America’s 25 most hated celebrities

Last month, National Enquirer conducted a poll asking its readers to vote for their 25 most hated celebrities from a list of 60 names.

Here are the results (the deliciously catty comment on each celebrity is the Enquirer‘s):

(25) Ellen DeGeneres: “Please feed your rail-thin wife Portia de Rossi!”

(24) Gwyneth Paltrow: “From ‘conscious uncoupling’ to Goop-y lifestyle tips, she’s a precious pain.”

(23) Sean Penn: “The big-screen bad boy should stop sticking his big nose into politics.”

(22) Angelina Jolie: “She’s been blacklisted by Hollywood after trying to tar and feather ex Brad Pitt.”

(21) Roman Polanski: “His carnal cravings for a 13-year-old girl turned him into an international fugitive.”

(20) Matt Lauer: “If it weren’t for ‘Today,’ the prissy girly-man would be nowhere.”

(19) Miley Cyrus: “The admitted ‘pansexual’ and pothead now swears she’s clean. Right.”

(18) Shia LaBeouf: “The whacked-out actor wore a paper bag over his head on the red carpet. Why stop there!”

(17) Barbra Streisand: “Hollywood’s biggest liberal can’t stop singing the praises of the crooked Clintons.”

(16) Charlie Sheen: “Drugs, booze, abuse and a HIV-positive diagnosis — Charlie’s done it all.”

(15) Megyn Kelly: “The ex-Fox News journalist’s sky-high ratings have tanked since she joined NBC.”

(14) Chris Brown: “The hip-hopper managed to duck jail time after battering then-girl friend Rihanna.”

(13) Stephen Colbert: “In all ‘truthiness,’ this late-night windbag should keep his opinions to himself.”

(12) Woody Allen: “He married his own stepdaughter, and has long been dogged by child-abuse charges.”

(11) Kris Jenner: “O.J.’s former bosom buddy shamelessly peddles her kids like a low-class pimp.”

(10) Alec Baldwin: “He’s plummeted from lean leading man to a bloated, self-important political annoyance.”

(9) Madonna: “The im-Material Girl is too old to bed twentysomethings and dress like a hooker.”

(8) Kanye West: “Oh yeezy! The rapper wrote a song titled, ‘I Am a God,’ forcing us to rethink religion.”

(7) Kim Kardashian: “The reality star gained fame from a sex tape and now her big butt is unavoidable.”

(6) Whoopi Goldberg: “The daytime TV gasbag has defended Cosby and alienated audiences.”

(5) Barack Obama: “His life is one long golf vacation — just like when he was in the White House! The 44th president of the United States dropped the ball on probing Russian meddling in the election, wiretapped candidate Trump and dismissed ISIS terrorists as a ‘junior varsity squad’.”

(4) Bill Cosby: “He was ‘America’s favorite dad’ — now he’s the nation’s most famous accused serial rapist. Cosby has declared his innocence, but dozens of gutsy gals have charged he drugged and sexually assaulted them. After a mistrial, he’s expected to face charges again.”

(3) O.J. Simpson: “Lock up your kids and bolt the door — The Juice will soon be on the loose! He’s set to be freed from prison, but cocky O.J. will always be a ‘killer’ to many after the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and waiter Ron Goldman. The monster even wrote a ‘hypothetical’ account of the murders in the book ‘If I Did It’.”

And the #2 and #1 most hated  American celebrities are . . .


(2) Hillary Clinton: “Voters couldn’t ‘lock her up!’ But they kept the scandal-scarred politico out of the Oval Office. The bungled Benghazi raid, deleted emails, leaked state secrets from her private server and ghastly cash Clinton Foundation grabs wrecked her White House hopes.”

(1) Rosie O’Donell: “TV’s loudmouth lesbian ‘Queen of Mean’ tops our list with 950 votes! The tone-deaf Donald Trump basher is a serial cheater who’s ditched two wives and antagonized her co-stars on ‘The View.’ Rosie’s also struggled with drugs and been accused of illegally adopting one of her kids!”



36 responses to “America’s 25 most hated celebrities

  1. Because she’s…

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  2. I absolutely love it . . . I find I was right in line with everyone who voted this list. I was surprised a little that Killary wasn’t No 1, rather than
    Rosie O. Wouldn’t you think these folks would take a look at how the world perceives them and adjust their behavior as such.

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  3. Yeah, I’d place Shrillery above Rosie. Rosie’s just a pig:

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  4. Where’s Michael Moore?

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  5. I have learned how to cope with the odious alleged human being Hillary Clinton: She is “strutting [her] hour upon the stage,” and she shall, mercifully, be gone, Someday.
    Barbara “Babs” Streisand, a woman who once had a beautiful voice, has been a “refusenik” for years, peeking her head out of her cave to bloviate here and there. Let’s give credit to whom it is due: She gave us the Streisand Effect, and we on the right ought to learn how to manipulate that. When all is said and done, she is a Nietzschean madwoman. Perhaps Turner Construction can erect an office tower upon her nose.
    But the Prize Winner # 1 has been the insufferable Big Fat Dyke Rosie O’Donnell: Always ready to show up for the sole purpose of being a posterior pain, she ceased to be comically wrong years ago and Our Lord Himself is late in turning her into a pillar of salt! Ride off into the sunset in your Mack Truck, Honey, and take Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar with you! Good God, Is there no balm in Gilead?!

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  6. I also wondered how Michael Moore missed the list,and personally I’d have put Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama ________ (whatever name he’s currently illegally borrowing) as #1 (Almost said “with a bullet”,but THAT could get me killed in some circles.) Nobody else on that list has done more,been more dishonest or worked harder specifically to destroy MY Country. I can’t/won’t forgive THAT.

