHE REALLY IS IN THE BIBLE OF REV. THE whore of babyon.. with he dressed in purple holding her goblet of gold. look it up people and puzzle will come together. we all know where we are heading and it seems closer then we reallized.

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  12. They want THIS to be your “alternative”:


  13. Clinton brings to mind the Gospel of St. Matthew chapter 23:

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  14. Don’t fall for it. There is no Alt-Left.

    There is the Left, vicious as always, as the hundreds of millions who were killed by the communist parties of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, the People’s Republic of China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, and North Korea would testify.

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  15. When you think about the “Resistance” movement think about the fact that all they are “Resisting” is THE TRUTH!

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    • They’ve appropriated the word ‘resistance’ from those who were calling themselves resisters of the NWO and the corporatist fascist takeover of every aspect of our lives. (Ask DARPA…er, I mean Google.)


  16. When this was posted I questioned this new org- being it’s been reported the foundation is broke! Also- had heard that they went to Canada last week on vacation with no “real” reason stated by the lying lame stream media. I did some research and stumbled upon this!!! https://www.therebel.media/exclusive_docs_show_lack_of_oversight_in_trudeau_s_cozy_20m_deal_with_clintons


  17. Am I surprised? NO! Hillary Clinton is and has always been a political “whore.” She has and always WILL sell herself out to the highest bidder no matter the politics, the morality, the future of our country. She will lie, cheat, steal, denegrate our fallen military heroes (Benghazi…Fast and Furious….) and pimp our national secrets/resources (uranium to Russia, amongst OTHER transgressions of this ilk) in a manner that she believes makes her “appear” as a “world diplomate.” When finally “kicked out” of the national consciousness/electorate…….she will–as we see NOW—try to BUY her way back in. In reality, she is a world-class jackass who gave away state secrets, state preferences in exchange for donations to the “Clinton Foundation,” fratenized with perverted porn and child-porn-leaning associates and their family—tolerating it/ignoring it to the extent that her “highly classified state dept emails” were available and usable to this swine….AND not to mention….used her own private, UNsecure email server in the basement of someone’s closet or bathroom to transact the highly secret business of state for the USA…..and then DESTROYED government property/documents/ the evidence with hammers and “bleach.” She BALD-FACED LIED to the families of those killed in Benghazi on the tarmac where they were receiving their LOVED-ONE’s BODIES about the event being a result of a “film” when she’d ALREADY emailed her own daughter to tell her that it was a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11…..If we were still in the Middle Ages…this liar, political opportunist, sociopathic pariah….would have had her tongue cut out LONG AGO. But in this day and age, she gets to run for the highest office in the land, for “leader of the entire freaking Free World,” and…..lives another political day, long enough to rustle up $800,000 to put toward trying to subvert the elected US President (ie, the one who beat her ass).

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  18. I am re-posting because the above post which I posted is being censored (Rebel MEDIA). I do not know why but- we can just assume why! THIS link – is still open/accessible. It’s not the best-but still accessible: http://solsticewitch13.blogspot.com/2017/08/exclusive-docs-show-lack-of-oversight.html Further update- PLEASE WATCH-Haitian refugee-Clinton-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QPwZAWaTtA


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