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  7. Lena Dunham should be on that list, too.

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  8. Agree and applaud with all the supporters of FOTM opinions but I make no distinctions on the numbers, to me all are number one in their own particular way, traitors, monomaniacs, depraved, bastards and profane rapists because they have ravaged our beautiful country and have almost brought our nation down to its knees for the world to see and laugh at our values and riches. I wholeheartedly want the wrath of GOD comes down on them and bring suffering to them and theirs.

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  9. Ditto to all comments so far. Especially Alma’s. Sad world we live in. May the Lord have mercy.

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  10. No OJ is not a good person. Knew him back when he was ” just” a coke addict and wife beater.

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  11. Hahaha, this is gold. For years I’ve looked to celebrity gossip as a way to lighten the mood of the depressing day to day news. Now the gossip tends to be maddening, as it’s so moronically left wing- trying to teach a completely one sided lesson with each story. So good to know that the old school National Enquirer is where I need to be looking- thanks! I’m going to buy an issue tomorrow as a treat for the weekend 🙂

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  12. Just a bunch of degenerates doing a job for their paymasters, many, if not all of whom, have bought into their publicist’s hype about their importance to the ‘world of enter-tainment’. What does it matter in what arbitrary ‘order’ they’re ranked by some ridiculous poll? The only reason the people get any traction is because we’ve consented to it by buying the shyte their paymasters put out. It’s time to kill the addiction to ‘enter-tainment’.
    In my estimation, Holy Wood, Californication is becoming increasingly irrelevant to much of the American public and is starting to circle the drain. That’s why the ‘moguls’ are seeking deals with China. No one has ever accused them of being stupid ‘business’ people.

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  13. The way Hollywood is heading, those top 25 could all have 3 or 4 tied with them. Right now I wouldn’t give you a dime for the lot of them there.

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  14. Where’s George Looney? I’ve been hearing people say they can’t stand that guy for many, many years.

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  15. Another that should be on that list:


  16. All the “celebrities” I thought should be on the list have been covered in other comments. So…Rosie is just a disgusting horrible POS. The sweat on her face sweats. I know it’s only “her” picture but I swear I can smell her from here. Smells like an Italian hoagie and a rancid tuna hoagie congealed in her fat pockets. She cannot leave this earth fast enough or painfully enough. Karma/ life has a way of correcting imbalances such as her.(?) I wish they would hurry up.

    And…I just don’t like that verbose and deluded harpy. 🐗


  17. I had to laugh at many of the ‘catty remarks’ left by National Enquirer staff about that bunch, albeit I kept trying to admonish myself for doing so–it’s not fair to laugh at people behind their backs–I’d laugh in their faces if I could.

    And, I was surprised to see Megyn Kelly listed among them as a ‘celebrity’–but, I think her celebrity was awfully brief, since I believe she’s now ‘flamed out’.

    I keep wracking my brain trying to figure out who wasn’t on that list that should be, but these days I pay very little attention to what goes on in southern California, including the movies that come out of there now–but, unless it’s Joy Behar or even that more-than-annoying, overly-cutesy former mainstream media anchor woman, who’s name now escapes me[!]–oh, yes, Katie Couric, another ‘flame out’–I think the list is a pretty good one.


  18. Are these comments real ? People can’t be this horrible, can they ? What is really strange is how so many talk of belief in Jesus Christ, history’s most merciful and forgiving.Yet talk of wishing these people, who they disagree with politically, die in pain and In horrible ways.And the inaccuracies in provable history is astounding.
    I really hope America will be okay but I just can’t see it, if you people have any say in its future.


    • Paul,

      I don’t agree with commenters wishing pain and death on these celebrities. But why is your outrage so selective?

      Have you asked yourself why is it that these celebrities provoke such animosity? Have you chastised celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell for her endless spewing of hatred and vitriol? Are you OK with Barack Obama who misused the IRS to target conservatives and Christians for special audit? Why are you complacent about Hillary Clinton demonizing millions of Americans — whom she meant to rule over as president — as “deplorable” simply because they don’t agree with her? With the immense power if she had won the 2016 election, what would she do to the “deplorables”? How come you don’t chastise them for their lack of Christ-like mercy and forgiveness? Why is your exacting moral standard so very double, which you don’t apply to the celebrities?

      This list comes from a National Enquirer poll of its readers. It is symptomatic of a much larger, wider and deeper problem in this country — the profound resentment of ordinary Americans against elites with great wealth and power who misuse their fame to spout political rhetoric and to advance political agendas contrary to our values and principles, and who have only arrogance and disdain for the common people. Why don’t you direct your moral outrage at the elites instead of piling on the powerless non-elites?

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    • We did have a say in America’s future by electing Trump.

      Yet the left, media, antifa, RINOs, uniparty, BLM, Hollyweird, SJWs and all infected with TDS are fighting us everyday. And they are the ones more emboldened: they riot, burn campuses, set their cities on fire in the name of a racist movement, destroy statues, shut down our free speech, lie, form Twitter mob attacks on anyone who has a different opinion, label anyone on the right as racist/white supremacist/nazi/Hitler, and they choose to further divide this country.

      I really hope America will be okay but I just can’t see it, if these people have any say in its future.

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      • What do they have in common? They are all “globalists”. Why are they globalists? They work for The Controllers. Why does it not matter what their stated “beliefs” are? Because they don’t work for us.

        At the end of the day, you can make choices. These “officials” will not support you.


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